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1.  The Night of the Big Blackmail

September 27, 1968

While President Grant attends an event at the German Consulate, Baron Hinterestoisser invites him to a special reception, explaining he has something interesting for the president to see. Suspicious, agent James West retrieves the mysterious box the Baron refers to and finds a kinetoscope of a fake depiction of President Grant signing a secret agreement with the unscrupulous government of another nation. If the film is shown for the heads of other countries, Grant will suffer terrible indignation and upset international relations. If the film is not replaced, however, the Baron will accuse the U.S. of stealing on consulate soil, a far greater crime. Agent Artemus Gordon decides that the only alternative is to make a duplicate kintetoscope-with some changes-and return it to the consulate before it is discovered missing. West and Gordon finish just as the president arrives. The Baron announces that he has proof of President Grant's connection with the corrupt foreigh officials.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: David Moessinger

Guest starring: Alice Nunn, Harvey Korman, Roy Engel

2.  The Night of the Doomsday Formula

October 4, 1968

Dr. Crane, inventor of a new explosive, is missing along with his daughter. If his "doomsday formula" falls into the wrong hands, especially foreign ones, it could mean the end of the United States. West and Gordon must rescue the professor, his daughter and the formula before it's too late.

Director: Irving J. Moore

Guest starring: Kevin McCarthy

3.  The Night of the Juggernaut

October 11, 1968

Someone is trying to run settlers off their land, buying some of them out, scaring other away,and even murdering those who refuse to leave. The government sends Jim and Arte in to investigate the situation and to stop whoever is behind this.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Calvin Clements Jr.

Guest starring: Floyd Patterson, Byron Foulger, Gloria Calomee, Evelyn Dutton, Bart La Rue, Irving Mosley, Stuart Nisbet, Simon Scott, Fred Stromsoe, Wild Bill Reynolds, Peter Hale, Stardedt Kaava

4.  The Night of the Sedgewick Curse

October 18, 1968

Investigating the disappeance of a correspondent of James West's, the agents come upon a bizarre family scheme. West's associate had a rare disorder that caused rapid aging, similar to that of the Sedgewick family. In an attempt to cure the disorder, the family physician has been kidnapping people with the similar disorder and using them to test a serum he has prepared. It is up to West and Gordon to stop his tests and bring him to justice.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Paul Playdon

Guest starring: Jay Robinson, Maria Lennard, Richard Hale, Lee Weaver, Arthur Space, Frank Campanella, Gene LeBell, Kathryn Minner, Arthur Adams, William Challee, Dick Cangey, Tommy J. Huff, Anthony Jochim, Brian Nash, Red West

5.  The Night of the Gruesome Games

October 25, 1968

While on the trail of a scientist who has stolen a vial of deadly germs, the agents are pulled into a night of deadly parlor games. West and Gordon must recover the vial before it bursts and releases a veritable plague while managing to live though the games of their host.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Jackson Gillis

Guest starring: William Schallert, Sherry Jackson, Robert Ellenstein, Robert Patten, Ludmila, Helen Page Camp, Ken Drake, I Stanford Jolley, Reggie Nalder, Jacquelyn Hyde, Astrid Warner, Gregg Palmer, Adolph Caesar, Lee Kolima

6.  The Night of the Kraken

November 1, 1968

While investigating why fishing had been prohibited on local waters, agents James West and Artemus Gordon are attacked by a rough bunch of sailors. After the melee, Lt. Bartlett, who was apparently the victim of some sort sea creature. West joins a resolute fisherman on his boat and are attacked by a giant squid. But things are not what they appear as an even more insidious threat is revealed.

Director: Michael Caffey, Writer: Stephen Kandel

Guest starring: Ford Rainey, Jason Evers, Ted Knight, Marj Dusay, Anthony Caruso, Bill Baldwin, Larry Grant, Gregg Martell, Claudio Miranda, Brent Davis

7.  The Night of the Fugitives

November 8, 1968

In the town of Epitaph, owned by Epitaph Mines, agents James West and Artemus Gordon arrest Norbert Plank, chief bookkeeper for the powerful syndicate that owns the mining company. Through Plank, the agents hope to get their hands on records that could build a case against the organization. The whole town turns out to free Plank, whom West has hidden in a church bell tower, while Gordon masquerades as lay-preacher Hallelujah Harry. Gordon hopes to get to the head of the syndicate, Diamond Dave Desmond, and walk off with the ledgers. But Diamond Dave's girlfriend, Rhoda, has the same idea and blackmail on her mind.

