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"Now in living color."

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1.  Happy Anniversary

September 12, 1966

"How does thou wish to die?"

- The Blue Djinn

In the first color episode, (the first season was later colorized for reruns and DVD releases) we learn Tony and Jeannie have been together one year but are no closer to marriage. Jeannie causes Tony's latest space mission to crash-land on the same island of their first meeting. Tony comes upon (guess what) another genie bottle, but this time, it doesn't have a beautiful woman inside. It has the evil Blue Djinn, the man who imprisoned Jeannie in her bottle 2,000 years earlier. Tony and Jeannie try several methods to defeat the Blue Djinn. At one point, Tony turns on the television and uses images of violence (from TV newscasts) to frighten Djinn into defeat, but that plan falters when unexpected visitor Roger blabs. After Tony and Jeannie finally defeat Djinn (by luring him into a vacuum cleaner and throwing it to the bottom of the ocean), the two enjoy a peaceful anniversary dinner... on the same island where they met one year earlier.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Michael Ansara

In the first broadcast color episode of the series, the desert island is recreated on a studio backlot and Barbara Eden's then-husband, Michael Ansara, is introduced as the Blue Djinn.

This was the first episode to feature the theme song that would last until the shows finale.

When Blue Djinn was seen arriving at the shore of the deserted island, a reflection of a set of buildings was seen behind him of what was suppose to be a vast ocean as far as the eye could see.

When the Blue Djinn comes out of the ocean much of the blue paint has been washed off.

2.  Always on Sunday

September 19, 1966

"Jeannie you can't stop time."

- Major Anthony Nelson

"Oh, but you are wrong Master. I already have."

- Jeannie

Jeannie thinks that Tony has been working too hard and decides to give him (and the world) a break by making every day Sunday.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

When Jeannie & Tony are in the attic after Dr. Bellows goes downstairs, Jeannie blinks a sweater she was making on Tony. In one shot the sweater is purple with no button on his right side collar. But when she blinks the sweater fully finished in the next shot, the sweater is a deep blue/indigo color & you see a black round button on the right side of the collar.

When Major Healy comes in and finds Dr. Bellows laying on the couch the door doesn't fully close behind him then after some close up shots it has been closed.

3.  My Master, the Rich Tycoon

September 26, 1966

"It makes me feel so good to see you do it to somebody else."

- Doctor Bellows

One morning while Tony is shaving there comes a knock at his door, and Jeannie answers it dressed in ordinary clothes. A man enters identifying himself as Harry Huggins and he has an appointment to see Tony. Jeannie tell's him that she is Major Nelson's Housekeeper. When Huggins scoffs at her master's taste in furniture, Jeannie makes several valuable works of art appear making Tony appear very rich. Unfortunately, Huggins is from The Internal Revenue service and now Tony has some explaining to do.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Paul Lynde

Harry Huggins, actor Paul Lynde, plays Uncle Arthur on Bewitched. I dream of Jeannie was created and produced by Sidney Sheldon in response to the great success of rival network ABC's Bewitched series, which had debuted in 1964.

Doctor Bellows tells Harry Huggins that Major Nelson made it snow on him, but that didn't occur until the next episode, "My Master, the Rainmaker" which originally aired a week later.

4.  My Master, the Rainmaker

October 3, 1966

"Jeannie, why didn't you stop the rain when you left?"

- Major Anthony Nelson

"Rain? Oh... Four Corners! I left the water running!"

- Jeannie

When Jeannie and Tony decide to go on a picnic, it starts to rain and Jeannie blinks making it sunny again. Tony is then amazed that Jeannie can control the weather so he inadvertently wishes it could snow. When Jeannie makes it snow Dr. Bellows arrives rousing his suspicion that Tony can somehow control the weather.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

The snow that falls on Colonel Bellows is obviously fake. The flakes are much too large, they fall off of him much too easily, and it never melts even after he has been inside for several minutes.

5.  My Wild-Eyed Master

October 10, 1966


- Major Anthony Nelson

Tony has recently failed an eye test that determines whether he goes up into orbit or not and when he goes to retake the test next day Jeannie tries to help him by giving him better perfect eyes. But, things go wrong with the spell and she gives Tony x-ray vision.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

When Major Nelson can see through the wall of the exam room, he sees into a conference room next door, with a "PRIVATE" sign on the inside of the door. Such a sign should be on the outside of the door leading into the room, not on the inside of the door leading into the corridor.

