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"Good morning Mr. Phelps."

- W.J. Flywheel, Webporium Curator



1.  Blind

September 10, 1971

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. Undercover agent Warren Hayes, assigned to gather evidence against the underworld empire of John Lawton, was recently blinded in the line of duty. Lawton's right hand man, Carl Deetrich, and his chief business advisor, Henry Matula, are bitter rivals, each hoping to succeed Lawton. Henry Matula is our man, infiltrated into the syndicate five years ago. Now he's in danger of being uncovered. Conventional law enforcement agencies are unable to protect him. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to preserve Matula's cover and to see that he is moved up in the syndicate organization. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

A doctor temporarily blinds Phelps in order for him to convincingly pose as an alcoholic, washed up, ex- federal agent who's eager to sell information identifying an FBI mole deep within an organized crime boss' inner circle. This was Lynda Day George's debut in the role of Lisa Casey

Director: Reza Badiyi, Writer: Arthur Weiss

Guest starring: Jason Evers, Tom Bosley, Harold J. Stone, Peter Brown, Robert Patten, Glenn Wilder, Calvin Chrane, Bob Golden

The taped voice refers to the crime boss played by Harold J. Stone as "John Lawson." Throughout the rest of the episode, everyone else refers to him as "Lawton." I guess they IMF'd the wrong crime boss.

2.  Encore

September 25, 1971

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. These men, Frank Stevens and Thomas Kroll, preside over a criminal empire that threatens to take over the entire northeast. Although they have been arrested many times, conventional law enforcement agencies have, thus far, been unable to provide evidence to convict them of any crime. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to put Kroll and Stevens out of business for good. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim. "

- voice on tape

Kroll and Stevens run the Northeast Syndicate and the IMF must bring them down. In '37 the two of them killed a rival mobster, hid the body, and killed the witnesses, so the IMF needs to get Kroll to lead them to the remains. They grab Kroll, drug him and cosmetically alter his appearance to make him look like he did in 1937. Then they dump him on a Hollywood set and convince him he is actually in 1937, on the day of the murder, and the rest of his life was just a dream.

Director: Paul Krasny, Writer: Harold Livingston

Guest starring: William Shatner, Michael Baseleon, Paul Mantee, James Daris, Sam Edwards, Janaire, Alex Gerry, Paul Bryar, Martin Ashe, William Benedict, Charles Picerni, Frank Orsatti

This was Sam Elliot's final appearance as Doug Robert. Harold Livingston, the writer, also wrote Star Trek - The Motion Picture starring William Shatner, who guest-starred here. The set of the western town at the end of this episode is the set of Bonanza's Virginia City.

A golden opportunity was missed in the scene where Willie pretends to be shot and Barney (as a police officer standing in front of Shatner) says to Phelps, "He's dead Lieutenant." Barney should have said the classic Star Trek line, "He's dead Jim!"

In the 1937 apartment the console radio presets show 'K' radio station call letters which would all be stations west of the Mississippi River. The setting is supposed to be New York City so the the station presets should all be 'W' radio station call letters. The first baseball game on the radio in the barber shop appears to be a game between the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics played on June 1st, 1971. The play-by-play mentioned a double by Joe Rudi, plus two strikeouts by Yankees starter Steve Kline and reliever Jim Hardin. The second game in 1937 appears to be between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Athletics with Bob Johnson of the As hitting a home run and with Bud Thomas being relieved by Lynn Nelson. The broadcast appears to be the Wednesday, June 30th, 1937 game which the Yankees won 5-1 even though the paper in barbershop has the date of June 9th.

3.  The Tram

October 2, 1971

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. These two underworld leaders, Vic Hatcher and Johnny Thorne, have called a meeting of syndicate leaders from around the country, at which Hatcher will propose the formation of a syndicate holding company, the first step in the construction of an underworld financial empire of enormous power to corrupt American business and return huge profits to the syndicate. So far, conventional law enforcement agencies have been unable to interfere with their operations. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to stop Hatcher and Thorne and put them out of business for good. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

Organized crime bosses from across the country are meeting at a secluded mountain lodge to form an off shore corporation that will launder their money, and allow them to make legitimate investments. The IMF have an afternoon to turn the crooks against each other, and get the number of the Swiss bank account containing $50 million in mob cash.

