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"Good morning Mr. Briggs."

- W.J. Flywheel, Webporium Curator



1.  Pilot

September 17, 1966

"Welcome back, Dan. It's been some time."

- voice on tape

IMF team leader Dan Briggs assembles his team for the first time. The mission: to recover two nuclear warheads belonging to General Rio Dominguez from a hotel vault in Santa Costa. Jim and Willy sneak safecracker Terry Targo into the vault, who figures out how to get out. The team then captures Dominguez but Targo's fingers are broken in the attempt. With no other alternative, Briggs has himself and Dominguez put into the vault, and Briggs threatens to enter a random combination if Alicio doesn't tell him the code. Dominguez breaks. With the bombs defused, Willy takes the warheads out of the vault. Briggs remains behind and uses the information Targo gathered earlier to get out during a fireworks distraction set off by Barney. Briggs and the rest of the team make a desperate race for safety and get onto a plane heading to safety seconds before the military can catch up to them.

Director: Bernard L. Kowalski, Writer: Bruce Geller

Guest starring: Wally Cox, Patrick Campbell, Harry Davis, Paul Micale, Fred Villani, Joe Breen, Martin Walker, Josh Adams, Victor Dunlap, David Renard, Sandra Kerr, Martin Landau

The Lear Jet model 24A used at the end of the pilot, in which the team makes their escape from Santa Costa was owned by Frank Sinatra. It wore the tail number N175FS. Between 1965 and 1967 he and his entourage logged over 1,500 hours in the aircraft.

2.  Memory

September 24, 1966

"I haven't met all of you until today. Your reasons for doing this work may not be mine. It doesn't matter; for whatever reason, I'll be Sparrow for you."

- Joseph Baresh

The IMF must undermine "the Butcher of the Balkans", Janos Karq, by having his head of security capture an agent, Sparrow, who will then incriminate Karq. To pull off the ruse, they need a memory expert, Baresh, who can memorize the necessary information in the short time allowed and pretend to be Sparrow. Baresh will later be traded back. However, during a faked rescue to make Sparrow look more convincing, Baresh gets a look at Soska's master list of agents, and the team must rescue him from the prison immediately to get the information.

Director: Charles Rondeau, Writer: Robert Lewin

Guest starring: Albert Paulsen, Leonard Stone, Eddie Carroll, Gene Dynarski, William Keene, Heinz Brinkmann, Donald Journeaux, John Magnusson, Paul Busch, Bill Foster, Forrest Burns, Max Klevin

At the start of the episode, Briggs receives his instructions not via a recording, but printed on the back of a business card. Of the episodes which show some sort of instructions being given to the IM Force leader, this is the only one that doesn't involve a recording.

The "undisclosed" country is supposed to be is Hungary. All the shop signs, the guard room door sign and advertisement posters are in Hungarian. Also the traditional Hungarian instrument, the "cimbalom" is used several times.

3.  Operation Rogosh

October 1, 1966

"But they tricked me. They tricked me."

- Imre Rogosh

Imry Rogosh is a mass murderer who kills to forment political upheaval. He is targeting Los Angeles, so the IMF knock him out in a car accident. When Rogosh wakes up he is in a cell in a prison in his own country, three years later, and ready to be executed as an American agent. To prove his loyalty to the cause, Rogosh has to spill the information on his secret operation, but during the mock trial a slip-up cues him in on the ruse. Briggs has to act fast to get Rogosh to reveal the plan to kill the citizens of Los Angeles.

Director: Leonard Horn, Writer: Jerome Ross

Guest starring: Fritz Weaver, Allan Joseph, Charles Maxwell, James Lanphier, Svea Grunfeld, Dina Harmsen, Howard Curtis, Dick Dial

The plot of this episode bears some striking similarities to the 1964 motion picture "36 Hours," starring James Garner and Rod Taylor. In both the motion picture and this episode, an elaborate "time-shifting" con is used to convince someone that several years have passed, so that he will believe it is safe to reveal secret information that, in reality, has importance in the near future.

In the dossier scene, the last photograph Briggs looks at - and rejects - is that of the show's creator, Bruce Geller.

4.  Old Man Out (Part 1)

October 8, 1966

5.  Old Man Out (Part 2)

October 15, 1966

"Good evening, Mr. Briggs. This is Anton Cardinal Vossek who, despite being 80 years of age and physically infirm, is nonetheless the acknowledged leader of his country's freedom movement. The government torts whose overthrow Cardinal Vossek is working has arrested him, preparatory to a trial before a people's court which is certain to convict him. He's being held for interrogation on the top floor of this building: Seravno prison, which is located immediately adjacent to the city's main park. Seravno prison is considered the most impregnable in Eastern Europe. No escape has ever been made from it. Mr. Briggs, your mission - should you decide to accept it - would be to rescue Cardinal Vossek. As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. In any event, please dispose of this tape recording as directed."

- voice on tape

The IMF team goes in as a circus team to rescue Anton Cardinal Vossek, who is being held in the impregnable Seravno Prison. Vossek is the leader of the country's freedom movement, in rebellion against Colonel Scutari, and is awaiting a fake trial before execution. With the aid of circus acrobat Crystal Walker, the team must get Vossek out. To do so, Rollin fakes being a pickpocket so as to be arrested. Once inside Servano, he has to sneak through the prison and get Vossek out of his cell as a test run for the next day... only for the guards to interrupt at an inopportune moment. In part two, Rollin manages to avoid the guards and escape, but Vossek is moved to a new cell in solitary confinement. Briggs comes up with a new plan and manages to relay it to the imprisoned Rollin and rescue Vossek from the prison. With Barney providoing distraction as a clown, the team manages to get Vossek over the border before Vossek's captors can catch up to them.

