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1The Night of the Bubbling Death

September 8, 1967

When Victor Freemantle, a dangerous revolutionary, steals the U.S. Constitution, agents James West and Artemus Gordon are sent by the government to the Panhandle Strip in Texas to recover it. West and Mr.Grigsby, a curator of the United States Archives, go to a secret underground hideout where Constitution is being held to verify the authenticity of the document. After determining that it is the genuine article, West and Grigsby are presented with Freemantle's demands: They are requested to cease negotiations with Mexico and the U.S. is to recognize the Panhandle Strip as a Sovereign enclave between the borders. A one-millon dollar ransom in gold must also be paid. As part of their agreement, Freemantle holds Grisby hostage until West returns. But West and agent Artemus Gordon decide to ignore the demands and rescue the Constitution themselves by infiltrating Freemantle's castle; Gordon disguises himself as a whiskey salesman and West hides underneath his wagon.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: David Moessinger

Guest starring: Madlyn Rhue, Harold Gould, William Schallert, Val Avery

2.  The Night of the Firebrand

September 15, 1967

On a mission for President Grant, agent West travels to Fort Savage to meet with a Major Jason and help prevent a revoloution in Canada that outlaw Shawn O'Riley has plans to incite. At the fort, West reads a description of O'Riley and realizes too late his striking resemblance to Major Jason. O'Riley announces that he now controls the fort and is holding the real major and his men captive. Meanwhile, Gordon has gone under cover to learn the details of the revolution. He arrives at West's side just as his partner is trapped on wrong side of O'Riley's gun.

Director: Michael Caffey, Writer: Edward J. Lakso

Guest starring: Lana Wood, Pernell Roberts, Len Wayland, Paul Prokop, Russ McCubbin, Zack Banks, Paul Lambert

3.  The Night of the Assassin

September 22, 1967

As United States and Mexican border relations are becoming stained,West and Gordon disrupt an assassination attempt on the Mexican President. While returning the captured assassin to Texas,they are fired upon by Mexican soldiers who are led by the merciless Colonel Barbossa. The assassin,just before he is captured,is given a pill by Gordon that makes him appear dead. Then Gordon,disguised as a priest in a wagon,goes to the prison to pick up the dead prisoner.

Guest starring: Robert Loggia, Donald Woods

4.  The Night Dr. Loveless Died

September 29, 1967

The agents travel to Hayes City to identify the body of their archnemesis, Dr.Loveless. While there, they meet up with Miguelito's next of kin, Dr.Liebknicht, a Swiss neurologist. However, as they pursue the origin of a key found on the body, they find that Loveless is hardly dead and has plans to use his neurologist guise to give Jim a lobotomy!

Director: Alan Crosland Jr., Writer: Henry Sharp

Guest starring: Michael Dunn, Susan Oliver, Anthony Caruso, Robert Ellenstein, Jonathan Hole, Chubby Johnson, Peter Hale, Lew Brown, Deborah Lee, Marty Koppenhafer

5.  The Night of the Jack O'Diamonds

October 6, 1967

James and Artemus arrive in Mexico with a present for the Mexican president-a beautiful Arabin horse. Within minutes of their arrival,however,the horse os stolen by a group of outlaw babdits.Our heros must battle the hot mexican desert to get the horse back before the outlaw Mexican ary beats them to it.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Denne Bart Petitclerc

Guest starring: Frank Silvera, Mario Alcalde, James Almanzar, David Renard, Rico Alaniz, Louis Massad, Ref Sanchez, Marie Gomez

6.  The Night of the Samurai

October 13, 1967

The U.S. State department is about to return a valuable samurai sword to its rightful owner,a Japanese prince,when it is stolen by an group of sword-wieding assailants. Jim and Artemus must located the sword and return it to the prince before he leaves the next afternoon,or risk damaging U.S.-Japan relations.