Director: Paul Krasny / Paul Playdon, Writer: Samuel Roeca / James L. Henderson

Guest starring: Victor French, Felice Orlandi, Richard Karlan, Sidney Clute, J. Duke Russo, Brett Parker, Allen Jaffe, Thomas A. Geas, Barry Cahill, Jon Shank, Pepper Martin, Richard Shelfo

Character actor Keenan Wynn was originally cast to play the part ultimately performed by 'Victor French' in this episode. Wynn was fired and French was substituted on one day's notice because Wynn met with director Paul Krasny the day before shooting began and insisted upon changes to the dialogue and script to which Krasny would not agree. Wynn later showed up at the studio with flowers and graciously apologized to Krasny.

4.  Mindbend

October 9, 1971

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. Alex Pierson, rising rapidly within the syndicate, has formed an alliance with Thomas Burke, a psychopathic genius in the field of behavioral psychology. It is believed that Burke is enlisting fugitives from the underworld who he, first brainwashes, then programs them to kill. These assassins have already committed three murders and killed themselves immediately afterward. Since there has been no opportunity to question them, conventional law enforcement agencies have been unable to get any incriminating evidence against Pierson and Burke. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to stop these murders and put Burke and Pierson out of action. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

Criminal mastermind Alex Pierson employs Dr. Burke who brainwashes fugitives to carry out political assassinations. Barney takes the place of the next fugitive to be used by Burke. But, when he can't take the drug to counteract Burke's procedure Barney succumbs to the brainwashing. In addition to completing the assigned mission, the IMF must now find their colleague who's somewhere in the city searching for his target.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Ronald Austin / James D. Buchanan

Guest starring: Leonard Frey, Donald Moffat, Dennis Cross, Rick Moses, Ann Willis, Ivan Naranjo, Bill Fletcher, Lee Duncan, Don Gazzaniga

5.  Shape-Up

October 16, 1971

Syndicate boss Delaney controls the waterfront and eliminates any potential witnesses - the IMF have 72 hours to bring him to justice before the grand jury closes. Barney infiltrates Delaney's waterfront organization and sabotages it, while Jim is a captain of a Norse ship, The Orion, on which Delaney once killed a man. Casey poses as the dead man's daughter and tries to implicate Delaney.

Director: Paul Krasny, Writer: Ed Adamson / Norman Katkov

Guest starring: Gerald S. O'Laughlin, Christopher Stone, Anthony Caruso, Lonny Chapman, Grace Albertson, Robert Mandan, Larry Watson, Buddy Lewis

Lt. Bill Orcott (Lonny Chapman) confronts Frank Delaney (Gerald S. O'Loughlin) for the first time as Delaney is getting into his car on the docks. After they speak for a moment as Delaney sits in his car, Delaney drives away and three large round studio lights and a member of the crew can be seen reflected in the passenger side of Delaney's car.

6.  The Miracle

October 23, 1971

Only two Syndicate men know where $8 mil in heroin will be arriving - narcotics dealer Alvin Taylor an his executioner, Frank Kearney. When Jim approaches Kearney to make a deal and he refuses, Willie "shoots" Kearney - Barney as a surgeon then operates providing a heart transplant and covertly uses drugs and hypnotism to make Kearney mild-mannered. Kearney can't bring himself to shoot Jim and hears on the radio about people taking on the traits of persons they received organs from - with the aid of new girlfriend, the church-hating Kearney finds out the man who donated a heart was a priest! Realizing he can't do his job and the Syndicate will wipe him out, Kearney leads Casey and the rest of the team to the beach where the heroin drop occurs.

Director: Leonard Horn, Writer: Dan Ullman

Guest starring: Joe Don Baker, Billy Dee Williams, Lawrence Montaigne, Ronald Feinberg, Lee Delano, John Gilgreen, Ollie O'Toole, Leon Russom, Rikki Stevens, Francine Henderson, Jim Malinda, Charles Picerni

After the phony murder attempt on Frank Kearney's life, a stock shot of an ambulance (from the Season One episode, "The Ransom") shows Kearney being taken to "Memorial Hospital." But shortly thereafter, a sign on what is supposed to be the hospital building says, "Mert County General Hospital."