Director: Charles Rondeau, Writer: Ellis Marcus

Guest starring: Mary Ann Mobley, Joseph Ruskin, Oscar Beregi Jr, Cyril Delevanti, William Wintersole, Monte Markham, Eddie Durkin, Chris Anders, Norbert Siegfried, Jon Cedar, George Margo, Jon Silo

In the same year as this Mission: Impossible episode (1966) guest star Mary Ann Mobley appeared in an episode of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Moonglow Affair, as April Dancer. That episode served as the pilot for The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. which would be recast with Stefanie Powers as April Dancer. The scenes that feature Mary Ann Mobley performing on the trapeze were actually performed by circus performer and occasional actress Sunny Woods, who bore a striking resemblance to Mobley.

Dan is playing the calliope during Crystals performance, at 9:36 there is a woman all dressed in red playing the calliope, and 30 seconds later the shot shows Dan playing. All of the people in both shots are in different positions. There are also palm trees in the background. There are no palm trees in Europe.

6.  Odds on Evil

October 22, 1966

"All women are dangerous, Your Highness."

- Cinnamon Carter

Prince Iben Kostas plans to use his money to finance a war. Infiltrating his casino, the IMF team goes to work: IMFer Andre (pretending to be Cinammon's husband) breaks the bank at roulette thanks to a not-so-portable computer worn by Willie underneath his tux. Andre then loses the money to Rollin as another gambler. Kostas tries to get the money back by playing against Rollin and cheating by using marked cards and tinted contact lens. However, Rollin has a similar pair of lens and also deals bad hands to Kostas. Finally Kostas antes up the 1.5 million in war funds, thinking he can't lose. Rollins tricks him, and the team must make a desperate escape.

Director: Charles Rondeau, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: Joe E. Tata, Lawrence Montaigne, Vincent Van Lynn, Nico Minardos, Roger Til, Nehemiah Persoff, Alex Bookston, Greg Benedict

Mission leader Dan Briggs (played by Steven Hill), only appears in the opening and planning scenes of the episode. He is absent for the rest of the show.

When Andre is playing roulette, Willy is taken away by Kostas' aides. At that moment, Andre looks at his watch and it is 1:10. Later, Willy returns, Andre looks at his watch, and the time is around 12:00.

When Kostas is teaching Cinnamon how to play Baccarat, he draws a card for her. As the card leaves the holder, it flips up for a second and can clearly be seen to be a seven of clubs. But, in closeup, when he flips the card over, it is a seven of diamonds. In addition, Kostas says that he has a nine and a four, making thirteen. However, in closeup, he has a queen and a three, which would make thirteen in blackjack, but not in Baccarat (face cards count for zero).

7.  Wheels

October 29, 1966

"Good afternoon, Mr. Briggs. A critical election is about to take place in Valeria. Should the police-controlled Nationalists win over the Liberty Party, the country will become a terrorist dictatorship. We have information that, to ensure their victory, the Nationalists have fixed the voting machines in the key 12th District. Mr. Briggs, your mission, should to decide to accept it, would be to unfix the election so that the election will honestly reflect the vote of the people. The Secretary instructs you that no citizen of Valeria may be employed. And as always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, he will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Please dispose of this recording, as usual."

- voice on tape

In the country of Valeria, the IMF must assure that the corrupt Nationalist party's rigged voting machine doesn't give them the election.

Director: Tom Gries, Writer: Laurence Heath

Guest starring: Paul Bertoya, Mario Badolati, George Sawaya, Tom Hernandez, Edmund Tontini, David Fresco, Jonathan Kidd, Mark Lenard, Percy Rodriguez, Dianna Denning, Larry Gelman, Roy Sickner, Jimmy Casino, Ernesto S. Cervera, Ray Martell

At the beginning of the episode, you see Dan Briggs driving past the "Fehrle Lumber Co.". Philip D. Fehrle was a production assistant / assistant to executive producer on the series.

After Briggs has listened to the tape of the mission briefing, he destroys the tape reel by throwing it into a furnace as he passes in his car. As the camera pans to the furnace, one can see the reel in the bottom of the frame as it misses its target and bounces back off the floor.

8The Ransom

November 5, 1966

"Now we'll do it my way, Egan. You wait for my call. And one last little thing. Anything happens to that little girl - anything - and I'll finish you. No matter where you go, no matter what you're doing, I'll find you and I'll kill you. And you know I can do it."

- Daniel Briggs

Mobster Frank Egan kidnaps the daughter of Dan's friend and uses her as a hostage to force Dan and the team to break out a key witness, Augie Gorman, against him. After several failed ploys, Barney manages to contaminate Gorman's water supply inside the hotel safehouse where the police are keeping him. The team has taken over the hospital room and use a rotating examination table to switch Gorman for IMF member Steve (who resembles him). At the exchange, Egan tries to double-cross Dan, but the IMF team leader has a trick or two of his own to make sure things go smoothly and Gorman gets what's coming to him.