6.  What's New, Poodle Dog?

October 17, 1966

"Major, you are tring to do it to me again."

- Doctor Bellows

Roger plans to set up a double date with Tony and two attractive girls which Jeannie is not too happy about. To keep Roger from carrying out his plan she turns him into a poodle. Later Roger gets captured and taken to the dog pound and Tony goes to rescue him but ends up buying the wrong dog.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

The character portrayed by Dick Wilson in this 1966 episode is named Mr Wimple. Dick Wilson portrayed the similarly named grocer, Mr Whipple, in advertisements for the Charmin brand of toilet paper from 1964 until 1985. His character's name in this episode is likely a nod to his famous TV commercial character.

When Tony rescued Roger (turned into a French poodle by Jeannie) from being sent to space, and he asks him/it (Roger) about some data about a mission, the dog's barking is heard but the dog does not bark.

7.  Fastest Gun in the East

October 24, 1966

"Master why would they want to wrestle their cattle?"

- Jeannie

When Tony wishes that he had lived in the Old West Jeannie blinks her Master back into the past as marshal of Gopher Gulch, a town plagued by rustlers.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Hoyt Axton, Stephanie Hill, Whit Bissell, Eddie Firestone

This was the first episode of season two to be filmed, and thus the first episode in color.

This episode sends Tony to the Wild West. Robert Conrad, who was the star of The Wild Wild West, auditioned for the part of Tony and was seriously considered. The Wild Wild West and I Dream of Jeannie both premiered in 1965.

When Tony is in the street during the quick draw scene there is a visible building and tower transmitter on the hill in the distance.

8.  How to Be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons

October 31, 1966

"Kind of a Doctor Spock of bringing up genies."

- Major Roger Healey

A well-meaning Jeannie has tried her best to please Tony, but her magic continues to cause problems. Roger suggests that Tony have Jeannie study Tales of Arabian Nights, claiming it will teach her how to properly use her gifts. Without any hesitation and despite Jeannie's objections, Tony tells her to study the book. And just why does Jeannie object? Because Tales of Arabian Nights is actually a guide book on how to torture mean masters.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

When Jeannie first reads out of "Arabian Nights", the book Tony gave her as a gift to study, she reads "and the genie bowed low & said to Aladdin, my wish is your command". When in fact it should say, "your wish is my command.

9.  Who Needs a Green-Eyed Genie?

November 7, 1966

"This is matter of life or death!"

- Major Roger Healey

Jeannie catches Tony as he is about to meet old friend Charlie Suzy. Jeannie suspecting that he might be going to see another woman locks him up all night in a cage. The next morning someone calling himself Charlie Suzy calls and an embarrassed Jeannie begs Tony for forgiveness. Tony goes out later that night to meet an old girlfriend named Joan, who happens to be married to a mobster who has just escaped from prison.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Joan Patrick, Ted de Corsia, Orville Sherman

10.  The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (Part 1)

November 14, 1966

11.  The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (Part 2)

November 21, 1966

"I have never had a birthday party Master."

- Jeannie

Jeannie is unhappy because she doesn't know the date of her own birthday and as a result begins to fade away. Tony and Roger use the NASA computer (called Eric) to figure out Jeannie's date of birth. Roger is the first to know the date when Eric finishes it's calculations, but before he has a chance to tell Tony the date, Dr. Bellows sends him to Alaska.

Director: Claudio Guzman. Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Larry Gelman, Bart Greene, Bart Greene, Diane Stanton

In episodes #2.10 through #2.13 Jeannie wanted to know her birthday. The Show had a contest to guess it. It started with The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (#2.10) and was revealed in My Master the Great Caruso (#2.13): Jeannie was born on April 1st, 64 BC (which makes her 2029 years old).

Jeannie had already given a date of July 1st, 21 B.C as her birthday in the first season episode "G.I. Jeannie".

12.  How Do You Beat Superman?

November 28, 1966

"Master is football more important to you than I am?"

- Jeannie

"Of course not, that's like comparing oranges and lemons."

- Major Anthony Nelson

"And I'm the lemon?"

- Jeannie

Jeannie feels that Tony is not paying enough attention to her because he is too preoccupied with football so she conjures up a millionaire suitor named Tony Millionaire to make her inattentive master jealous.

Director: Claudio Guzman. Writer: Sidney Sheldon

The title references the character of Superman who was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. He first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938 and has become an American icon and prototype for all subsequent superheroes. Larry Hagman (Tony Nelson) later made a cameo appearance as another major in Superman (1978).

