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1.  U-F-Ohh! Jeannie

September 16, 1968

"This one is kind of cute Pa. Can I keep him?"

- Daisy Lou

While Tony and Roger testing a top secret flying saucer like craft for NASA, Jeannie pops on board and her extra weight causes them to go off course. The two land in the middle of hillbilly country and are mistaken for Martians by a family who plans on turning them in for a reward.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Martin Roth

Guest starring: J. Pat O'Malley, Kathleen Freeman, Lisa Gaye, William Bassett

The same UFO's exterior and interior were used in an episode of Bewitched.

2.  Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks

September 23, 1968

"Tony you shouldn't be doing that, she outranks you!"

- Major Roger Healey

Jeannie gives Tony a mysterious candy from her mother called Pipchicks. When he discovers that the Pipchicks make him stronger, Tony tries to keep them a secret, but when Dr. Bellows eats one with the same results he insists that Tony make another batch for the other astronauts. Jeannie's mother gives Tony the receipe but the next bach of Pipchicks don't make anyone stronger, instead they allow everyone to act out their inner fantasies.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James Henerson

Guest starring: Reta Shaw

When Maj. Nelson tries to lift Col. Finch, Bill Daily hides his face the whole time, breaking up.

3.  Tomorrow is Not Another Day

October 7, 1968

"Everything on number three, Flying Castle."

- Major Roger Healey

The daily newspaper hasn't arrived at the Nelson home and Jeannie decides just to blink one up. But Roger gives here the wrong date and she gets tomorrows paper today.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Bruce Howard

Guest starring: Rosey Grier

Guest star Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier was a former star player with the NFL who along with Merlin Olsen, Lamar Lundy and Deacon Jones, formed the "Fearsome Foursome" of the L.A. Rams. Grier broke into acting via appearances in TV shows including The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964), The Wild Wild West (1965) and I Dream of Jeannie (1965). Grier received positive reviews for his role in the TV movie The Desperate Mission (1969) and then landed a recurring role alongside Fess Parker in the hugely popular children's TV series Daniel Boone (1964). This led to a short-lived stint as host of his own variety show The Rosey Grier Show (1968) which only ran the one season. He kept busy with work in other TV shows and appeared in several feature films including Skyjacked (1972), The Thing with Two Heads (1972) and Timber Tramps (1975). He continued to turn up in a handful of minor roles throughout the 1970s, and became an ordained minister in 1983. Grier has continued to champion the causes of those less fortunate, and to guide inner city teens from poor backgrounds.

The test in which the astronaut breaks his leg is scheduled for the following day (the 17th). So it wouldn't be reported in the newspaper until the 18th.

4.  Abdullah

October 14, 1968

"Have you tried blinking him?"

- Major Anthony Nelson

Jeannie does her (never seen) brother a favor by babysitting his son, her nephew Abdullah, also a genie. However, the baby can't stop crying and the only one who can calm him down is Tony.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Martin Roth

Guest starring: Jack Riley

During the scene where Healy pushes the pram to the bus stop, when we see the one shot of the woman that was waiting there talk to him, clearly seen in the distance is a building with the "Screen Gems" logo displayed.

Guest star Jack Riley is best known as the dry, terminally-depressed Elliot Carlin on The Bob Newhart Show (1972). He also lent his voice to Stu Pickles in Nickelodeon's animated television series Rugrats (1990). Riley was a performer/writer on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1967) and appeared in the films Catch-22 (1970), McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971), The Long Goodbye (1973), Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978) and the Mel Brooks's spoofs, Silent Movie (1976), High Anxiety (1977) and History of the World: Part I.

5.  Have You Heard the One
About the Used Car Salesman?

November 4, 1968

"This isn't happening so it really doesn't make any differance, but lady,
you drive the car from the front seat."