Director: Harry Harris, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: Don Marshall, Lin McCarthy, William Smithers, Joe Mantell, Allan Joseph, Walter Mathews, Cheryl Callaway, Michael Barrier, Vic Tayback, Jack Donner, Eddie Paskey, Ted Jordan, Richard Mansfield, Chuck Courtney

This episode marks the first use of the Craig Panorama Model 212 tape recorder, which made many repeat appearances throughout the series. It was cheap (retailing for under $25.00), durable and relatively advanced for its time. It featured both built-in and remote microphones and two tape speeds. Its use on Mission: Impossible made it very popular, and it continues to be a collectors' item to this day, largely fueled by M:I nostalgia.

9.  A Spool There Was

November 12, 1966

"This is the most beautiful mission I've ever been on!"

- Cinnamon Carter

Rollin and Cinnamon go it alone to recover a reel of recording wire containing information on a chemical warfare project aimed at the U.S. The courier carrying it was killed by the enemy, and the wire is missing. The two fake a lovers' reunion and then Rollin slips out during a pre-recorded conversation. To duplicate the circumstances of the courier's demise as closely as possible, Rollin lets himself be discovered and then chased along the same route. He finds the wire, hidden in plain sight as part of a fence. He and Cinnamon plan to recover and smuggle out the wire the same way, but it is taken by a young boy looking for fishing wire. Rollin manages to recover it, and they send the wire out disguised as the wire on a balloon.

Director: Bernard L. Kowalski, Writer: Ellis Marcus

Guest starring: Richard Devon, Warren Vanders, Curt Lowens, Michael Shea, Eric Lord, Lynn Wood, Todd Martin, Horst Ebersberg, Ben Astar, Harry Basch, Gene LeBell

Near the end of the episode, Barbara Bain drops a decoy camera on a bench in front of a building. It's the courthouse from The Andy Griffith Show, which was also filmed on the Desilu (formerly RKO) "forty acres" lot.

During the briefing segment, Cinnamon said that the taped conversation is forty-five minutes long. The tape recorder used is a Craig model 212, which had a maximum reel size of five inches in diameter. It had two speeds, 1 7/8 inches per second and 3 3/4 inches per second. The speed was changed by using a metal sleeve that changed the diameter of the capstan. At the faster speed, a full reel of tape lasted about fifteen minutes; at the slower speed about thirty-five to forty minutes. In Cinnamon's hotel room, the recorder can be clearly seen to be running with the larger, faster capstan in place. At that speed, the tape would have run out with half an hour left to fill.

10.  The Carriers

November 19, 1966

"We did get an agent in there once."

- Daniel Briggs

Enemy agent Janos Passik is preparing to train 200 foreign agents to infiltrate the U.S. and engage in some form of bacteriological warfare. The team figures out that Passik has created a replica of a typical American town so as to train his agents to learn how to blend into American society. Rollin, Cinnamon, Barney, and bacteriologist Rogr Lee replace the new group of recruits and must then find their way to the research lab. They soon realize that the American-trained agents will be infected with a highly contagious plague and then sent into American to kill millions. The group must not only destroy the plague samples but make sure that Passik and his superiors do not find out that the destruction was deliberate.

Director: Sherman Marks, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: George Takei, Arthur Hill, Phil Posner, Barry Cahill, Rick Traeger, Barry Russo, Rick Richards, Josh Adams, Beatriz Monteil

11.  Zubrovnik's Ghost

November 26, 1966

"Rollin and Barney are sure that you're as much of a fake as Poljac. For the sake of the mission, I don't want them absolutely sure."

- Daniel Briggs

The wife of a deceased scientist, Kurt Zubrovnik, is being pressured by Eastern forces to work for them. They are using a phony psychic to convince the wife her dead husband wants to defect! Accompanied by IMF ""psychic consultant"" Ariana Domi, Rollin and Barney try to disrupt the fraud and convince her to return to working for the U.S. The psychic, Poljac, is torturing the husband for information to use to convince his wife Poljac's powers are real. Ariana senses a real ghost present. In the end, Rollin sets up a final seance and Barney prepares to use a technological projection of Zubrovnik to decry Poljac. However, a blackout causes his equipment to fail, and Ariana's alleged powers, plus some ghostly phenomena, allow them to complete their mission.

Director: Leonard Horn, Writer: Robert Lewin

Guest starring: Martine Bartlett, Donald Davis, Beatrice Straight, Frank Obershall

In the opening shot, when Briggs steps off the elevator, the display above the doors is the same one used in the previous episode, "The Carriers".

Beatrice Straight, featured in this episode, is also famous for playing a supernatural investigator in the film Poltergeist.

When Dan places the disc into the audio device in the opening scene you can see a brand name on the device. Later in the scene there's a close-up of the device and the brand name is taped over.

When the door opens after Rollin picks the deadbolt into the lab, you see there is actually no deadbolt.

12.  Fakeout

December 3, 1966

"Let's just say it works."

- Daniel Briggs

Anastas Poltroni is the head of an international narcotics syndicate, and has taken refuge in a country with no extradition treaty. The IM Force is assigned to lure him out without kidnapping him (to avoid the publicity). Cinnamon woos Carson until Briggs, pretending to be her husband, interrupts. Carson refuses to bribe Briggs, while Barney plants some of Carson's heroin in his own hotel room and tip off the police. The IMF ambush Carson and steal the heroin, and Carson later escapes. He grabs Cinnamon and follows Briggs to a deserted lodge to retrieve his own heroin. The police are hot on his trail, and he flees with Cinnamon still in his grasp. Thanks to confusing road signs altered by Barney, Carson ends up over the border where he is arrested and the heroin is taken into custody.

