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1.  The Night of the Inferno

September 17, 1965

Jim is set up as a renegade as a cover for him and Artie to sneak into Texas and track down General Juan Manolo, who is trying to take over the region.

Director: Richard C. Sarafian, Writer: Gilbert Ralston

Guest starring: Chet Stratton, Bebe Louie, Walter Woolf King, Suzanne Pleshette, Victor Buono, Nehemiah Persoff, James Gregory, Phil Chambers, Tom Reese, Warren Parker, Clint Ritchie, Alberto Morin

2.  The Night of the Deadly Bed

September 24, 1965

Facing execution at the hands of a madman, West (Robert Conrad) learns the crazed assassin plans to reclaim Mexico as the new Napoleon.

Director: William Witney, Writer: George V. Schenck / William Marks

Guest starring: Dale van Sickel, Jose Gallege, Don Diamond, Bill Catching, Robert Herron, Danica d'Hondt, J.D. Cannon, Barbara Luna, Anna Shin

3.  The Night of the Wizard Shook the Earth

October 1, 1965

West tries to protect Prof. Nielsen, a demolitions expert. But he fails: Nielson is blown up by the evil Dr. Miguelito Loveless (Michael Dunn).

Director: Bernard Kowalski, Writer: John Kneubuhl

Guest starring: Michael Dunn, William Mims, Harry Bartell, Michael Masters, Sigrid Valdis, Leslie Parrish, Richard Kiel

4.  The Night of Sudden Death

October 8, 1965

Jim West suspects his search for counterfeiters is getting warm when he's shot at with arrows and thrown to the crocodiles.

Director: William Witney, Writer: Oliver Crawford

Guest starring: Joel Fluellen, Bill Cassady, Robert Loggia, Don Gazzaniga, Henry Hunter, Robin Hoff, Elisa Ingram, Julie Payne, Antoinette Bower, Sandy Kenyon, Harlan Warde

5.  The Night of the Casual Killer

October 15, 1965

Jim and Artie set out to penetrate the stronghold of a corrupt political boss and return him to Washington for trial.

Director: Don Taylor, Writer: Bob Barbash

Guest starring: Dub Taylor, Bill Williams, Charles Davis, Ruta Lee, Curtis Taylor, Ed Gilbert, Mort Mills, Len Lesser, John Dehner

One of the henchmen in this episode was played by Len Lesser (above far left) who would go to play Uncle Leo in 15 episodes of Seinfeld.

6.  The Night of a Thousand Eyes

October 22, 1965

Ships along the Mississippi are being attacked by a gang of pirates known as the ""Thousand Eyes"". After Jim ducks an assassin, an attractive woman, he finds the leader of the Eyes: Captain Ansel Coffin, who was blinded and now seeks revenge. His gang use false lights to lead ships astray and crash them, and then plunder them. Jim is captured by Coffin and manages to escape a cage rigged to a lightning rod. He is blinded by a powder flash, and for a time he is at a decided edge against Coffin (who has long adapted to his blindness). Coffin manages to accidentally kill his wife. Enraged, Jim is saved by his recovering eyesight: he ducks, and Coffin falls into a pit to his death.

Director: Richard C. Sarafian, Writer: Preston Wood

Guest starring: E.J. Andre, Don Kelly, Jeff Corey, Jeanne Vaughn, Janine Gray, Linda Ho, Barney Phillips, Jack Searl, Diane McBain

7.  The Night of the Glowing Corpse

October 29, 1965

Jim and Artemus try to recover stolen radioactive materials nad have only one clue - a set of fingerprints found on the ankle of a pretty secretary.

Director: Irving J. Moore / Edmund Morris, Writer: Henry Sharp

Guest starring: Louise Lawson, Frank Delfino, Jayne Massey, Ralph Roberts, Oscar Beregi Jr, Ron Whelan, Marion Thompson, Charles Horvath, Phillip Pine, Kipp Hamilton

8.  The Night of the Dancing Death

November 5, 1965

To rescue a kidnapped princess, Jim runs into a booby-trapped doorknob and a fully armored man wielding a mace.

Director: Harvey Hart, Writer: Fred Freiberger / William Tunberg

Guest starring: Eva Soreny, Wolfe Barzell, Lynn Carey, Booth Colman, Arthur Batanides, Francoise Ruggieri, Byron Murron, Leslie Brander, Peter Mark Richman, Ilze Taurins

9.  The Night of the Double-Edged Knife

November 12, 1965

An Indian demand for gold must be met: they've threatened to kill five railroad workers a day until it is paid.