7.  Encounter

October 30, 1971

Syndicate boss Frank Brady and his underling Martin Stoner are terrorizing Southwestern businessman, forcing them to partner with the Syndicate. The weakspot is Stoner's wife Lois, who has become an alcoholic under the pressures of her husband's work and Brady has ordered his man Dekker to kill her if it looks like she's going to talk. Casey has to take her place and make it appear that Stoner and Lois plan to betray Brady.

Director: Barry Crane, Writer: Howard Berk

Guest starring: Elizabeth Ashley, Lawrence Dane, Val Avery, William Smith, Virginia Gregg, Arline Anderson, Byron Mabe, Ken Scott, Renny Roker, Lauren Gilbert

8.  Underwater

November 6, 1971

Berlinger, a millionaire manufacturer and stolen gem dealer, will be transferring diamond to a Syndicate boss for $75 million. Only one man knows where the diamonds are - Hoffman, Berlinger's former lieutenant, who stole them. Berlinger is torturing Hoffman for their location. The IMF must get the gems and the money.

Director: Sutton Roley, Writer: Arthur Weiss

Guest starring: Fritz Weaver, Jeremy Slate, Robert Yuro, Demond Wilson, Mark Tapscott, Ed Deemer, John Lance, Allen Joseph

The dock seen near the end of this episode is the same one seen at the beginning and the end of the episode Mission: Impossible: The Miracle (1971) broadcast two weeks earlier in this season. It appears that Kent McCord (Adam-12) is one of the cops at the end of the show. He's not credited. Guest star Demond Wilson is best known as Lamont Sanford on the classic sitcom Sanford and Son (1972–1977).

9.  Invasion

November 13, 1971

"You are an enemy of the people."

- James Phelps

Defense Department analyst Whitmore Channing has stolen microfilm detailing temporary blind spots in the nation's Defense Early Warning system. The information will be picked up from an unknown dead drop in less than 24 hours. In order to locate the drop, the IMF convinces Channing that the enemy attack has already begun. But, they don't know about an assassin being sent to kill the spy before he can talk.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson, Writer: Samuel Roeca / James L. Henderson

Guest starring: Kevin McCarthy, Scott Walker, Ted Gehring, Lee Paul, Eric James, David Bond, James Essex, Conrad Bachmann, Roy Rowan

10.  Blues (aka Hard Rock)

November 20, 1971

Stu Gorman is a music-industry figurehead for the Syndicate. He and his financial expert, Belker, are taking control of the music industry and the IMF have to stop him. The IMF know that Gorman killed a witness, Judy, to keep her from testifying, so Barney auditions for Gorman using a song called "Judy's Gone Now" and claiming Judy had taped Gorman when he killed her, and he has the tape.

Director: Reza Badiyi / Howard Berk, Writer: Howard Berk

Guest starring: William Windom, Ed Flanders, Vince Howard, Alex Rocco, Bob Bralver, John Crawford, Gwenn Mitchell

This episode featured Greg Morris' singing debut on television. We are almost 100% sure that guest star Ed Flanders (St. Elsewhere) is NOT related to Ned Flanders of The Simpsons.

11.  The Visitors

November 27, 1971

The IMF must convince an aging communications tycoon, Edward Granger, to turn against his Syndicate backers. To do so, they plan to trick him into believing they're aliens who can grant him immortality. Appealing to Granger's interest in UFOs and his obsession with immortality, Jim, Lisa and Willy pretend to be aliens and convince him that they can give him immortality.

Director: Reza Badiyi, Writer: Harold Livingston

Guest starring: Tom McDonough, Frank Hotchkiss, Steve Forrest, Jack Donner, Gene Tyburn, Richard Bull, James Gavin


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12.  Nerves

December 4, 1971

Wendell Hayes, the brother of an imprisoned Syndicate enforcer, has stolen a canister of nerve gas and threatens to use it if his brother Cayman isn't freed - the IMF must stop him and recover the gas. Worse, the canister has a defective casing that Wendell is unaware of, and will release the gas in 43 hours. After Cayman dies of a heart attack in jail, the IMF are forced to have guest-agent Bill Williams take his place.