13.  My Master, the Great Caruso

December 5, 1966

"I suppose you have some explanation for this boat being in your living room."

- Doctor Bellows

"Yeah, well, it was too big for the bedroom."

- Major Anthony Nelson

Tony tells Jennies that each year the Air Force puts on a TV talent show with contestants from each base. Jennies insists that Tony enter since they need a trophy for the mantle. Tony claims he doesn't have any talent and Jennies fixes that problem giving him the equivalent of Enrico Caruso's operatic singing voice. Knowing he can't go around suddenly singing like Caruso Tony makes Jennies promise to never give him Caruso's voice again but it's too late, General Paterson has already heard about Tony's great singing voice and enters him in a talent show.

At the end of the episode, Jeannie finally discovers her birth date. This was part of a nation wide promotional "Guess Jeannie's Birthday" contest that ran through episodes #2.10 to #2.13. Jeannie was born on April 1, 64 BC, which makes her 2029 years old (she doesn't look a day over 2024).

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Arthur Peterson, Frank De Vol

The title refers to the famous Italian tenor Enrico Caruso who performed throughout Europe and American in the late 19th and early 20th century who helped promote the home sales of records with his extraordinary voice and career that include over 800 appearances at the New York City Metropolitan Opera House.

14.  The Greatest Lover in the World

December 12, 1966

"My husband talks about you night and day!"

- Amanda Bellows

Feeling sorry for a dateless Roger, Jeannie arranges for every woman to fall instantly in love with him at first sight, including his secretary, who happens to be a mobsters girlfriend, and Mrs. Bellows. There must be a lot of mobsters in Coco Beach. Tony's ex-girlfriend was married to a mobster in episode 2.9.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Emmaline Henry, Julie Gregg, John Milford

At the beginning when Major Healey is on the phone he says, "no, I'm the short, cute, dark haired astronaut", when describing himself on the phone. Actually actor Bill Daily (Major Healey) is 6'0" which is tall as compared to the average height of 5'9" for a male. The Mercury program that ran from May 1961 to May 1963 required astronauts to be less than 5 feet 11 inches. The height limit was a function of the design of the Mercury spacecraft, which could not accommodate someone taller. Stock footage of the Mercury spacecraft was used in the series yet neither Major Nelson or Major Healey could have fit inside. Project Gemini started in 1961 and concluded in 1966 and astronauts had to be 6 feet 0 inches (1.83 m) or less in height. Major Healey would qualify to fly the Gemini spacecraft but Major Nelson (Larry Hagman) was slightly over 6' (1.85 m).

This is Emmaline Henry's first appearance as Amanda Bellows.


15.  Jeannie Breaks the Bank

December 19, 1966

"I am ready for the Cocca Beach Bank Master."

- Jeannie

"Yes, but is the Cocca Beach Bank ready for you?"

- Major Anthony Nelson

Tony draws the authority's attention when Jeannie puts three million dollars into his bank account because he is a under-paid astronaut.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Emmaline Henry, Julie Gregg, John Milford

Second season episodes seven and fifteen were filmed before the set renovation took place, giving viewers a rare look at the first season set in true color before it was torn down and rebuilt.

Way back in episode 3 of this season, Dr. Bellows refered to this incident when he was telling Henry Huggins (Paul Lynde) of Tony's weird situations.

Tony's and Dr. Bellows's addresses can be seen on their bank ledger cards. Tony lives at 1132 Macy Street, and Dr. Bellows at 1047 Turk Street. Also Cocoa Beach is spelt wrong on the card.

16.  My Master, the Author

December 26, 1966

"Tell him what you are going to do when you grow up Richard."

- Doctor Bellows

"I'm going to join the Mafia."

- Richard

Jeannie writes a book about child care and after sending it to a publisher it becomes a best seller. However, she has given the writing credit to Tony. Now Dr. Bellows wants to see if Tony is really a child care expert and devises a test by making him babysit his prank-loving nephew. While babysitting, General Paterson drops by and asks him to babysit his quiet niece.

Director: Richard Goode, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Butch Patrick, Kimberly Beck, Mary Foran

When Jeannie and Major Nelson are visiting an art gallery, Jeannie runs up to a painting (never shown to the TV audience) and delightedly announces that it is "an original Ansara." This is a reference to Michael Ansara, then the husband of Barbara Eden.

The 18-inch Jeannie doll seen in this installment was licensed merchandise manufactured by Libby-Marjorette in 1966. It has since become a high-priced collectible.

