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"Good morning Mr. Phelps."

- W.J. Flywheel, Webporium Curator



1.  Break!

September 16, 1972

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. This man, Dutch Krebbs, controls the largest illegal gambling empire in the Southeast. Conventional law enforcement agencies are certain that undercover agent Fred Stenrock, known as Toledo, who was gathering information that would have led to a government indictment, was murdered by Krebbs and his lieutenant, Press Allen. At the time of his death, Stenrock was wearing a wristwatch camera, which we believe contained enough microfilmed information to smash Krebbs' empire. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to locate Toledo's body and recover that watch before the exposed film deteriorates. This tape was self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

Syndicate man Dutch Krebbs controls a large gambling operation and an undercover IMF agent with a camera-watch disappeared, presumably with recorded evidence against Krebbs. The IMF must find the agent's body and the watch. Jim poses as a pool player (being helped by Barney) to attract Krebbs' attention.

Director: Paul Krasny, Writer: Samuel Roeca / James L. Henderson

Guest starring: Carl Betz, Robert Conrad, Med Flory, Francine York, Allen Joseph, Robert Mandan, Robert Lee Woods, Eddie Robin, James Michael, Hal Needham, Larry Watson, Gail Bryant Cameron

Lynda Day George, who played Casey during the sixth season of the show, announced at the end of that season that she was pregnant. Although "Break" was the season opener for season seven, it was actually the fifth episode filmed, and the four episodes filmed beforehand have George (although in reduced roles). At the end of this episode, Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) tells Mimi Davis (Barbara Anderson) that Casey would be on "special assignments in Europe." Mimi was initially introduced as a guest character, brought in to get the goods on Krebbs, her former boyfriend. At the end of the mission she is asked to stay on as an IMF team member. George began her maternity leave with this episode, and Anderson would ultimately fill in for George in seven of the ten episodes that George missed. The explanation given to cover Lynda Day George's maternity leave was the only time that an IMF agent's absence was explained on-screen. Various regulars had departed or had had reduced roles over the years (including Steven Hill, who left after season 1; Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, who left after season 3; Leonard Nimoy and Lesley Warren who left after Season 5; and Peter Lupus, who alternated with Sam Elliot during much of season 5), but there was never any explanation given for their absences.

2.  Two Thousand

September 16, 1972

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. Joseph Collins, a brilliant nuclear physicist, has stolen fifty kilograms of plutonium from his former employer, enough to construct a dozen Hiroshima strength bombs. Collins has sold the plutonium to an unidentified foreign interest whose representative, named Haig, is to take delivery of it at noon day after tomorrow. Conventional law enforcement agencies have been unable to identify Haig or to locate the plutonium. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to recover the plutonium before it leaves this country. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

Joseph Collins, a nuclear physicist, steals plutonium and is going to sell it to a unidentified foreign interest through a man named Haig. The IMF must identify Haig and locate the plutonium, so they feed Collins fake news story about military action in the Middle East, then arrest him for murder and show him film of Los Angeles under attack before knocking him out. When he wakes up, for Collins its the year 2000, he's been unconscious for 28 years, and the state exterminates anyone at the age of 65...which Collins will be in two days. Desperate, he escapes from his cell and finds a secret meeting of military heads who are ready to surrender beacuse of their lack of nuclear material - Collins obligingly gives them the location of his cache.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson, Writer: Harold Livingston

Guest starring: Marvin Miller, Vic Morrow, David White, Mort Mills, Russ Conway, Harry Lauter, Don Diamond, Ivor Barry, Mark Tapscott, Barry Cahill, Jim Beach, Tom Pace, Lee Raymond, Dallas Mitchell, Marian Nichols

The featured location representing a bombed-out military facility, used to convince the villain that he was living in a war-ravaged America in the year 2000, was actually the former Olive View Medical Center in Sylmar, California. Built in 1970, it was irreparably damaged by an earthquake on February 9th, 1971, approximately a year and a half before this episode was filmed.