Director: Barry Crane / Henry Sharp, Writer: Henry Sharp / Garrie Bateson

Guest starring: Tyne Daly, Ron Masak, Christopher George, Paul Stevens, Rafer Johnson, Charles Bateman, Peter Kilman, Robert Broyles, Russell Thorson, Dick Ziker, Julie Ann Johnson, Hal Needham, Tony Brubaker

This episode features guest star Christopher, husband of series star Lynda Day George. They were married from 1970 to his death in 1983. George may be best known for his work on The Rat Patrol (1966–1968). His fatal heart attack stemmed from a 1967 mishap on the set of The Rat Patrol. While filming a chase scene, George's jeep flipped over, pinning the actor underneath the vehicle. George sustained a cardiac contusion, which never properly healed, and scar tissue subsequently developed. His brother, Nick George, appeared with his brother in The Rat Patrol episode: The Field of Death Raid (1968). In non Rat Patrol trivia, George is the uncle of Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune).

13.  Run for the Money

December 11, 1971

The IMF team play the sport of kings in order to stop a ruthless syndicate. The syndicate is looking to corner the off track betting market by violently disposing of their competitors, and any customers who happen to be in the way. But with Jim's plan the IMF is betting on his dark horse to win.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Edward J. Lakso

Guest starring: Richard Jaeckel, Herb Edelman, Valentin de Vargas, William Harmatz, Gene Otis, Charles Napier, Martin Golar, Walter Kelley, Ray Bianco

14.  The Connection

December 18, 1971

Reese Dolan is the new Syndicate heroin distributor on the East Coast. Dolan uses an island base off the coast of northwest Africa and is going to use it as a distribution point for heroin into the U.S - the IMF must identify his overseas opium source and get the evidence to convict him.

Director: Barry Crane / Edward J. Lakso, Writer: Ken Pettus / Edward J. Lakso

Guest starring: Anthony Zerbe, Joe Maross, Jeff Morris, Bruce Watson, Michael Lane, Francoise Ruggieri, Ed Bakey, Nate Esformes, Richard Angarola, Dick Ziker

Private jets such as the one used in "The Connection," typically cruise at altitudes of 30,000 feet and higher. The temperature at that altitude would be at least -30 degrees and the atmosphere would be far too thin to support life. Finch stowed away in an unheated and unpressurized access area. He would have been dead long before reaching their destination.

As part of the prep for making Dolan believe he is on a foreign island, Willy is seen changing the front license plate on a pickup truck from a Georgia plate to that of the island. The state of Georgia doesn't use front license plates - only rear plates.

15.  The Bride

January 1, 1972

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. This is Joe Corvin, one time syndicate killer and extortionist and now an expert in handling illegal money. Through Corvin, tens of millions of underworld dollars have been funneled out of the country and into Swiss banks, from there returned as foreign investments in American business. So far, conventional law enforcement agencies have been unable to stop Corwin's operations. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to put Corwin out of business for good. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

Former Syndicate killer Joe Corvin now launders illegal money, and kills his courier Anders when the man embezzles funds. Casey is infiltrated into Corvin's organization, taking the place of his mail-order bride. Corvin discovers she knows an airline employee (Jim) who can smuggle his money out of the country but when Jim bails out and Casey "dies," Corvin tries to use her corpse to smuggle out the funds.

Director: John Llewellyn Moxey, Writer: Jackson Gillis

Guest starring: James Gregory, Brad Dexter, Charles Dierkop, Douglas Henderson, Harry Raybould, Gwil Richard, Larry Duran, Rachel English, Woodrow Parfrey

16.  Stone Pillow (aka Big House)

January 8, 1972

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. The pictures are of Victor Vochek head of a powerful West Coast syndicate family and Larry Edison, a former private detective, who has been sentenced to prison. Vochek is suspected of murdering one Maurice Kroner, a police informant, six months ago. It is known that Edison holds a roll of film linking Vochek to Kroner's death, using it as blackmail. Conventional law enforcement agencies have been unable to locate this film and are helpless to proceed against the gang leader without it. Your mission, Jim, if you decide to accept it, is to learn where Edison's film is located and turn it over to the proper authorities. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

A private detective, Edison, has pictures incriminating Syndicate boss Vochek in a murder and is using them to blackmail the mobster. The IMF need to get the pictures to get Vochek convicted, but Edison has been convicted and is in prison for six months. Since Edison is unaware that his accomplice Leona is dead, Casey takes her role while Jim is Edison's cellmate and helps him to escape, then fake their deaths. Casey-as-Leona tells Edison she sent the evidence to the D.A. after she heard Edison was dead, and Jim convinces Edison she is keeping the pictures to pull off her own blackmail scheme.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson, Writer: Howard Browne