Director: Don Taylor, Writer: Stephen Kandel

Guest starring: Ed Peck, Tyler McVey, Vaughn Taylor, Harry Townes, John Barrymore Jr., Katherine Ross, Charles Davis, Elisha Cook Jr., Leslie Nielsen

10.  The Night That Terror Stalked the Town

November 19, 1965

West is lured to a ghost town peopled with lifelike dummies as part of an elaborate trap set for him by his nemesis Dr. Loveless.

Director: Richard Landau / Alvin Ganzer, Writer: John Kneubuhl

Guest starring: Michael Dunn, Joe Hooker, Jordan Shelley, Richard Kiel, Chuck O'Brien, Jean Hale

11.  The Night of the Red-Eyed Madmen

November 26, 1965

West is sent to infiltrate an army of fanatics dedicated to overthrowing the U.S. Government. Getting in is no problem...but if he tries to leave he'll be shot.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Stanford Whitmore

Guest starring: Ray Kellogg, Gregg Martell, Nelson Olmsted, Ted Markland, Marianna Case, Shary Marshall, Joan Huntingdon, Martin Landau, Don Rizzan, Toian Matchinga

12.  The Night of the Human Trigger

December 3, 1965

A demented geologist can set off earthquakes where he chooses as part of an elaborate extortioin scheme. So West and Gordon head for Ellenville--the next town on the mad genius's list.

Director: Justis Addiss, Writer: Norman Katlov

Guest starring: Burgess Meredith, Dick Winslow, Michael Masters, Lindsey Workman, Gregg Palmer, Bill Henry, Robert I. McCord, Hank Patterson, Vernon Scott, Virginia Sale, Robert Phillips, Kathie Browne, James Jeter

13.  The Night of the Torture Chamber

December 10, 1965

Jim and Artie take on an obsessed museum curator who has private designs on the state treasury.

Director: Alan Crosland Jr., Writer: Philip Saltzman / Jason Wingreen

Guest starring: Alfred Ryder, Henry Beckman, H.M. Wynant, Sigrid Valdis, Nadia Sanders, Michael Abelar, Viviane Ventura

14.  The Night of the Howling Light

December 17, 1965

West is captured by a doctor who uses Pavlovian training to condition the Secret Service agent into becoming an assassin.

Director: Paul Wendkos, Writer: Henry Sharp

Guest starring: Dan Riss, Ralph Moody, Kay E. Kuter, Roy Barcroft, Clancy Cooper, Ottola Nesmith, E.J. Andre, Sam Wanamaker, Scott Marlowe, Linda Marsh

15.  The Night of the Fatal Trap

December 24, 1965

Jim goes to arrest a Mexican bandit disguised as a notorious outlaw...but the villain's girlfriend recognizes him.

Director: Richard Whorf, Writer: Robert V. Barron / Jack Marlowe

Guest starring: Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr, Don Briggs, Dal Jenkins, Alan Sues, Christian Anderson, Joanna Moore, Ron Randell, Joseph Ruskin, Walker Edmiston, Charles Davis, Paul Barselou


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16.  The Night of the Steel Assassin

January 7, 1966

A series of mysterious deaths of military personnel bring Jim face to face with the indestructible Col. "Iron Man" Torres. Crippled in an explosion that he blames on the other men of his company, Torres rebuilt himself as a 19th century "cyborg," and is seeking revenge on those he thinks wronged him... and President Grant was one of the men he served with.

Director: Lee H. Katzin / Steve Fisher, Writer: Calvin Clements / Jr.

Guest starring: John Pickard, Sara Taft, Bruno Vesota, Allen Jaffe, Roy Engel, Arthur Malet, John Dehner, Sue Ane Langdon, S. John Launer, Phyllis Davis

17.  The Night the Dragon Screamed

January 14, 1966

Jim and Artie have only one clue to track down the smugglers of opium and Chinese aliens: a fortune cookie.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Kevin De Courcey

Guest starring: Paul King, Beulah Quo, Vince Eder, Nancy Hsueh, Pilar Seurat, Benson Fong, Richard Loo, Ben Wright, Philip Ahn

18.  The Night of the Flaming Ghost

January 21, 1966

Jim is assigned to stop abolitionist John Brown. The only problem - he was pronounced dead 20 years ago.