Director: Mike Moder / Gunnar Hellström, Writer: Ken Pettus

Guest starring: Simon Oakland, Susan Hart, Charles McGraw, J.S. Johnson, Mickey Hargitay, Gabriel Walsh, Bill Baldwin, Larry Duran, Sid McCoy, A.G. Vitanza

8.  The Night of the Egyptian Queen

November 15, 1968

Agent Artemus Gordon and the curator of the San Francisco Museum are set upon in the Egyptian exhibit by three men wearing gas masks. When agents West and Mr. Heisel, the Egyptian government's representative, enter the room, they are also attacked. After regaining consciousness, the men discover that a priceless ruby has been stolen from the eye of the statue of Sun God, Ra. Commissioned by Miasmin, an Egyptian Princess, to recover the gem, West and Gordon trace a ransom note to a waterfront bar where Gordon poses as a sea captain. At the bar, West recognizes one of his assailants at the museum. The man identifies himself as Jason and indicates that Rosie, a beaufiful young dancer at the bar, is wearing the ruby on her toe. Unfortunately, Rosie vanishes before West can make a move.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Paul Playdon

Guest starring: Tom Troupe, William Marshall, Penny Gaston, Sorrell Booke

9.  The Night of Fire and Brimstone

November 22, 1968

West and Gordon are called to the deserted mining town of Brimstone by a Professor Colecrest who has made a discovery of great importance. However, before they get to Brimstone, the Professor is captured by a gang of men also seeking his discovery. The professor, seriously injured in a fall, holds the key to the mystery, and Jim and Artie struggle to keep him alive until they can uncover the true root of the mystery.

Director: Bernard McEveety / Joel Kane

Guest starring: Robert Phillips, Leslie Charleson, Dabbs Greer, John Crawford, Charles McCauley, Dick Cangey, Tommy J. Huff, Ken Mayer, Bill Quinn, Fred Stromsoe, Red West

10.  The Night of the Camera

November 29, 1968

Agent West raids a local warehouse in an attempt to apprehend a suspected opium gang member. As he struggles with the suspect, a new secret agent named Bosley Cranston rushes in and attempts to help. Unfortunately, he only makes matters worse, accidentally toppling a piano crate on the suspect and killing him. Cranston, however, is not the meek incompetent he appears and later surprises his colleagues with his karate skills and his popularity with beautiful women.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Ken Pettus

Guest starring: Pat Paulsen, Charles Aidman

11.  The Night of the Avaricious Actuary

December 6, 1968

Agents West and Gordon have been investigating a series of explosions that have demolished several palatial homes. While they are guests of the wealthy Mr. Taney, they hear a high, whining sound. Suddenly the house begins to crumble and the agents escape in the nick of time to see a giant tuning fork radiating powerful sound waves. As they delve deeper into the case, they discover a letter to Mr. Taney from the Cyclops Insurance Company, urging him to take out a policy against further destruction of his property.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Henry Sharp

Guest starring: Harold Gould, Jenny Maxwell, Ross Elliott, Emily Banks, Steve Gravers, Tol Avery, Lou Krugman, Fritz Feld, Judi Sherven, Sharon Cintron, Linda Cooper, Barbara Hemmingway, Bennett King, Frank Simonetti, Jack Spratt


12.  The Night of Miguelito's Revenge

December 13, 1968

Agent West is summoned by a note from agent Gordon to the local barbershop. While waiting for Gordon, West decides to have a shave and is promptly anesthetised by a hot towel from one of Dr. Loveless's assistants, working in disguise. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a carnival funhouse where he encounters dazed-looking Justice Alonzo Fairlie. Before he can get any information from the judge, he is attacked by a quartet of gunmen. He quickly dispatches his adversaries but Justice Fairlie disappears in the confusion, leaving behined a strange clue.

Director: James B. Clark, Writer: Jerry Thomas

Guest starring: Michael Dunn, Charles Aidman, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Arthur Batanides, Jim Shane, Don Pedro Colley, Percy Helton, Byron Morrow, Linda Chandler, Walter Coy, Peter Bruni, Johnny S. Luer, Roy Barcroft, Dort Clark, Paul Barselou, Mary Esther Denver

13.  The Night of the Pelican

December 26, 1968

West and Pike receive a note to meet a woman at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco with a promise of information about the militant Din Chang who has recently ston a supply of fulminate of mercury from a military arsonal. Unfortunately,the woman is killed before they can talk to her and the only word she utters is ""Pelican"". To further complicate matters,the only person they manage to capture is supposedly still serving time at Alcatraz. Since it seems that Alcatraz and the woman are the two pieces they have of the puzzle,the two split up to track down Chang before he can use the volatile mercury.