Guest starring: Thayer David, Khigh Dhiegh, Irene Tsu

7.  The Night of the Hangman

October 20, 1967

During a stopover in a small Kansas town, the agents become involved in a murder investigation. After a man is found guilty and sentenced to hang, the agents uncover valuable information that points in an entirely different direction. Of course, this information puts our agents into quite a bit of danger, but, as we know, they can handle themselves relatively well in these sorts of situations.

Director: James B. Clark, Writer: Ron Silverman / Peter G. Robinson

Guest starring: Paul Fix, Charles Lane, Harry Dean Stanton, Carolan Daniels, Martin E. Brooks, Sarah Marshall, Jesslyn Fax, John Pickard, Gregg Palmer, Anna Capri

8.  The Night of Montezuma's Hordes

October 27, 1967

An ancient Aztec map leading to the lost treasure of Montezuma is discovered in Mexico and points to a location in Texas. In order to ensure that a diplomatic incident does not ensue,West and Gordon team up with Colonial Sanchez of Mexico and a noted archeologist in a dangerous trip across the Texan desert in search of the treasure.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Max Ehrlich

Guest starring: Ray Walston, Jack Elam, Edmund Hashim, Roland La Starza, Hal Jon Norman, Roy Monsell, Eddie Little Sky, Carla Borelli, Ludmila Alixanova

9.  The Night of the Circus of Death

November 3, 1967

Counterfeit money is appearing in an area around Denver in sufficient quantities to undermine the U.S. enconomy. West and Gordon attempt to track down the source of the fake currency before it's too late.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Arthur Weingarten

Guest starring: Philip Bruns, Joan Huntington, Arlene Martel, Paul Comi, Arthur Malet, Florence Sundstrom, Dort Clark, Morgan Farley, Judi Sherven, Merri Ashley, Sharon Cintron, Ernie Misko, Barbara Hemmingway, John Armond

10.  The Night of the Falcon

November 10, 1967

James West and Artemus Gordon help evacuate the town of Tonka Flats before it is destroyed by a cannon shell. Afterwards, they are notified that a man identified as "The Falcon" has threatened to obliterate Denver unless the U.S. government pays him $1,000,000. "The Falcon" is also in cahoots with syndicate leaders from Turkey, Spain, Prussia and England. During their investigation, Gordon is threatened by a whip-wielding Spaniard named Munez who suspects Gordon knows too much about the top secret weapon. West rescues Gordon from Munez, who is then killed by an explosive meant for the two agents. While searching Munez's body, West and Gordon find an invitation from "The Falcon". Gordon, disguised as Munez, prepares to attend the meeting while West attempts to penetrate the stronghold where the cannon is housed.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Robert E. Kent

Guest starring: Robert Duvall, Ted Knight, Lisa Gaye, Kurt Kreuger, John Alderson, Joseph Ruskin, George Keymas, Gene Tyburn, Lynn Wood, Michele Tobin, Michael Shea, William Phipps, Warren Hammack

11.  The Night of the Cut-throats

November 17, 1967

Something is happening in the small town of New Athens. residents are leaving in droves, scared off by a band of seedy cut-throats gathering just outside the town limits. And then there's Michael Trayne, back in town after three years in jail. Can Jim and Arte figure out what's happening and save the town before everyone leaves permanently?

Director: Alan Crosland Jr., Writer: Edward J. Lakso

Guest starring: Beverly Garland, Bradford Dillman, Jackie Coogan, Walter Burke, Shug Fisher, Eddie Quillan, Harry Swoger, Lou Straley, Quentin Sondergaard, Sharon Cintron, Marilyn Hare

12.  The Night of the Legion of Death

November 24, 1967

West and Gordon take on the power-crazed secretary to a Territorial Goveror. The secretary controls the Governor and has plans to take over the US Goverment and the Presidency as well. To make things more difficult, his Black Legion troops do not take kindly to the two agents interferring.

Guest starring: Donnelly Rhodes, Anthony Zerbe


13.  The Night of the Turncoat

December 1, 1967

The stress of Secret service work appears to be finally getting to Jim as his temper flares and he makes mistakes. As West is being recruited by some member of the underworld who seeks to capitalize on his misfortune, Artemus and Conel Richmond struggle to find out exactly who, for what,and why.