Guest star Butch Patrick played Eddie on The Munsters.

17.  The Greatest Invention in the World

January 9, 1967

"You hold this (hands Tony his cigar) and I'll hold this (hugs Jeannie)."

- Groucho Marx

Roger convinces Tony to let Jeannie grant him a wish. Roger accidentally wishes that he hadn't dropped coffee on Tony. The result is a fabric that cannot be burned, stained, or cut. Dr. Bellows witnesses the impossible destruction of the fabric and attempts to find out how Tony had concocted this great invention. Later Roger takes back his wish but remembers once having had wished to be the funniest man in the world so Jeannie turns him into Groucho Marx.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Groucho Marx, William Bakewell

Sidney Sheldon managed to persuade his neighbor Groucho Marx to come out of retirement to do a cameo. Marx made it clear he didn't want to be paid in cash for his brief appearance, so that he wouldn't have to pay taxes on it. Therefore, the show's special effects man Richard Albain was asked to install a state of the art RCA color television in Groucho's home, complete with stereo-phonic speakers and a phonograph table. But when Marx found out that the package did not include a remote control (still a rare luxury in 1967), he ordered the whole thing removed again.

When Dr. Bellows is informed he's being transferred to Iceland, he complains about having to live with the Eskimos. However, Eskimos are not native to Iceland.

18.  My Master, the Spy

January 16, 1967

"Do you know the old warehouse near the beach?"

- Major Anthony Nelson

"Yes I know the old warehouse... It is near the beach."

- Major Roger Healey

Jeannie blinks herself, and Tony to Paris for breakfast, unfortunately Tony is needs to be in a meeting with General Peterson at the same time. To solve the problem Jeannie blinks a duplicate Tony into General Peterson's Office. While in Paris, Tony and Jeannie are spotted by a French General who recognizes Tony and wonders why he was not informed of his visit to Paris and calls his good friend, Dr. Bellows, to inquire why. How can Major Nelson can be in two places at once? One must be an imposter, and Dr. Bellows attempts to figure out who is who.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Louis Mercier, Byron Morrow, Noah Keen, Benny Rubin, Charles Horvath, Davis Roberts, Larry Hall, Fred Krone

When Tony and Roger are talking to the General about a bug they found in Tony's office, on the wall behind them you will see a picture of the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane.

19.  You Can't Arrest Me,
  I Don't Have a Driver's License

January 23, 1967

"You Can't Arrest Me, I Don't Have a Driver's License."

- Jeannie

Jeannie drives off in Tony's car without permission. Going up a one-way street in the wrong direction, she is stopped by Patrolman Anderson (Alan Hewitt).

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Alan Hewitt, Herb Vigran, Billy M. Greene

20.  One of Our Bottles is Missing

January 30, 1967

"You don't think we could have gotten the wrong bottle, do ya?"

- Major Roger Healey

"Of course it's the wrong bottle. [looks inside]
There is not even in furniture in there!"

- Major Anthony Nelson

While Dr. Bellows and his wife, Amanda, make an unannounced visit at Tony's home, Amanda spots Jeannie's bottle and is taken by its pure beauty. She insists that she must have the bottle, or at least a reasonable facsimile, and Tony agrees to get a copy made. Of course when Dr. Bellows comes to pick up the copy he takes the real bottle home instead, with Jeannie inside. Once Tony and Roger discover the mix-up, they go on a frantic search to retrieve Jeannie and the bottle at the Bellows' house.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Frank Puglia, Emmaline Henry, Richard Lapp

The set used for the exterior and interior of the Bellows' house (below) is the set of the Stephens' house from Bewitched.

When the Bellows drive up to their house, mountains are plainly visible in the background (above left). The show is set in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where there aren't any mountains. Also when Dr. Bellows gets out of his car, he leaves the headlights on. Inside the Bellows house the furniture has been changed and rearranged to make it look different from the Stephen's home but when you see the staircase and hallway you can tell it's the Bewitched set. Not only did they rearranged the furniture they moved some rooms too. In the hallway scene (above right) when Roger tells Tony he just came from the study, that doorway in the Bewitched house leads to the kitchen.

21.  My Poor Master, the Civilian

February 6, 1967

"It would help if they had someone in your job who knew what they were doing."