There are several isotopes of weapons-grade plutonium. The most commonly used variety, Pu-239 (mentioned by Collins), has a half-life of 24,000 years; others have half-lives as short as fourteen years. Based on 1970s nuclear technology, Collins' 50 kilograms is enough to make seven or eight Hiroshima-sized bombs, but could pose a lethal risk to anyone handling it. There were two problems with the staged nuclear strike. The first was the sound of the incoming missiles - ICBMs travel at supersonic speeds, meaning that they would reach their targets before the sound of their shock wave would arrive. The second was the flash and Collins' reaction to it. As a scientist working with weapons-grade fissionable material, he should have known that by the time the flash of a nuclear explosion reaches a viewer it is already too late to shield one's eyes.

3.  The Deal

September 30, 1972

The Syndicate plans to finance the head of the army's takeover of his country in return for the right to operate the country's vices. The IMF team must intercept the safe deposit key before it reaches the general. Willy replaces a crewman aboard the yacht, but can't find the key and is discovered. He is forced overboard, almost drowns, but escapes and helps warn the team. Jim, Barney and Mimi craft an elaborate plot to convince the bad guys' courier to reveal the location of the key.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson / George F. Slavin, Writer: Stephen Kandel / George F. Slavin

Guest starring: Lana Wood, Robert Webber, Van Williams, Lloyd Bochner, Robert Phillips, Lee Paul, Peter Leeds, Roberto Contreras, Paul Gleason, George Sawaya

At the time this aired, US $1,000 dollar bills had not been printed since 1945 and had officially been withdrawn from circulation for three years.

4.  Leona

October 7, 1972

In order to rescue a federal agent being tortured by criminals, the IMF create a conflict between the two leading organized crime bosses in the area: Mike Apollo and Joe Epic.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson, Writer: Howard Browne

Guest starring: Robert Goulet, Pippa Scott, Dewey Martin, Nate Esformes, William Boyett, Bruce Watson, Beverly Ralston, Dick Valentine, Will Kaluva

In production order, the last episode to feature Greg Morris wearing a mustache.

In production order, the last episode to feature Lynda Day George as Casey as the actress then departed to give birth to her child.

5TOD-5 (aka The Carrier)

October 14, 1972

A domestic terror group has sent one of their agents to pick up a container of a deadly biological weapon in a small desert town. But the IMF convinces him that he's already been exposed to the germ, and the military is sealing off the town to contain the leak.

Director: Lewis Allen, Writer: Ronald Austin / James D. Buchanan

Guest starring: Ray Walston, Ross Elliott, Michael Conrad, Peter Haskell, James McCallion, Peg Stewart, Owen Bush, Susan Brown

The recorded message for Phelps does not appear on the customary tape, but on a vinyl record played on an antique Victrola. The morgue set was later reused in the episode "Boomerang".

6.  Cocaine

October 21, 1972

"I can fix that pretty face so when you look in a mirror, you'll scream!"

- Joseph Conrad

Carl Reid, a Syndicate cocaine distributor, has as his chief supplier Fernando Laroca, and the two of them have created an undetectable series of pickup and payoff locations. They're planning a huge shipment in 72 hours and the IMF must stop them. The IMF set up Reid's lieutenant Conrad to take them to the cocaine, although even he doesn't know where it is. The IMF set up a fake new cocaine organization with Willy as a chemist with a machine that can manufacture cocaine. Conrad makes a deal with them to undercut his boss and sell the cocaine to three big buyers - the IMF steal the money and leave him with fake cocaine, so Conrad kills one of Reid's man to find the real shipment of cocaine - when he finds it the IMF move in and the police arrest everyone.

Director: Reza Badiyi / Harold Livingston, Writer: Harold Livingston

Guest starring: Gregory Sierra, William Shatner, Stephen McNally, Milton Selzer, Tol Avery, Miguel Ángel Landa, Annette Molen, King Moody, Barbara Darrow, Emile Beaucard, Charles Napier, Timothy Brown, James Essex, Bob Golden, Carol Henry

Lynda Day George's (Casey) absence is explained at the beginning to the team when Phelps says that she in Europe and has verified that the drug smugglers do not know the nightclub owner's appearance so Phelps can take his place. Barbara Anderson (Mimi) replaced George during her pregnancy.