Director: Alex Nicol, Writer: Richard Landau

Guest starring: Charles Aidman, Khigh Dhiegh, Vincent Beck, Francine York, Lou Cutell, Andre Phillippe, Debbie Wong, Ella Edwards, Linda Ho, James Shen, Buck Kartalian, Lorna Denels, Tommy Lee, Holly Mascott, John Creamer

14.  The Night of the Spanish Curse

January 3, 1969

West and Gordon are called into Mexico to investigate a group of bandits who are attacking and terrorizing border towns. They track the bandits to a Mexican Village where the theives are hiding under the guise of an old Mexican legend about Cortez. Jim and Arte, not believing in the return of the god Cortez,are determined to find their way into the dorment volcano where the thugs are hiding.

Director: Paul Stanley, Writer: Robert E. Kent

Guest starring: Thayer David, Jorge Moreno, Fred Stromsoe, Lou Peralta, Joe Pepi, Fred Villani, Jon Lormer, Gil Serna, Ted de Corsia, Edward Colmans, Pepe Callahan, Richard Angarola, Toian Matchinga

15.  The Night of the Winged Terror (Part 1)

January 17, 1969

16.  The Night of the Winged Terror (Part 2)

January 24, 1969

After a series of disturbing incidents involving a raven that seems to hynoptize high-ranking officials into committing dastardly deeds, Agents West and Harper decide to find out what's going on. The incidents lead the new partners to a group calling themselves The Raven, led by Thaddeus Toombs and a man called Tycho (who has an enormous head and is very smart).

In part two, the plans of The Raven seem to be successful as they have hypnotized Jim West and had him assassinate the Mexican Ambassador. Unfortunately for the group, Frank Harper had been impersonating the ambassador to test whether Jim had been conditioned. West and Harper work together to infiltrate and undermine the group and capture everyone except for the huge-headed Tycho.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Ken Pettus

Guest starring: Christopher Cary, William Schallert, Michele Carey, Jackie Coogan, Robert Ellenstein, Roy Engel, Bernard Fox, Valentin de Vargas, Harry Lauter, Vic Perrin, Norman Leavitt, Ron Pinkard, James Milton George, Chuck Waters, Chuck Courtney, John Harding, Frank Sorello, Rico Alaniz, Julio Medina, James McEachin, Jeraldo deCordovier, Lisa Todd

17.  The Night of the Sabatini Death

February 7, 1969

Jim meets with crime czar Sabatini, who asks him to travel to Calliope, MO to protect a lady and give a man called Swanson a key. Accompanied by government chemist Ned Brown, Jim travels to Calliope (where an Army finance officer died after stealing half a mil). Swanson is killed and the lady turns out to be Sabatini's ward blind Sylvia. It turns out Sabatini was the officer and Sylvia was the daughter of Boorman, Sabatini's partner in the robbery. Dodging Boorman, Jim and Ned find Sabatini's deed leaving all of his property to Sylvia.

Director: Charles Rondeau, Writer: Shirl Hendryx

Guest starring: Jim Backus, Don 'Red' Barry, Alan Hale Jr., Dick Cangey, Bethel Leslie, Eddie Quillan, Jill Townsend, Red West, Ben Wright, Ted de Corsia, Thomas A. Geas

This episode featured Gilligan Island regulars Alan Hale Jr. and Jim Backus. At the end of the episode Hale's character Ned tells Jim he's going to spend his vacation on a desert island as few notes from the theme of Gilligan's Island (1964) are played.

18.  The Night of the Janus

February 14, 1969

A melody holds the clue West needs to trap a departmental traitor.

Director: Irving J. Moore / Paul Playdon, Writer: Leonard Katzman

Guest starring: Charles Aidman, Jack Carter, Anthony Eisley, Jackie DeShannon, Arthur Malet, Nicky Blair, Benny Rubin, Vince Barnett, Mark Allen, Gail Billings, Bill Monemaker, Ron Heller, James Ryan, Bonnie Hughes, Walter Kelley

19.  The Night of the Pistoleros

February 21, 1969

Gordon and West head to a lonely outpost to battle a terrorist gang trying to provoke a war between the United States and Mexico.