- Sally

When Tony is offered a job in the private sector, Roger worries about losing his best friend and that he is giving up on his dream of going to the moon. Jeannie conjures up a machine that looks into the future at Tony's worst day at his new job. When the machine shows Tony in a expensive office practicing his putting with a couple of gorgeous secretaries a furious Jeannie plots with Roger to get Tony to change his mind by showing him a much different version of his future.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Kathleen Hughes, Jane Zachary, Nadia Sanders, Carol Worthington, Kathleen Freeman

Jeannie uses a future telling machine to see how Tony's life would turn out if he quit the space program and took a civilian job. The interior set used for Tony's office is the set used for Darrin Stephens' office in Bewitched.

In one scene Jeannie wears a green harem outfit instead of her regular pink and maroon outfit. The green outfit would be worn by Barbara Eden in later seasons when she would play Jeannie's evil sister Jeannie II.

22.  There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had

February 20, 1967

"This time I have the Haji on my side."

- Major Anthony Nelson

Tony begins to regret picking up Jeannie's bottle on the beach when he can't even make a simple date without her interfering. When he finds out that it's Haji's birthday, which means he can send her away forever, he decides that he's going to do it.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Virginia Ann Ford, Willi Koopman, Ron Brown

As Jeannie "floats" into the bedroom with breakfast for Tony, the platform supporting Barbara Eden can be seen.

23.  The Greatest Entertainer in the World

February 27, 1967

"It ain't the Monkees, but it will have to do."

- Sammy Davis Jr.

Tony tries to get Sammy Davis Jr. to attend a NASA event but he already has other plans. Jeannie decides to help and blinks herself into Sammy Davis Jr.'s hotel room. The star is stunned to see a harem girl in his room and when Jeannie blinks away, he is even more confused thinking that he has been working too hard and needs a vacation.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Sammy Davis Jr., Barton MacLane, James Waters, George Rhodes

Sammy Davis Jr. agreed to make a guest appearance because he was a good friend of Sidney Sheldon. Unfortunately, Larry Hagman could be notoriously difficult if he felt upstaged by a bigger star than himself, and tensions soon escalated on set. Barbara Eden, who usually kept out of such things, had a private talk with Sammy to convince him to stay and finish filming the show.

On January 10th 1967, while filming his guest appearance, Sammy Davis Jr. visited the set of fellow Screen Gems production The Monkees. He reportedly filmed a cameo with them as well, although the footage, if any, has never been seen.

24.  The Incredible Shrinking Master

March 6, 1967

"You seem terribly nervous Major. Do you have a problem?"

- Doctor Bellows

"Well, just a tiny one."

- Major Roger Healey

Jeannie has a nightmare that Tony will be attacked by a cat, which doesn't sound too frightening except that, as a genie, all of her dreams are supposed to come true. So when Tony is accidentally shrunk down to the size of a mouse (by Jeannie's own magic) and a house cat inadvertently sneaks into the house a game of cat-and-mouse begins.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

25.  My Master, the Pirate

March 13, 1967

"You are the bravest Master I ever had!"

- Jeannie

When Tony accidentally wishes he could meet a famous pirate Jeannie sends him back in time to the ship and to make matters worse a woman being held captive on the ship is a Nelson ancestor so he must save her or cease to exist.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Elaine Devry, Digby Wolfe, William Bagdad, Al Wyatt Sr.

26.  A Secretary Is Not a Toy

March 20, 1967

"This is General Peterson. Forget about sending me another secretary. I found one."

- General Peterson

Jeannie becomes General Peterson's secretary in hopes of convincing him to help get Tony promoted. However, complications arise when Jeannie is suspected of being a spy.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Eileen O'Neill, Bing Russell, Ila Britton

The title is based on a song from the Broadway musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". The original Broadway production opened at the Forty-sixth Street Theater in New York on October 14th, 1961, ran for 1417 performances and won the 1962 Tony Awards for the Best Musical and Book and was nominated for Best Score and won the 1962 Pulitzer Prize in drama.

27.  There Goes the Bride

March 27, 1967

"The Haji's warning! I must have lost my powers."

- Jeannie

Jeannie is so determined to marry Tony that she decides to use an ancient love spell to make it happen. Haji, the Master of all of the Genies finds out, and is very displeased, warning Jeannie to remove the spell, but when she refuses her powers goes haywire.

Director: Larry Hagman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Abraham Sofaer, Jack Bailey, Jonathan Hole, Bill Quinn

"There Goes the Bride" marked the first of three episodes directed by Larry Hagman himself, followed by "The Birds and the Bees Bit" and "Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery."