Director: James B. Clark / Ron Silverman, Writer: Leigh Chapman

Guest starring: Marj Dusay, John McGiver, Ron Brogan, Frank Cappiello, Dick Cangey, Fredrick Combs, Jim Driskill, Kay Cousins, Richard Karie, David Frank, George Sperdakos, John Armond, Noel Swann, Andy Davis, Bebe Louie

14.  The Night of the Iron Fist

December 8, 1967

At the request of the Bosnian government, Count Draja is to be turned over for extradition. Learning of a plot to free the Count, Jim and Arte make plans to see that Draja reaches his destination. While Jim escorts Draja through 100 miles of no-man's land, they'll all meet up in Buffalo Springs-but there is the little matter of the $500,000 the Count hid somewhere in the U.S.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Ken Pettus

Guest starring: Craig Shreeve, Fred Stromsoe, Wayne Heffley, Troy Melton, Mark Lenard, Lisa Pera, Bill Fletcher, James Gavin, Red West, Jerry Laveroni, Wilhelm Von Hamburg, Bo Hopkins, Ross Hagen, Ford Rainey, Whitey Hughes

15.  The Night of the Running Death

December 15, 1967

Agent James West attempts to rescue a man called Mr. Markham from a masked assailant who flees the scene of the crime. As Markham lays dying, he utters two words-"enzo" and "silver". Meanwhile, Agent Artemus Gordon has joined a troupe of entertainers traveling to Denver under the leadership of casino operator Kohner. Gordon,who is posing as a Shakespearean actor, learns that a man called Enzo has a girl friend, Topaze. She is a dancer with the troupe,probably working under an assumed name,and is on her way to meet Enzo in Denver. Dierdre, a dancer, attempts to pass some information to West but a jealous Kohner interrupts them and engages the agent in a fight with him and El Bardhoom,a huge weight lifter. Later, Artemus hears a strange voice of Markham's masked Killer. When West goes to meet Dierdre at midnight,he discovers that she too been slain by unseen assailant.

Director: Gunnar Hellström, Writer: Edward J. Lakso

Guest starring: T.C. Jones, Jason Evers, Maggie Thrett, Whitey Hughes, Karen Arthur

16.  The Night of the Arrow

December 29, 1967

Strong Bear's Sioux Indians are making noises about breaking the peace treaty. President Grant's first three messengers failed to return from meetings with the Indian leader; now it's up to Jim and Artemus to find Strong Bear and to keep peace in the territory.

Director: Alex Nicol, Writer: Leigh Chapman

Guest starring: Jeannine Riley, Robert Phillips, Robert Wilke, Frank Marth, Roy Engel, Logan Field, Paul Sorenson, Lew Brown, William H. Bassett, William Massey, Venita Wolf, William Callaway, Frank Cappiello

17.  The Night of the Headless Woman

January 1, 1968

On a dusty Californian trail,Jim and Artemus intercept a stagecoach whose driver has been hired to smuggle boll weevils. Quickly theorizing that someone is trying to destroy the country's cotton crop,they set out to find the mastermind of the operation and destroy his distribution system before his plan succeeds.

Director: Alan Crosland Jr., Writer: Edward J. Lakso

Guest starring: Theodore Marcuse, Dawn Wells, Richard Anderson, John McLiam, Steve Mitchell, Harry Lauter, Quent Sondergaard, Don Rizzan, Pepe Callahan, Marlene Tracy, Sandra Wells, Marina Ghane, Lou Straley

18.  The Night of the Vipers

January 12, 1968

The Vipers are a gang of ruthless crooks who have been looting a string of Kansas towns,robbing banks and killing citizens. They even robbed the Cottonwood bank while James West was trying to convice the sheriff of the danger. Now the trail leads to Freedom,Kansas,where Jim and Arte must stop the Vipers before the Vipers stop them.