Director: Bernard McEveety, Writer: Earl Barret / Robert C. Dennis

Guest starring: Edward Binns, Robert Pine, Henry Wilcoxon, Perry Lopez, Richard O'Brien, Eugene Iglesias, William O'Connell, John Pickard, Daniel Ades, Jay Jostyn, Sarita Vara, Joe Raciti

This episode featured the return of Ross Martin who's character, Artemus Gordon was "on assignment" in Washington. Actually Martin had been taking time off recuperating from a heart attack. In his absence actors Charles Aidman for 4 episodes, and Alan Hale Jr. and William Schallert for one episode each partnered with Jim West.

20.  The Night of the Diva

March 7, 1969

West meets up with Gordon, who has just arrived in New Orleans with a famous Italian diva and niece of the ambassador on his arm, an escort urged by President Grant. West agrees to substitute as the lady's guardian for her appearance that evening at the opera, but the performance is interrupted when Montebello's would-be kidnappers bring down the curtain and West jumps into the fray. Discovering that sereral divas had recently disappeared in New Orleans, the agents must rush to unravel a plot involving the secret Order of Lucia and reveal who among their new acquaintances is playing a role on and off the stage.

Director: Herb Wallerstein / Alf Harris, Writer: Ken Pettus

Guest starring: Patrice Munsel, Patrick Horgan, Beverly Todd, Martin Kosleck, Patricia Dunne, Lester Fletcher, Geraldine Baron, Margery MacKay, Jorge Ben-Hur, Khalil Bezaleel, David Constantine

21.  The Night of the Bleak Island

March 14, 1969

West visits an eerie island to get a diamond for the National Museum.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Robert E. Kent

Guest starring: John Williams, Beverly Garland, Richard Erdman, Robert H. Harris, Lorna Lewis, Jon Lormer, Pat O'Hara, Jana Taylor, Christian Anderson, Gene Tyburn, James Westerfield, Yvonne Shubert

22.  The Night of the Cossacks

March 21, 1969

West and Gordon are mixed up in the affairs of the royal family of Karovnia when they come to the US fleeing from assassins in their home country. The agents find that the evil Count Balkovitch is pursuing them, looking for an icon he needs to possess to hold power in Karovnia. Of course, the Count is not acting alone and the agents must discover who is assisting him before his dastardly plans are accomplished.

Director: Mike Moder, Writer: Oliver Crawford

Guest starring: Guy Stockwell, John van Dreelen, Donnelly Rhodes, Nina Foch, Jennifer Douglas, Aliza Gur, Oscar Beregi Jr, Ivan Triesault, Norman Leavitt, Luis De Cordova, Kay Vojkovic, Sonny Klein, Nikita Kranz, Tim Burns, Michael Kriss

23.  The Night of the Plague

April 4, 1969

West deals with the kidnapping of the Governor's daughter while Gordon rushes to find Jim to inoculate him from the disease one of the criminals was carrying. The disease proves to be the turning point in the fight between the feds and the criminals as Gordon convinces the gang to turn themselves in exchange for the cure to the disease.

Director: Irving J. Moore / Edward Adamson, Writer: Frank L. Moss

Guest starring: Lana Wood, Cliff Norton, John Hoyt, William Bryant, Bill Zuckert, James Lanphier, Eddie Firestone, Pilar Del Rey, Wayne Cochran, Steve Raines, Dan Cass, Doug Pence, Artt Frank, Edward LeVeque, Tyler McVey

24.  The Night of the Tycoons

April 11, 1969

West becomes involved with the Jupiter Corporation after the director of the board and two others are killed. West exposes a deep plot by the late director's sister, Amelia,to dump stock,cause a panic, then make tons of money off of the cheap stock. West's investigation leads him to an odd bar with a cirus theme and animals who like to throw bombs. West uncovers Amelia's plan to kill off the rest of the board and is able to save the rest of the members.

Director: Barney Slater / Mike Moder, Writer: Louis Vittes

Guest starring: Jo Van Fleet, Steve Carlson, Joanie Sommers, Tol Avery, Richard O'Brien, Lee Duncan, E.A. Sirianni, Milton Parsons, Nelson Welch, Virginia Peters, Mary Garcia, Mike Mahoney, Buff Brady, Jerry Mann, Cal Currens


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