7.  Underground

October 28, 1972

Gunther Schell, the brains behind many Syndicate operations, escaped with the aid of a gang specializing in smuggling criminals out of the country - the IMF must locate Schell and the millions in Syndicate money he hid. Jim goes in as a doctor wanted for murder with his cash hidden after Barney hypnotically programs him only to divulge the information they want.

Director: David Lowell Rich, Writer: Leigh Vance

Guest starring: Joseph Bernard, Peter Mark Richman, Robert Middleton, Jeff Morris, Dennis Cross, H.M. Wynant, John Stephenson, Carl Byrd, Herman Poppe, Robert Rhodes, Bill McKeever, Joe Hooker, Duffy Hamilton, George Wilbur, Ham Minn

Lynda Day George's character (Casey) is limited to being briefed at the beginning about the mission and driving a car at the end. Her role in the last season's missions are limited by her pregnancy.

8.  Movie

November 4, 1972

Crime boss Norman Shields runs an operation that has been infiltrating the entertainment industry. His latest takeover target is Pantheon Studios, where the brother of Shields' Syndicate financier, Theo Dane, is coming to take over the movie-making operation. Because Shields and Dane have never met, the IMF comes up with a plan to substitute Jim Phelps for Dane, and then make a movie dramatizing a notorious real-life murder - that was committed by Norman Shields.

Director: Terry Becker / Anthony Bowers, Writer: Stephen Kandel / Arthur Weiss

Guest starring: Joseph Bernard, Peter Mark Richman, Robert Middleton, Jeff Morris, Dennis Cross, H.M. Wynant, John Stephenson, Carl Byrd, Herman Poppe, Robert Rhodes, Bill McKeever, Joe Hooker, Duffy Hamilton, George Wilbur, Ham Minn

Lynda Day George's character (Casey) is limited to being briefed at the beginning about the mission and driving a car at the end. Her role in the last season's missions are limited by her pregnancy.

9.  Hit

November 11, 1972

Syndicate operative Sam Dexter has just been sentenced to a year in prison for income tax evasion. The IMF arranges for Barney to get close to Dexter while he is in prison and then arranges for Dexter to escape with Barney's assistance - all in the hope that a grateful and trusting Dexter will lead him to additional evidence of wrongdoing, allowing both Dexter and his former associates to be put away for good.

Director: Reza Badiyi, Writer: Douglas Weir

Guest starring: Dane Clark, Robert Reed, Frank Christi, Tony Young, Leonard Stone, Judson Pratt, Stack Pierce, Jan Peters, Barbara Rhoades

Lynda Day George's character (Casey) is absent for the mission and her replacement Mimi (Barbara Anderson) tells the IMF team in the opening that Casey in Europe has created a fake background history for her role as the friend of the murdered woman which was a way to explain her pregnancy leave of absence.

10.  Ultimatum

November 18, 1972

Rogue physicist Dr. Jerome Cooper informs the government that he has planted a 50-megaton bomb in a major American city, which he will detonate unless various members of Congress are replaced and American foreign policy changed to suit his wishes. With less than a day to locate the bomb, the IMF attempts to isolate Dr. Cooper in a rural area, hoping to convince him that the government is acceding to his demands in time to get him to reveal the location of the bomb.

Director: Harold Livingston / Barry Crane, Writer: Harold Livingston

Guest starring: Murray Hamilton, Madlyn Rhue, Donnelly Rhodes, Vince Howard, Fred Holliday, Judy Brown, Robert Legionnaire, Dale Tarter, Vic Vallaro, Flip Mark, Scott Allen, Robert Nash

This mission was the last appearance for Barbara Anderson (Mimi) who replaced Lynda Day George during her absence in the seventh season due to pregnancy.

11.  Kidnap

December 2, 1972

In a sequel to Season Six's "Casino," Jim Phelps is on vacation with Barney when he is recognized by one of the criminals that the IMF outfoxed in the earlier episode. Jim is held hostage while Barney is given an ultimatum: retrieve an incriminating letter from a safe deposit box that a former criminal intends to turn over to the authorities, or Jim Phelps will be killed. Barney enlists Casey and Willy to obtain the letter, but also has a plan to free Jim.