Director: Marvin Chomsky

Guest starring: Nick Adams, Whitey Hughes, Sandra Smith

19.  The Night of the Underground Terror

January 19, 1968

During Mardi Gras West is grabbed by Major Hazard: the leader of a gang of crippled Civil war soldiers seeking revenge on the camp's commandant, Mosely. Jim reluctantly agrees to help them, only to have Mosely taken from him by the soldiers. He tracks them to the abandoned camp, where it turns out that Hazard and his men aren't crippled. They were in league with Mosely, who stole a shipment of gold and hid it. Mosely double-crossed Hazard and his men, so now they want the gold. Thanks to a diversion by Artie (as a geologist who can find gold with a divining rod), Jim escapes and in the ensuing fight, Hazard is killed when the gold falls from its hiding place: the camp's water tower.

Director: James B. Clark, Writer: Max Hodge

Guest starring: Nehemiah Persoff, Sabrina Scharf, Jeff Corey, Dick Cangey, Whitey Hughes, Jerry Laveroni, Louise Lawson, Terry Leonard, Gregg Martell, Red West

20.  The Night of the Death Masks

January 26, 1968

An escaped murderer plots a bizarre scheme against agent James West, the man who had imprisoned him several years earlier. Attacked and knocked unconscious, West awakens in a stange deserted town filled with assailants wearing masks in the likeness of Stark. Gordon searches for his lost partner and soon finds himself in a similar predicament. West and Gordon must avoid deception to find and take out the real Stark.

Director: Mike Moder

Guest starring: Patricia McCormack, Milton Selzer, Chuck Courtney, Holly Bane, Sam Edwards, Bobbie Jordan, Bill Quinn, Louis Quinn, Judith McConnell

21.  The Night of the Undead

February 2, 1968

West and Gordon become involved with a voodoo ceremony and the walking dead as they try to track down a missing scientist.

Director: Marvin Chomsky, Writer: Calvin Clements Jr.

Guest starring: Hurd Hatfield, Priscilla Morrill, Hal Dewindt, David Fresco, Roosevelt Grier, Rush Williams, Dick Cangey, Joan Delaney, John Zaremba, Marvin Brody, Alvenia Bentley, Joseph Perry, Kai Hernandez

22.  The Night of the Amnesiac

February 9, 1968

A stage coach carrying the western states entire supply of smallpox vaccine is attacked and the drug stolen. Furman Crotty, a convicted criminal serving time in Leavenworth, is demanding his release from jail with a full pardon and a ransom for the safe return of the drug. While Jim West, injured in the attack on the stage, struggles with amnesia, Artemus tries to find both his friend and the drug before a full-scale epidemic hits.

Director: Lawrence Dobkin, Writer: Leigh Chapman / Robert Bloomfield

Guest starring: Sharon Farrell, John Kellogg, Kevin Hagen, Gil Lamb, George Petrie, Johnny Jensen, Jim Nolan, Jack Rigney, Jerry Laveroni, Sebastian Tom, Edward Asner

23.  The Night of the Simian Terror

February 16, 1968

A visit to the plantation of a US Senator reveals a myterious family past that intersects with a doctor infamous for his experiments with apes. The agents are lucky enough to arrive just as the Senator's forgotten giant son and his friend, a giant ape, are rampaging through the plantation.

Director: Michael Caffey

Guest starring: Richard Kiel, Dabbs Greer, Grace Gaynor

24.  The Night of the Death Maker

February 23, 1968

An attempt to assassinate President Grant is foiled at the last minute by West and Gordon. However,there seems to be more going on than a simple assassination,as the weapon used in the attempt was one stolen in recent raids on government and territorial armories. The President refuses to cancel a trip to Dever,leaving Jim and Artemus only 36 hours to uncover who is responsible and stop them before it's too late.

Director: Irving J. Moore, Writer: Robert E. Kent

Guest starring: Wendell Corey, Angel Tompkins, Arthur Batanides, Roy Engel, Nicky Blair, Michael Fox, Charles Lampkin, Joe Lansden, Britt Nillsson, Gale Warren, J. Pat O'Malley


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