Director: Bernard L. Kowalski, Writer: Leigh Chapman

Guest starring: Lloyd Bridges, Sid Haig, Alberto Monte, Ken Renard, Richard Angarola, Kathleen O'Malley, Gary Lasdun, Lee Delano, Dehl Berti, Mike Steele, Monte Mansfield, Eli Behar, Dante Orgolini, Cal Brown

The three-way intersection that is supposedly the international border area (where the IMF tricks Anastas Poltroni into leaving the country) is actually one end of the tunnel on Mt. Hollywood Drive just below Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles.

After Anastas Poltroni avoids the spilled milk churns in the final car chase, the road he is forced onto is the same stretch of sandy road which was used in the chase sequence at the end of the "Odds on Evil" episode.

When Briggs is on the roof for the assignment message, he goes to a chimney flue to dispose of the tape. There are flames coming out of the top. The only way this could happen is if there was a dangerous fire in the flue, which would cause the fire department to be called.

When Carson and Cinnamon are going to the hideout, it's supposed to be at night. The headlights are on the cars and when the scene goes to an obvious interior stage set, it's dark. When Carson and Cinnamon escape from the hideout in a car, it's daylight and there are blue skies. Yet back at the hideout when Barney arouses Briggs, it's completely dark. Bob suggested that perhaps this scene took place during an eclipse?

13.  Elena

December 10, 1966

"Señor Miller, how long have you been selling laboratory equipment?"

- Elena Maria Del Barra

Double-agent Elena Del Barra is acting bizarrely, sending a microfilm of defense secrets from her own country. Rollin is sent into investigate, and return the microfilm without its theft ever being detected. Complicating matters is that an assassin, Callao, has been sent to kill her if Rollin can't figure things out in two days. Rollin convinces her to meet with teammate Dr. Enero, who hypnotizes her and learns she is suffering from a post-hypnotic suggestion to denounce the President, her good friend. With time running out, Rollin must return the microfilm, figure out the traitor, and save Elena.

Director: Marc Daniels, Writer: Ellis Marcus

Guest starring: Barry Atwater, Barbara Luna, Abraham Sofaer, Ben Hammer, Renzo Cesana, Ann Ayers, Valentin de Vargas, Blaisdell Makee, Paul Kent

Technically, this is the only episode of "Mission: Impossible" with no regular cast member involved in the mission. Steven Hill appears at the beginning, but his character, Daniel Briggs, excuses himself from participating because the subject of investigation knows him. The only two agents directly involved are Dr. Carlos Enero (Barry Atwater) and Rollin Hand (Martin Landau). Atwater was not a regular player; and although Landau appeared in nearly every episode of the first season, he was, for contractual reasons, always billed as a guest star.

The dossier scene in this episode includes close-ups of Briggs spliced from "Wheels". As a result, the backboards of each dossier change color and pattern between shots. When Briggs selects Rollin for the mission, the close-up of the dossier has Rollin's headshot mounted on a yellow-orange backboard, but in the next shot, Briggs is holding a magazine (it's Cinnamon's dossier). Likewise, when Briggs selects Dr. Enero for the mission, Enero's headshot is mounted on a blue backboard, but in the next shot, the backboard is the yellow-orange of Rollin's dossier.

14.  The Short Tail Spy

December 17, 1966

"I assure you, young man, it gets rather boring just to stand about waiting for someone to come to try to assassinate you!"

- Professor Napolsky

A defector has been targeted by two rival groups from the same foreign country. The team is to discredit the younger group, so that the U.S. can more easily handle the old-line group. The IMF sets it up so that the younger group's assassin, Fetyukov, must seduce Cinnamon to get to the defector. The two play a dangerous romantic game, while Dan convinces the older group's assassin, Shtemenko, that Fetyukov betrayed him to the Americans. They then get pictures of him trying to assassinate the defector, and try to blackmail him to convince him further that Fetyukov is responsible. Cinnamon saves Fetyukov and convinces him that she wants to defect. As Fetyukov goes after the defector, it's up to Cinnamon to stop him.

Director: Leonard Horn, Writer: Julian Barry

Guest starring: Albert Dekker, Eric Braeden, Joseph Sirola, Edward Colmans, Joe Breen

This episode re-uses the movie theater intro from "Old Man Out" for Briggs's briefing. The cutaway shots reveal different pictures on the screen and the soundtrack contains a different message on the tape recorder. In addition, the dossier scene is taken from "Memory". This was done to accommodate Steven Hill in a number of episodes,who refused to work on certain religious holidays and the Sabbath.

The living room set from "Family Affair" is utilized in this episode.


15.  The Legacy

January 1, 1967

"Good morning, Mr. Briggs. Since late 1945, the Allied Command has been trying to track down Adolph Hitler's personal fortune. Now it looks like we've finally gotten a break. Four young men, sons of Hitler's most trusted officers, are gathering in Zurich, Switzerland. We believe they have knowledge which will lead them to the Hitler treasure. They plan to use it to launch the Fourth Reich. We've been able to identify one of these four heirs - Paul von Schneer. He'll be coming to Zurich from Argentina. Dan, your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to get that money, believed to be over $300,000,000, before they do. As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Please dispose of this recording in the usual manner. Good luck, Dan."