Guest starring: Bradford Dillman, Robert Ellenstein, Arthur Batanides, Brooke Mills, Tom Stewart, Harold Jones, Tom McDonough, Jock Gaynor, George Wilbur

The FBI "wanted poster" used to identify Larry Edison (Bradford Dillman) to Jim Phelps during the tape scene must have had pieces cut and pasted from at least two other real wanted posters -- although the name "Larry Edison" is used at the top, the wanted poster refers to someone named "Arrngton" and someone else named "Crowley" in other text at the bottom of the poster as if that text were about the person depicted.

The hypodermic syringe that supposedly contains a sedative that Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) uses to keep Larry Edison (Bradford Dillman) unconscious for an extended period of time after they escape from the prison is clearly labeled "Live Virus Vaccine."

17.  Image

January 15, 1972

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. For years, this man, Emil Gadsen, has controlled the largest vice operation in the northeast. Gadsen is about to flee the country to avoid a federal indictment, leaving his partner, Thor Coffin, in charge of the organization. The source of Gadsen's power is a secret list of public officials who are on his payroll. Gadsen plans to take the list with him and continue making payoffs from abroad. Conventional law enforcement agencies are unable to interfere. Your mission, Jim, if to decide to accept it, is to get that list so we can put Gadsen and Coffin out of business for good. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

Crime boss Emil Gadsen is about to leave the country with a list of corrupt politicians and law enforcement officers in his pay. Barney poses as a mystic who convinces Gadsen that his partner is out to eliminate him. However, he must also deal with Emil's practical minded son, Tony, who doesn't believe any of this nonsense.

Director: Don McDougall, Writer: Samuel Roeca / James L. Henderson

Guest starring: George Voskovec, Warren Stevens, Daniel J. Travanti, Del Monroe, Paul Marin, David Frank, Don Gazzaniga, George McCallister, Walter Burke, Dante Andreas

During the Tarot reading, Barney implies that the Death card literally means death, but in Tarot symbology it actually signifies change or transition, of which literal death is only one type.

18.  Committed

January 22, 1972

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. Harv Harrison is the Lieutenant Governor of this State and a puppet of underworld boss Leon Chandler, know on trial for murder. Chandler's alibi has been provided by the Lieutenant Governor. The chief witness against Chandler is this woman, Nora Dawson, who is in a state mental hospital where she is being systemically driven insane to destroy her credibility as a witness. Convention enforcement agencies have been unable to win Nora Dawson's release on legal grounds. Your mission, Jim, if you decide to accept it, is to deliver her in court in a mentally competent condition in time to testify against Chandler tomorrow. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

Nora Dawson is the only person willing to testify against underworld boss Leon Chandler. Chandler has used his political connections to have Dawson committed to a corrupt mental institution where she is being drugged to destroy her credibility. The team must rescue Dawson in time for her to testify against Chandler. Jim gets Casey committed and she is put in a room near Nora so they can make the switch and get Nora out.

Director: Reza Badiyi / Laurence Heath, Writer: Arthur Weiss

Guest starring: Anne Francine, Susan Howard, Alan Bergmann, Bert Freed, Robert Miller Driscoll, Geoffrey Lewis, James Sikking, Dean Harens, Jack Donner, John Howard, Paul Sorenson, Junero Jennings, Tom McDonough, Michael Regan, Larry Watson

19.  Bag Woman

January 29, 1972

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. For years, the syndicate has been operating openly in a western State through enormous bribes to a highly placed government official known to us only by his code name, C6. Conventional law enforcement agencies lost their only lead to his identity when Special Agent Jack Meloy was killed while on surveillance duty. We do know for certain that all organization payoffs for the area are handled by syndicate veteran Harry Fife and his chief button man, Leon Jenkins. Your mission, Jim, if you choose to accept it, is to learn the identity of C6 and get the evidence that will put him behind bars. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

The Syndicate is bribing a major politician, codenamed "C6", through their operatives Harry Fife and his chief killer Jenkins. The IMF must find out who C6 is and get the evidence against him. Barney takes Jenkins place while Casey becomes Royce. Fife gives Casey a bag of explosives to deliver to C6 to silence his payoff demands for good. Now Casey's handcuffed to a suitcase full of TNT meant to kill her and a politician on the take, and Barney is wounded when his cover is blown. Phelps must quickly improvise a scenario that will give him and Casey's location.