Director: Peter Graves, Writer: Samuel Roeca / James L. Henderson

Guest starring: John Ireland, Charles Drake, Geoffrey Lewis, Jack Ging, Marc Hannibal, Arline Anderson, Monty Margetts, Glenn Wilder, Chuck Hicks, Ed Gilbert, Gwil Richards

This was Peter Graves' second and final credit as a director. In this episode (in production order), Lynda Day George returns from her pregnancy to fill out the rest of the season.


12.  Crack-Up

December 9, 1972

Peter Cordel, a hitman and grandmaster chess player, has evaded capture - the IMF must bring him to justice and determine who in the Syndicate he works for. Using a hypnotic drug given by guest-agent Sandy, the IMF condition Cordel to blackout every time he is told "When in doubt, take a pawn." Then they set it up so it looks like he kills several people during his blackouts and have him awaken in a mental hospital where an IMF orderly stages an assault to make it look like Cordel's boss wants him dead.

Director: Arthur Weiss / Sutton Roley, Writer: Arthur Weiss

Guest starring: Ralph Johns, Michael Masters, Britt Leach, Bart La Rue, Arthur Franz, Stephen Roberts, Robert Kenneally, Earl Eby, Edward Knight, John Pickard, Cathleen Cordell, Marlyn Mason, Peter Breck, Alex Cord

Lynda Day George's character, Casey, was absent in several of the Season 7 missions due to her pregnancy. In most of the missions where Casey was absent, Mimi (Barbara Anderson) filled in. In this mission, however, Marlyn Mason (Sandy) was her replacement. There was no mention of Casey by the team at the mission's beginning.

13.  The Puppet

December 12, 1972

Crime boss Paul Ostro is reported to have suffered severe facial injuries in a hunting accident, and lies bandaged in bed at his estate. But the IMF suspects that Paul's brother Leo actually killed Paul and substituted a bandaged "puppet" in his place, to issue orders to the family's criminal subordinates, with Leo actually making the decisions. With the family reputed to be planning a new criminal enterprise involving over one hundred million dollars, the IMF's mission is to learn the family's new plan, which they hope to do by unmasking Leo's surrogate for his brother.

Director: Lewis Allen / Leigh Vance, Writer: Leigh Vance

Guest starring: Roddy McDowall, John Larch, Val Avery, Richard Devon, Joseph Ruskin, John Crawford, Lewis Charles, Ken Scott, Shirley Washington, Colin Male, Joe Haworth

Leo Ostrow shares his plan to counterfeit South African currency however when the printing plates are shown it clearly says "DOLLARS." South Africa has never used the term "dollar" as a name for its currency. In August 1958 the Rand replaced the pound in South African as legal tender. The Rand takes its name from the Witwatersrand ("Ridge of White Waters" in English), the ridge upon which Johannesburg is built and where most of South Africa's gold deposits were found.

14.  Incarnate

January 5, 1973

Hannah O'Connel rules over a Syndicate family, including her two sons who act as her lieutenants. Hannah masterminded the theft of a million dollars in gold bullion, and escaped to the Caribbean with her surviving son Thomas - Robert turned government witness but Hannah shot and killed him. The IMF must get her to return to the U.S. and recover the gold. The O'Connel's are set up in a house run by Casey and led to believe it's haunted by Robert and Hannah contacts shopkeeper Barney to arrange a voodoo exorcism. The results force Hannah to make a move for the gold giving up it's location.

Director: Barry Crane / Buck Houghton, Writer: Stephen Kandel / Buck Houghton

Guest starring: Solomon Sturges, Robert F. Hoy, Robert Hagan, Alex Rocco, Kim Hunter

The house where Mrs. O'Connel and her son stay was also seen in an earlier episode "Kitara". This house was Mr. Roarke's residence in Fantasy Island (1977).

Near the end of the episode as Barney (Greg Morris) struggles with Thomas O'Connel (Robert Hogan), he subdues him with a karate chop to the neck. The sound effect for this action, however, is still that of a punch thrown to the jaw.

During the teaser when one of the characters gets shot, the shadow of the boom microphone is clearly visible against the wall near the staircase, and is quickly swung out of the shot as he falls.