- voice on tape

The IMF must get hold of a horde of Nazi gold through four young men, sons of Hitler's top aides, who are sent to Switzerland to meet for the first time and pool their parts of the puzzle together. One of the men, the only one known to them, is replaced by Rollin. Each has part of an account number, and the team needs to hypnotize and trick the bank manager into giving them the complete account number and then slip it to Rollin. The bank account contains an envelope with a microdot, which when combined with a slide in each man's pocket watch provides the location of the treasure. After seeing the other men's slides, Rollin fakes the loss of his watch, then he and the rest of the team head to the cemetary. Two of the men figure out the puzzle from their pieces and follow. In a gunfight Dan is wounded, but one of the men is killed and the other runs off rather then face Rollin's wrath. The gold turns out to have been made into a crypt, and is recovered.

Director: Michael O'Herlihy, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: Donald Harron, Lee Bergere, Bill Fletcher, Patrick Horgan, John Crawford, Claude Woolman, Walter Friedel, Richard Peel

Most of the first four minutes of the episode are spliced from earlier episodes. The mission briefing scene is taken from "Wheels", down to the error of Dan missing the furnace when he disposes of the recording. The team selection scene, however, is taken from "Old Man Out." This was frequently done in the first season to accommodate Steven Hill, who was reluctant to work on the Sabbath.

Hitler's first name is misspelled as "Adolph" on the "Mein Kampf" prop book used. The correct spelling is "Adolf".

The astrological timetable the Nazis use - Venus in Pisces, Sun in Gemini - is impossible. As one of the two planets closer to the Sun than the Earth is, Venus is always within two signs of the Sun; if the Sun is in Gemini, Venus must be in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, or Leo.

16.  The Reluctant Dragon

January 14, 1967

"In a pinch, Barney could order cold cuts in Swahili."

- Rollin Hand

Dr. Cherlotov, a scientist of an enemy power, failed to defect to the West when his wife did. Now that he has developed a cheap, effective anti-ballistic system, the IMF are ordered to get him out. Unfortunately, they find out that Cherlotov doesn't wasn't to defect: he merely wants to convince his superiors he is loyal and live out his life. The IMF smuggle in his wife Karen. Meanwhile, Rollin convinces Cherlotov's watcher and the security commissioner, Jankowski, to put Cherlotov under jail for suspicion. When Cherlotov realizes what his country does to other dissidents he agrees to defect, but Jankowski sees through Rollin's cover and tries to arrest them all.

Director: Leonard Horn, Writer: Chester Krumholz

Guest starring: Joseph Campanella, John Colicos, Michael Forest, Mala Powers, Elsa Ingram, Alex Rodine, Norbert Schiller, Norbert Meisel, Allen Bleiweiss, Robert Boon, Felix Locher, Howard Curtis, Chuck Couch, Fred Carson, Maria Schroeder

Although Cinnamon does not take part in the mission, when Briggs is selecting the team, her dossier is visible for a split-second before Briggs tosses Barney's dossier on top.

Just before a commercial break, the image freezes on Martin Landau grabbing onto a chain-link fence. After the break, Landau's stunt double is in his place. The image is still frozen, giving us a clear view of the double's face.

17.  The Frame

January 21, 1967

"No, no, don't let her out, Vito. It's a frame! Don't let her go."

- Jack Wellman

Gangster Jack Wellman is moving syndicated crime into politics, killing off certain politicians and replacing them with men more sympathetic to the Syndicate. The team goes in as caterers. Cinnamon sneaks into Wellman's room, blows a hole in the wall, and inserts a fake safe. Meanwhile, Barney and Willy break into the real vault from the rear and steal the 4 million in profits that Wellman has tucked away, and which he is to split with his fellow mobsters at a dinner that night. They open the real vault and discover the money missing. Going upstairs, they find Cinnamon who claims to be Wellman's girlfriend, tells him she knew it wouldn't work, and reveals the fake safe. As Cinnamon and the rest of the team depart, the other mobsters tell Wellman to open the safe or they'll kill him, and don't believe his desperate pleas that he's never seen that safe before in his life.

Director: Allen H. Miner, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: Simon Oakland, Arthur Batanides, Joe Maross, Joe De Santis, Mort Mills

Before Briggs begins to look at the agent's photos, the reflection of the boom mic can be seen in the glass door when he is walking in living room.

18.  The Trial

January 28, 1967

"Good morning, Mr. Briggs. Joseph Varsh, Public Prosecutor and head of his country's Secret Police, is one of the most dangerous men in eastern Europe. He heads a political faction which wants to heat up the Cold War. The opposition to him who wants to co-exist is led by Anton Kudnov, a Deputy Premiere. Varsh now plans to stir up feelings against the United States by arresting and charging an innocent American with a crime and staging a sham trial for the world. He plans to use this to gain absolute power for himself. If Varsh succeeds, not only will the victim lose his freedom, and possibly his life, but the international peace will be threatened. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to stop Varsh and so discredit him that he will never again be a political threat. Should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This recording will decompose in five seconds. Good luck, Dan."

- voice on tape

Josef Varsh plans to put an American on trial on false charges, discredit the West, and gain power. Rollin, disguised as Dan, meets with a woman who sold out her boyfriend/Western spy. Meanwhile, Briggs himself is with the Deputy Minister, a rival of Varsh's and a reformer. Rollin-as-Briggs leaves behind evidence implicating himself, and Varsh has the real Briggs arrested. Kudnov, who knows Dan is innocent, insists that Varsh let Briggs go, so Varsh orders him killed. The IMF team makes the Deputy Minister vanish - now they have to get the Deputy Minister and the girlfriend into court to testify and make Varsh look foolish. The trial sequences were shot on the Perry Mason court set.