Director: Lee H. Katzin, Writer: Robert Hamner / Preston Wood

Guest starring: Lynn Loring, Robert Ellenstein, Karen Sharpe, Charles Wagenheim, John Doucette, Harry Bartell

19.  The Night of the Grand Emir

January 28, 1966

West must protect a visiting despot from the fatal charms of Ecstasy La Joie (Yvonne Craig), who brandishes such baubles as an explosive garter and a deadly ring.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Donn Mullally

Guest starring: Yvonne Craig, Richard Jaeckel, Robert Middleton, Arlene Charles, Phyllis Davis, Don Francks, Arthur Gould-Porter, James Lanphier, Tom Palmer, Ralph Gary

20.  The Night of the Whirring Death

February 18, 1966

Intent on making California a kingdom for children, evil Dr. Loveless makes his play for the state with a series of toys, which explode.

Director: Mark Rydell, Writer: Jackson Gillis

Guest starring: Michael Dunn, Val Avery, Pamela Austin, Norman Fell, Richard Kiel, Jesse White, Barbara Nichols, Jason Wingreen, Sam Flint, Chanin Hale, Richard Reeves, Elena Martone

21.  The Night of the Puppeteer

February 25, 1966

A Supreme Court justice will not believe his life is in danger until a puppet-show marionette fires a gun at him.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Henry Sharp

Guest starring: Lloyd Bochner, Imelda de Martin, John Hoyt, Janis Hansen, Wayne Albritton, Walter Painter, Jack Tygett, Len Rogel, Sara Taft, Nelson Olmsted

22.  The Night of the Bars of Hell

March 4, 1966

West (Robert Conrad), posing as a prison inspector, hunts for clues to a pillaging outlaw band.

Director: Richard Donner, Writer: Robert Vincent Wright

Guest starring: Roy Sickner, Paul Genge, Robert Herron, Jeni Jackson, Milton Parsons, Chet Stratton, Arthur O'Connell, Elisha Cook Jr., Indus Arthur, Russ McCubbin

23.  The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo

March 11, 1966

West (Robert Conrad) tries to protect a pleasure-loving prince who insists on visiting a plush spa where assassins eagerly await his arrival.

Director: Edward Dein, Writer: John Kneubuhl

Guest starring: Robert Emhardt, Paul Comi, Al Wyatt, C. Lindsay Workman, Clint Ritchie, Nick Adams, Dana Wynter

24.  The Night of the Druid's Blood

March 25, 1966

West is furious: his superiors have refused him permission to investigate the murder of a close friend who was burned to death before his eyes.

Director: Ralph Senensky / Kevin De Courcey, Writer: Henry Sharp

Guest starring: Rhys Williams, Don Rickles, Ann Elder, Bartlett Robinson, Emanuel Thomas, Don Beddoe, Simon Scott, Sam Wade, Susan Browning

25.  The Night of the Freebooters

April 1, 1966

West (Robert Conrad) poses as an ex-con to gain admittance to renegade Army leader Thorald Wolfe (Keenan Wynn).

Director: Edward Dein, Writer: Gene Coon

Guest starring: Keenan Wynn, Maggie Thrett, William Campbell, John Sterling, James Connell, James Gammon, Robert Matek, Andre Phillipe

26.  The Night of the Burning Diamond

April 8, 1966

West tries to convince a Serbian official to hide the Kara Diamond. Then the gem disappears and West is blamed.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Ken Kolb

Guest starring: Robert Drivas, Christine Schmidtmer, Vito Carbonara, Calvin Brown, Whitey Hughes, Chuck O'Brien, Dan Tobin

27.  The Night of the Murderous Spring

April 15, 1966

West helps a powerfully built girl carry her trunk, not knowing it contains his shrewd enemy diminutive, giggling Dr. Loveless.

Director: Richard Donner, Writer: John Kneubuhl

Guest starring: Michael Dunn, Jenie Jackson, Leonard Falk, Bill McLean, William Fawcett, Todd Garrett

28.  The Night of the Sudden Plague

April 22, 1966

West (Robert Conrad) finds Willow Springs looted and its citizens completely immobile victims of a mysterious paralysis.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Ken Kolb

Guest starring: Eddie Durkin, Mark Baker, Robert Phillips, Harvey Levine, Theodore Marcuse, Nobu McCarthy, H.M. Wynant, Elliott Reid


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