The title is based on the classic Wedding entrance music "Here Comes the Bride" which is derived from the "Bridal Chorus" from the opera Lohengrin, by German composer Richard Wagner.

28.  My Master, Napoleon's Buddy

April 5, 1967

"Pardon me, I don't mean to intrude. My name is Major Anthony Nelson.
You don't know me, but I certainly know you. You're the Little Corporal."

- Major Anthony Nelson

"Execute him!"

- General Pichegru

Tony wishes to be able to talk to Napoleon for just an hour, so Jeannie sends them back in time. But Napoleon thinks that Tony is a spy and he plans to kill him.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Aram Katcher, Danielle De Metz, Booth Colman

When Tony first meets Napoleon he tells him not to fight Wellington at Waterloo as he will be defeated and then exiled to Elba. In fact, Napoleon fought at Waterloo after he had escaped from exile on Elba. After being defeated he would then be sent to the remote island of St. Helena in the south Atlantic Ocean.

When Tony, in prison, has a visit from Empress Josephine, he informs her of Princess Marie Louise of Austria who Napoleon is already in love with. Later she returns with a baby girl and tells him the infant is Marie Louise. Tony says if she would just wait eighteen years Napoleon and Marie Louise would be madly in love. However, eighteen years later Napoleon was not only no longer Emperor of France but dead.

Jeannie informs Tony the year she sent him back to is 1803 and Napoleon is already Emperor of France. Napoleon actually became Emperor in 1804.

29.  The Birds and the Bees Bit

April 10, 1967

"Thank you Haji for coming here."

- Jeannie

"I hope it's something important. This is my busy time of the month."

- Haji

Learning that genies lose their powers if they marry a mortal, Tony proposes to Jeannie. After Roger and Jeannie learn that their children might get magical powers, Jeannie keeps Roger away so that Tony won't learn that little fact.

Director: Larry Hagman, Writer: Allan Devon

Guest Starring: Emmaline Henry, Abraham Sofaer, Lorette Strome, Jimmy Jarratt

As was later revealed in the reunion films, Jeannie and Tony did have a son that they would name Tony Jr. (TJ for short). However, they never did have the daughter also foretold by Haji.

During the scene with the children on the patio, the yellow tissue paper (that had wrapped the fire engine toy) was strewn around continuously appears and disappears (seen from the inside of the house, but alternately seen from the patio).

Jeanie's sister has been said to have married many times, and she still has powers. Therefore, marrying a mortal couldn't possibly make Jeanie loose her powers. Also, as it was seen in the final season, Jeannie still had her powers even after marrying Tony.

30.  My Master, the Swinging Bachelor

April 17, 1967

"I want more cake!"

- Polly

Jeannie mistakes the pretty caterer as the reason for a dinner party she was left out of, so she makes a cake for Tony and his dinner guests that makes them act like children again.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Emmaline Henry, Bridget Hanley, Woodrow Parfrey

Beverly Adams plays Roger Healy's date, Pauline Abernathy at Tony's dinner party. For some reason she is not credited even though she has numerous lines and is well featured.

31.  The Mod Party

April 24, 1967

"Oh yes, Major Nelson and I are going to Major Healy's house tonight for a party."

- Jeannie

Jeannie and Tony get invited to Roger's "Mod" Party only to discover that Tony and Roger have a special NASA meeting that on the same night. Roger and Tony give Dr. Bellows a phony excuse to get out of the meeting and go to the party but they are found out when Dr. Bellows and his wife make a surprise appearance at Roger's house.

Director: Claudio Guzman / Pegg Chantler Dick, Writer: Pegg Chantler Dick / Douglas M. Dick

Guest Starring: Emmaline Henry, Dabney Coleman, Hilarie Thompson, Cathleen Cordell

The title refers to the mod or MODernist subculture that originated in London, England in the late 1950s and peaked in the early to mid 1960s that was typified by fashion, pop music and British beat music. (Yea Baby, Oh be-have!).

In the opening scene, the next door neighbor is holding red roses. After a camera change, he is holding yellow roses.

Tony and Roger are "hunting" in skirts that Jeannie blinks up for them. Tony ends up hanging upside down revealing striped underpants. Back at the party, he is dancing and his skirt flips up showing solid underpants.

When Jeannie and Tony come near the door, the picture on the wall falls down. When Dr Bellows and his wife come near the door the picture is back upon the wall and then falls down again.

In the opening scene when Tony is pulling the car out of the garage, the car stops short before Jeannie blinks herself onto the hood of the car.


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