Director: Lewis Allen, Writer: Laurence Heath

Guest starring: Carroll O'Connor, David Opatoshu, Michael Strong, Gail Kobe, Don Keefer, Ivan Triesault, Paul Lukather, Chuck Couch

The trial sequences were shot on the Perry Mason court set, marking the second time it appeared in colour.

19.  The Diamond

February 2, 1967

"Can't tell this one from the fake."

- Willy Armitage

Henrik Durvard has taken over the country of Lombounda by military coup, and holds the natives in terror. He has obtained a diamond from the native miners, and the IMF are assigned to take it away from him. In London to auction the diamond, Durvard is approached by the team who offer to top all bids if they get exclusive rights to diamond production in Lombounda. Since Lombounda is not known for its diamond production, Durvard is suspicious. Eventually the team lets him figure out that they have a plan to use his country as a blind to distribute artificial diamonds that they claim they can manufacture. Durvard insists on being part of the scam, and forces the team to make a diamond from him using a piece off of the original stone. They do so, but when it comes time to fake the real diamond, the machine apparently overloads from the strain. The team slips the diamond out of the machine and leaves, as Durvard and the machine blow up.

Director: Robert Douglas, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: John van Dreelen, Harry Davis, Woodrow Parfrey, Peter Bourne, Ivor Barry, Gil Stuard, Jason Johnson

As Cinnamon and Prime Minister Durvard travel in the Rolls Royce, supposedly through the streets of London, they are driving on the right side of the road. In England, they drive on the left. The road markings are noticeably not found on UK roads and, as they pass through a junction, there's a bright red 'Don't Walk' US pedestrian crossing sign clearly visible.

In the London hotel room as Barney and Willy prepare to swap the real diamond for the fake, Barney unscrews a US style power socket from the wall, totally unlike ones used in the UK even in the 1960's!

20.  The Legend

February 11, 1967

"I heard nothing. No... It was nothing."

- Cinnamon Carter

An imprisoned member of the Nazi party, Herbert Raynor, is released from prison and is being flown (along with his daughter) to Puerto Huberra in South America, along with other Nazis. All of them are being flown there by an unknown benefactor. Briggs and Cinnamon take the Raynors' place.They and the others are introduced to Martin Bormann, now a bedridden invalid. Borman's secretary, Rudd, informs them that Bormann will lead the Third Reich to new glories. Dan ducks a murder attempt, breaks into Bormann's room, and finds that he is a mannequin with a voice provided by Rudd. Rudd has recorded tapes duplicating Bormann's voice, and the last tape will turn leadership of the party over to him. To stymie Rudd, Rollin dresses up as Bormann and is suddenly not so bedridden. Of course, Rudd knows Rollin is an imposter but can't reveal it without exposing his own ploy. Bormann gives orders that eliminate Rudd once and for all and end the threat posed by the Nazis.

Director: Richard Benedict, Writer: Mann Rubin

Guest starring: Gunnar Hellstrom, Gene Roth, Ben Wright, Paul Genge, Larry Black, Lou Robb

When this episode first aired, the ultimate fate of Martin Bormann was not known. Although he had been tried in absentia and sentenced to death at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946, he was rumored to still be alive. It wasn't until 1972, over five years after this episode aired, that German construction workers found what was believed to be his body in West Berlin, where it was thought he had been killed trying to escape Berlin in the closing days of the war. It wasn't until 1998 that a conclusive DNA match was made.

Willy Armitage doesn't work on this mission; however his picture is in Dan's stack of selected agents. Look closely when Dan tosses down Barney Collier's page, Willy's is clearly visible on the pile.

In the entrance hall, the Nazi Swastika on the flag is backwards. It is a left facing symbol when it should be a right facing symbol.

Despite giving the Nazis fairly credible German Accents, pronunciation for the cities Berlin, Frankfurt, Stutttgart, Hamburg and Munich are anglicized.

21.  Snowball in Hell

February 18, 1967

"Pick a direction, any direction."

- Daniel Briggs

A former prison guard, Sefra, has got hold of a supply of cesium 138, which explodes at temperatures above 70 degrees. Sefra plans to sell the sample and the formula from the closed-down prison base where he once worked. Rollin and Barney go in as a photographer and model respectively, and Sefra learns that Barney is a former prisoner returning for revenge. The team fakes a generator break down while Sefra beats Barney, and the cesium starts to heat up. Sefra has it taken to a nearby hospital refrigerator, where the IMF makes the switch. When Sefra discovers the missing jar, he forces Barney to show him the escape route which he supposedly used to escape. As Sefra makes his own escape, the IMF send the cesium sample toward him on a remote-controlled mini-tank, and it blows up, killing Sefra and making sure no one gets the formula or the sample.

Director: Lee H. Katzin, Writer: Judith Barrows / Robert Guy Barrows

Guest starring: Ricardo Montalban, Warren J. Kemmerling, Steven Marlo, Emile Genest, John Garwood

This was the first episode to use colour head shots of Barney Collier and Willie Armitage in the I.M.F. dossier. This episode also marks one of the few times where the MI team directly kills someone. In most episodes they either manipulate the bad guys into killing each other or have them arrested by the authorities.

22.  The Confession

February 25, 1967

"How are the ratings?"