15.  Boomerang

January 12, 1973

Syndicate hood Johnny Vayle had planned to turn over incriminating documents on his underworld associates to the federal authorities when he was intercepted by his wife, Eve, and murdered. She informs Johnny's former associates that she has the documents and blackmails them into paying her off for the rest of her life. The IMF's job is to recover the documents, which the team plans to do by suggesting to Eve that her husband may still be alive.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson, Writer: Howard Browne

Guest starring: Laraine Stephens, Ronald Feinberg, Walter Barnes, Charles Guardino, Amzie Strickland, Jerry Jones, Charles Picerni, Richard Reed

Barney takes Eve Vayle to a morgue to view her husband's body. It is the same morgue that was used in the episode TOD-5.

At the beginning of the episode, Barney (Greg Morris), posing as a police officer, is writing down the license numbers of vehicles outside the house of Eve Vayle (Laraine Stephens). When shot from the front, Barney is standing next to a concrete lamppost on a sunlit street, between a dark brown car and a gray one. When the shot switches to a reverse angle from Eve's front door, however, he's suddenly standing on an overcast street between two black vehicles, and the lamppost is nowhere to be seen. Then the shot switches back to a front view as she approaches him, and he's back on a sunlit street.

Again, this is something you may not have noticed in 1973 watch on a smaller TV screen. The airplane's exploding scene shows a helicopter exploding. Even in that explosion, you can see that the helicopter does not actually explode.

16.  The Question

January 19, 1973

Nicholas Varsi, an enemy assassin, has been captured but claims to be a defector who will reveal his mission to a government agency, when he is guaranteed safe asylum. But the government agency may have been infiltrated by a deep-cover operative and Varsi may be selling fake information, so the IMF must verify if he really wants to defector.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson, Writer: Stephen Kandel

Guest starring: Gary Lockwood, Jason Evers, Elizabeth Ashley, Richard Van Vleet, George O'Hanlon, John Baer, Duke Stroud, Paul Ryan

Not all episodes are shown in the order they are filmed. Lynda Day George, Casey, was pregnant at the time of filming, and was not in this episode even though by January 1973 she had already finished her maternity leave and had returned to work.

When Andrea is carried out of the bedroom, studio set walls are visible above.

17.  The Fountain

January 26, 1973

Syndicate hood Thomas Bachman steals two incriminating computer reels, and also tries to kill his rival, Matthew Drake, with a bomb, but only manages to cripple him. Bachman is on the run and hiding in a village in Mexico from Drake, waiting for a hired pilot to take him to safety. Barney takes the pilot's place and then fakes a crash where he and Bachman stumble across the "Fellowship of the Golden Circle." Bachman discovers they have discovered a fountain of youth. When Drake's men catch up to him, he takes Casey along as proof of his claim and offers to return the records if Drake backs him in distributing the water. Casey ages and dies before their eyes, and Drake agrees so he can get a shot at the water's healing properties for himself. Bachman then leads Drake (and the IMF) to the hidden tapes.

Director: Barry Crane, Writer: Stephen Kandel

Guest starring: Ed Connelly, Carlos Rivas, Charlita, Pepe Callahan, Luke Askew, George Maharis, Cameron Mitchell

18.  The Fighter

February 9, 1973

The IMF's assignment is to undermine the Syndicate's involvement in the boxing world by driving a wedge between Joe Braddock, a no-nonsense hood, and Paul Mitchell, his more weak-willed partner, who had been honest before Braddock enticed him to become involved in the Syndicate. To do so, the IMF takes advantage of the budding romance between Mitchell's daughter, Susan, and one of Braddock's and Mitchell's contract boxers, Pete Novick.

Director: Paul Krasny / Orville H. Hampton, Writer: Stephen Kandel / Nicholas E Baehr

Guest starring: William Windom, Joe Maross, Geoffrey Deuel, Jenifer Shaw, Herbert Jefferson Jr., Walker Edmiston, Conrad Bachmann, Martin Ashe, William Benedict, Arline Anderson

Willy "gimmicks" Pete Novick's (Geoffrey Deuel) car by clipping tow alligator clips connected to a small box to a single insulated wire but does not add any mechanical devices yet Casey is able to control the steering and the brakes with a tiny remote control. Without something to turn the wheel or push on the brakes this is impossible.