Director: Paul Krasny, Writer: Ed Adamson / Norman Katkov

Guest starring: Georg Stanford Brown, John Lasell, Russ Conway, Joe E. Tata, Lew Brown, John Wheeler, Glenn Wilder, Todd Martin, Victoria Hale, Robert Colbert

It's a time traveling Lincoln. When Willy is tracking Casey, he is driving a 1967 Lincoln. After Casey meets her contact, and Willy has the accident, he is in a 1963 Lincoln. In the next shot, it changes back to a 1967 Lincoln.

After Barney has been shot and is crouching while quickly moving through the estate, there are scenes from his perspective looking towards the house. In these scenes, the shadow of the cameraman and his camera are clearly visible on the bushes and shrubbery in the foreground.

20.  Double Dead

February 12, 1972

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. Conventional law enforcement agencies have been unable to interfere with the operations of these two men - Ollie Shanks and Rudy Blake, who run the loan shark racket in the islands for the syndicate. Now, they are about to transfer almost ten million dollars in profits to the mainland, thereby motivating the organization to set up additional projects in this new territory. Your mission, Jim, if you choose to accept it, is to discourage the syndicate from any future large scale expansion into the islands by getting possession of that ten million dollars and putting Blake and Shanks out of business for good. This tape will self destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

Shanks and Blake are Syndicate men who run the loan shark racket in the Islands and are preparing to transfer $10 million to the mainland, leading to the Syndicate expanding their operations there. The IMF must stop the Syndicate's expansion. In Hawaii the IMF's in-and-out operation goes bad when Willy is captured and turned over to Dr. Matier, who injects him with a near-lethal truth serum. To get Willy out and finish the mission, Casey approaches Shanks and drugs him into helping the IMF steal the $10 million, while Jim approaches Blake and claims to be a Syndicate man from the mainland.

Director: Barry Crane / Jackson Gillis, Writer: Jackson Gillis / Laurence Heath

Guest starring: Lou Antonio, Paul Koslo, Norman Alden, Vincent Beck, Irene Tsu, Wesley Lau, Maurice Marsac, Hank Brandt, Cynthia Lynn, Fred Krone

Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! Certain scenes from this episode used the living room and foyer set from The Brady Bunch (1969).

21.  Casino (aka Vacuum, Rumble)

February 19, 1972

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps. This man, Orin Kerr, runs one of the West's most popular resort cities for the syndicate, channeling millions of dollars into the underworld every year from unsuspecting tourists. Conventional law enforcement agencies could clean up the town if a bill presented by the Governor ending county control of gambling passes. Underground agent Mel Simpson was killed trying to gain evidence of the syndicate's involvement to place before the State Legislature. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to get that evidence in time to ensure passage of the bill. This tape will self destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."

- voice on tape

To persuade a casino operator to expose mob connections within the gambling industry, Jim frames him so the mob's rivalries and lethal management methods will do his talking. To get "inside" Willy plays a crooked Black Jack dealer for Jim and Casey, a pair of gambling addicts, while Barney heists the take with a collection of gadgets to die for.

Director: Reza Badiyi, Writer: Walter Brough / Howard Berk

Guest starring: Jack Cassidy, Richard Devon, Frank Christi, Eddie Ryder, Frank Farmer, Dee Gardner, Biff Elliot, Walker Edmiston, Joseph LaCava, Ervin Richardson

22.  Trapped

February 26, 1972

The impossible mission this time is to recover the multi-million dollar booty stolen by a family of smugglers. But when the action gets hot, Jim sustains a head injury and wakes up with amnesia and nothing but a fake ID to tell him who he is.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson / Rick Husky, Writer: Samuel Roeca / James L. Henderson

Guest starring: Bert Convy, Jon Cypher, Sharon Acker, Tom Tully, Rudy Solari, Brigid O'Brien, Walter Barnes, Arline Anderson, Charles Picerni, X Brands, Robert Ruth, Bob Golden

Lynda Day George performs the song "The Gentle Rain" in this episode (and that is her voice on the soundtrack). "The Gentle Rain" was also featured in the 1966 film of the same name in which she appeared, and during the filming of which she met her future husband, Christopher George.


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