- Rollin Hand

Andreas Solowiechek, a member of a Communist trade delegation, is arrested after assassinating a U.S. Senator, Townsend. Townsend's backer, McMillan, is rallying his supporters for the U.S. to break off all trade talks with the Russians. It is believed Solowiechek wasn't working on the orders of his government, so the IMF team have to break him. Rollin becomes the assassin's cellmate, and arranges to be handcuffed to him. Rollin then fakes an escape, and threatens to kill Solowiechek. The assassin promises that his backer can Rollin money. Meanwhile, Dan has pretended to be an artist and got into McMillan's house, leaving a camera behind hidden in his art box. Rollin and Solowiechek confront McMillan, and the latter admits that he arranged for Townsend to be killed so as to become a martyr to his cause, unaware that his words are being transmitted on national TV.

Director: Herschel Daugherty, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: Pat Hingle, David Sheiner, Kent Smith, James Gavin, Biff Elliott, Robert B. Williams

Another one of the episodes where Briggs pile of IM Force member photos changes. When tossing Rollin's photo onto the "active" file, a photo of Joseph Baresh, memory expert, is covered. Baresh was a character from episode 2, The Butcher of the Balkans. Also, in the final long shot, Rollin's photo was not on top of the pile and the discard pile was different.

23.  Action!

March 4, 1967

"Excellent! Excellent! You died beautifully!"

- Miklos Klaar

Miklos Klaar, an Iron Curtain filmmaker, has film of American soldiers and plans to edit it into an atrocity movie to discredit the U.S. He has recreated the jungle as a set from the one print of the film he has. Disguised as a Ministry of Propaganda officer, Rollin destroys the print and Barney floods the negative vault, forcing Klaar to reshoot the American footage as well. Cameraman and IMFer David Day is snuck in and films Klaar recreating the American footage. On the day the press is assembled, David and Willy manage to bypass Klaar's guards and air the footage of Klaar rehearsing his cast and crew and congratulating themselves on the phony massacre.

Director: Leonard Horn, Writer: Robert Lewin

Guest starring: Tom Troupe, J.D. Cannon, Julian Burton, Eric Feldary, Arline Anderson, Alfred Shelly, Helen Boll, Harold Dyrenforth, Fred Villani, Peter Tenen, Mark de Vries, Jerry Sommers, Marilyn Moe

This episode is the only first season episode in which Steven Hill does not appear as IMF leader Dan Briggs. In real life, Hill had been temporarily suspended from the series. As a result, Barbara Bain, as Cinnamon Carter, receives the taped briefing at the beginning of this episode - the only occasion in the entire series when someone other than team leader Dan Briggs or the later Jim Phelps received the briefing. And, although Cinnamon receives the assignment and Rollin leads the mission, both their pictures are included among the chosen agents, indicating neither was responsible for selecting who's needed for the mission.

When Barney reconnects the water line feeding the sprinkler in the film vault, he hand-tightens the union clockwise. Then he uses a pipe wrench to tighten it fully, but counter-clockwise. This would loosen, not tighten, the union.

24.  The Train

March 18, 1967

"Doctor, I want you to tell me honestly, what are his chances?"

- Deputy Premier Milos Pavel

Prime Minister Larya of Svardia is working to establish democracy, but is unaware that his personal protege, Deputy Premier Pavel, plans to set up a dictatorship. The team must persuade Larya of Pavel's plans. The IMF fakes a train ride for Larya, Pavel, and Pavel's aide Androv. They then fake a crash, put Androv and Pavel in a fake hospital, and tell them that Larya is dead. They immediately begin plans to eliminate anymemory of Larya and start arresting dissidents. Then the hospital wall slides away to reveal that Larya has heard the whole thing, and dismisses them both.

Director: Ralph Senensky, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: Kris Tel, Ray Baxter, Booth Colman, Richard Bull, Noah Keen, William Schallert, Rhys Williams, William Windom, Paul Prokop, Don Sherman

The locomotives used are General Motors SW-1500 diesel switcher units. The diesel locomotive coupled to the passenger cars at the opening is likely an EMD E8 or E9 passenger road locomotive. The locomotive and the cars bear the colors of the Union pacific railroad.

Upon arriving at the train yard, Rollin says that the overnight express will be leaving just before dark, at 5:32. Later, when the train actually does depart, the light is clearly that of midday, and subsequent scenes (including those in the projections) remain midday until the train has been moving for quite some time. Also, Barney's wristwatch shows approximately 3:20 while he works the fake train effects.

25.  Shock

March 25, 1967

"Good evening, Mr. Briggs. This is Carl Wilson, a special U.S. Envoy, who is about to succeed in effecting a vital exchange agreement between our country and a neutral country important to the United States. Peter Kiri, a notorious enemy agent, has kidnapped Wilson and replaced him with an impostor. Kiri's purpose must be to discredit Wilson and prevent the exchange agreement from being ratified. Wilson is still alive and being held prisoner, so any move against the impostor would bring about Wilson's immediate death. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to save Wilson and put Kiri out of action. As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This recording will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Dan."

- voice on tape

Enemy operative Kiri has kidnapped U.S. envoy Carl Wilson and has an imposter, Gort, who is impersonating him to discredit a U.S. trade agreement. The team have to rescue Wilson and foil the impersonation before Kiri kills Wilson. Cinnamon impersonates Wilson's niece while Willy kidnaps Gort and Briggs-as-Wilson takes Gort's place, pretending to be Gort. The team put Gort in an asylum and give him electro-shock to scramble his memories, then claim he is is a delusional accountant. Under the threat of more electro-shock, Gort tells them the full details of his delusion: that he's to kill an American official and leave Wilson to take the blame. Barney and Willy replace the unconscious Wilson at the reception with a drugged Gort set to look like a suicide, then Briggs-as-Gort-as-Wilson takes a shot at the official. Briggs returns and reveals that Wilson is actually Gort, who was in Keri's employ.