19.  Speed

February 16, 1973

Sam Hibbing, a major Syndicate drug dealer, stole three tons of amphetamines from a chemical plant and hid the stash in a secret location and the IMF must get it before he sells it. The IMF substitutes Casey for Hibbing's rebellious, motorcycle-riding daughter, Margaret. This allows Jim Phelps to get himself close enough to Hibbing for to intercept the shipment.

Director: Virgil Vogel, Writer: Lou Shaw

Guest starring: Claude Akins, Jenny Sullivan, Ron Soble, Jesse Vint, David S. Cass Sr., Tom Winston, Dick Ziker, George Wilbur, Russ Grieve, Charles Bateman, Ross Hagen

This is the first episode in production order to feature Barney's mustache, as Greg Morris grew it for no particular reason.

This is also the first episode in production order since Linda Day George's pregnancy became noticeable. For most of the episode she is either in disguise as Margaret (when Jenny Sullivan plays her), or carefully blocked behind furniture.

Near the end of the episode, when Sam Hibbing (Claude Akins) pulls away from his house to try to intercept Jim Phelps (Peter Graves), first a large studio light and then the film crew is reflected in the driver's side of his car.

As the MI team's police officer approaches Casey's accident, a real SFPD officer can be seen in the background directing traffic away from the filming.

20.  The Pendulum

February 23, 1973

Gunnar Malstrom is one of the leaders of the Pendulum, a secret terrorist organization seeking to overthrow the United States government. The IMF is informed that the Pendulum is shortly planning a major attack on the government, code-named Nightfall. With no knowledge of other members of the Pendulum, the IMF lures Malstrom to the headquarters of a phony corporate conglomerate, where they learn bits and pieces of the plan -- but fail to uncover that the official who is supposedly the target of Nightfall has already been replaced by a Pendulum double.

Director: Lewis Allen, Writer: Calvin Clements Jr.

Guest starring: Dean Stockwell, Scott Brady, Frank Maxwell, Jack Donner, Leon Lontoc, Peter Mamakos, Jack Collins, Beverly Moore, Don Reid

This was the last episode of Mission: Impossible filmed (in production order) of the original series.

21.  The Western

March 2, 1973

"It wasn't you. It was the earthquake."

- Van Cleve

Van Cleve and his partner, Royce, robbed a museum of pre-Colombian artifacts - Cleve apparently killed his partner and has the artwork hidden somewhere in the U.S. and the IMF must find it and bring him to justice. To recover the treasure, the IMF make Cleve believe that he has begun to have precognitive visions and premonitions of a giant earthquake that will destroy a local dam, kill him, and engulf the treasure... unless he relocates it. Cleve flees to the desert where he has the art hidden and the IMF follow him to seize the artifacts. But Cleve's partner, Royce, is still alive and after the artifacts for himself.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson, Writer: Arnold Peyser / Lois Peyser

Guest starring: Ed Nelson, Michael Ansara, Barry Atwater, Frank Farmer, Don Gazzaniga, Joanna Cassidy, Troy Melton

The photo of Royce that Phelps looks at while listening to the taped recording is a picture taken of him from the first scene when Royce has his confrontation with Van Cleve. There would be no way Phelps could have such a photo.

22.  Imitation

March 30, 1973

"It wasn't you. It was the earthquake."

- Van Cleve

While being transported to the United Nations, the crown jewels of the nation of Marnsburg are stolen by criminal Jena Cole. Cole plans to sell the jewels for $3 million, and the IMF's assignment is to get them back. The team's plan is to have Barney gain her confidence by posing as the former cellmate of Cole's late brother. Meanwhile, the rest of the team tries to convince Jena that the jewels she has stolen were actually imitations.

Director: Paul Krasny, Writer: Edward J. Lakso

Guest starring: Pernell Roberts, Barbara McNair, Ray Ballard, Jack Bernardi, Lew Brown, Olan Soule, Alfonso Williams, Thalmus Rasulala, Charles McGraw, Oscar Beregi Jr

This was the last first-run episode to air for the original series. There was nothing different about this episode that made note of this.


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