Director: Lee H. Katzin, Writer: Laurence Heath

Guest starring: James Daly, Sorrell Booke, Stanley Waxman, Vic Perrin, Patrick Michenaud, Gerald Michenaud, Mike Kopcha, Donald Ein

When Cinnamon arrives at the gate for the party, it's supposed to be at night. However over the guards shoulder is light blue sky.

26.  A Cube of Sugar

April 1, 1967

"Good morning, Mr. Briggs. The man you are looking at is Vincent Dean, a jazz musician who is also one of our best agents. While on a concert tour behind the Iron Curtain, Dean came into possession of a computer microcircuit and its code, which will tell us their entire second strike potential. Dean has memorized the code, but before he could reach his contact point, he was caught. Senko Brobin, director of counterintelligence for all Eastern Europe, so far has not been able to break Dean or find the microcircuit. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to get Dean and the microcircuit out before he breaks. As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Dan."

- voice on tape

Vincent Deane is a jazz musician and undercover U.S. intelligence operative who has memorized the plans to a microcircuit code but was then captured and imprisoned. The IMF must get him out. Deane's interrogator, Brobin, has hooked Deane on drugs to try and break him using the withdrawl symptoms, unaware that the chip is concealed among some sugar cubes Deane had. Pretending to be Deane's wife, Cinnamon implicates Rollin as the real enemy agent. Brobin has Rollin captured and imprisoned,but Rollin manages to escape and tamper with Deane's drugs so that he goes into a coma. Briggs pretends to be a U.S. representative demanding Deane's body, so Brobin has it cremated to prevent a revealing autopsy. Barney and Willy switch out the dead Deane. Rollin then agrees to tell Brobin where the microcircuit is, knocks out the interrogator, and with the aid of two masks makes his escape.

Director: Joseph Pevney, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: Francis Lederer, Jacques Denbeaux, Lou Robb, Max Kleven, Joyce Easton, Kurt Kreuger, Eric Forst, Ivan Ivarson, Rico Cattani, Jill Gordon, Sharon Garrett

27.  The Traitor

April 15, 1967

"No classified material is taken from this room."

- Ambassador Brazneck

An American intelligence officer, Hughes, has defected to the enemy with the only copy of an encoded top-secret message. The IMF must get to him, get him out, discredit him, and recover the message before the enemy can get a cryptographer, Belson, to work on the message. Rollin takes Belson's place, and sets it up so that Ambassador Brazneck, in charge of Hughes, believes that Dan is going to buy the papers from someone in the embassy. Rollin-as-Belson works with Hughes to decode the message, then drugs him. Willy gets special agent Tina Mera, a contortionist and acrobat, into the embassy through a fake air duct. She uses a fake bed covering to make Hughes disappear, then break into the vault and get the real message. With Hughes out, Briggs picks up the fake message from someone pretending to be Hughes, who has disappeared from the embassy. Tina returns, plants money on Hughes, and removes the fake disappearing bed cover. Brazneck believes Hughes has betrayed him and Hughes flees.

Director: Lee H. Katzin, Writer: Edward J. Lakso

Guest starring: Eartha Kitt, Malachi Throne, Lonny Chapman, Frank Marth, Paul Sorenson, Socrates Ballis, Ed McCready, Walter Alzmann, Buzz Henry, Michael Rye

28.  The Psychic

April 22, 1967

"Good morning, Mr. Briggs. The man you are looking at is Alex Lowell, a promoter of several large investment trusts. A few weeks ago, Lowell's trusts gained control of a majority shares in Sud-Aero, a foreign company which manufactures some of NATO's secret defense hardware. He transferred the stock into his own name, then left for South America, out of our reach. We believe he intends to put Sud-Aero's secret patents up for sale to the highest bidder. An agent for an unfriendly country, Jan Vornitz, is likely the most interested customer. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to stop Lowell before he sells the patents and make sure he doesn't remain in control of the company. As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This record will self-destruct five seconds after the speaker has been replaced. Good luck, Dan."

- voice on tape

An investment promoter, Alex Lowell, gained control of manufacturer of NATO top-secret defense hardware and absconded to South America to sell them to an enemy powers. The IMF needs to recover the stock documents worth $80 mil. Cinnamon gets close to Lowell as a psychic who manages to prove herself accurate with her predictions thanks to IMF assistance. She then predicts that Rollin (as a gangster) will play against him, try to cheat, and lose. Lowell finds the fake cards that the IMF has planted. He goes through with the game, intending on cheating Rollin. He succeeds, but as Rollin is tossed out he secretly switches the stock documents with phonies thanks to a automated feeder arm, leaving Lowell with nothing but an unendorsed check for $80 milliion.

Director: Charles Rondeau, Writer: Allan Balter / William Read Woodfield

Guest starring: Barry Sullivan, Milton Selzer, Richard Anderson, Paul Mantee, Michael Pataki, Rita D'Amico, Eric Mason, Shep Sanders, Jay Ose

The marquee of the drive-in movie theatre that Briggs drives under in the opening shot says: Geller and Solow "Spend the Money". A reference to the executive producers of the show. This was Steven Hill's final appearance as Dan Briggs.


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