- Carl Tucker

After Jeannie crashes Tony's car, it's brought to a used car dealer to be repaired. The dealer (played by Carl Ballantine) tries to cheat Jeannie by buying the damaged car from her, then making her buy it back at several times the price.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Bob Hastings, Carl Ballantine, Henry Beckmann

Three actors from McHale's Navy appeared in this episode: Henry Beckmann, Carl Ballantine, and Bob Hastings.

The car Jeannie wrecks is a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible. The vehicle Roger is driving is a 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 convertible. Pontiac sponsored the vehicles driven throughout the series.

6.  Djinn, Djinn, Go Home

November 11, 1968

"I know all the dogs on the block and he's not from around here."

- Major Anthony Nelson

A strange dog shows up on Tony's doorstep and immediately turns invisible and starts attacking Tony. Jeannie arrives and saves the day and informs Tony that it her dog Djinn Djinn, whom she hasn't seen in 2000 years.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James Henerson

Guest starring: Emmaline Henry, Barton MacLane, Terri Messina

This is the first appearance of Jeannie's uniform hating dog Djinn Djinn.

When Jeannie and Tony are outside of Doctor Bellows' office she refers to Djinn Djinn as "her". However, when they enter the office she refers to the dog's gender as "him".

When Tony and Roger are floating in the anti gravity simulator, their wires are clearly visible.

7.  The Strongest Man in the World

November 18, 1968

"You got him with the old one punch!"

- Major Roger Healey

Jeannie's magic makes Tony not only the strongest man (depicted by his easily lifting tables and other furniture), but gets him into trouble at the gym. Tony must compete in a boxing match against a burly Marine, who's the Armed Forces boxing champion. Jeannie inadvertently gets locked in a locker, and can't blink herself out to help Tony, whose strength has returned to normal... just in time for his boxing match.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Ray Singer

Guest starring: Jerry Quarry (as himself), "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom

Jerry Quarry was a heavy weight champion contender in 1967 after Muhammad Ali had been stripped of his title for refusing induction into the military and had an impressive lifetime record of 53-9-4 with 32 KOs. In later years he suffered from dementia pugilistica due to repeated blows to the head and passed away on January 3rd, 1999.

8.  The Indispensable Jeannie

November 25, 1968

"Just don't stand there, say something!"

- Major Anthony Nelson

To prepare for an upcoming mission, Dr. Bellows tests the compatibility of Tony and Roger for one week. If they get along, great; but if not, they'll be reassigned to different bases. Things don't go that well at first, but things go from bad to worse when Jeannie tries to help.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James Henerson

Guest starring: Emmaline Henry, Bobbie Collins

9.  Jeannie and the Top Secret Secret

December 2, 1968

"You mean you have ruined our anniversary and made me the most unhappy
genie in the whole universe and just for a silly old can of film?"

- Jeannie

It's been three years since Tony and Jeannie met, and Tony plans to celebrate their anniversary with a night on the town but at the last minute Dr. Bellows sends him to Washington on a classified assignment to hand-deliver a film documenting NASA's latest projects. Since Tony cannot disclose where he is going Jeannie is certain there is another woman, When she blinks herself onto the airplane disguised as a stewardess and spots Tony seated next to a young woman she fears her suspicions are correct.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Searle Kramer

Guest starring: Vinton Hayworth, Sabrina Scharf

This is Vinton Hayworth's first appearance on the show. However, in this episode he is playing the character of General Watson but it would be a few weeks until he would join the cast in the more familiar role of no nonsense General Winfield Schaeffer.

Guest star Sabrina Scharf played Miramanee on STAR TREK's "The Paradise Syndrome."

When Tony gets the cuff placed on his wrist, he informs Dr. Bellows that he has a right to counsel under the "Universal Code of Military Justice", but it's "Uniform Code of Military Justice", not "Universal".

10.  How to Marry an Astronaut

December 9, 1968

"I missed you sister dear."

- Jeannie II

Jeannie II returns with a plan help Jeannie get Tony to marry her. Jeannie II shows her sister how easy it is to get a man to fall in love without the aid of magic. To this end Jeannie II uses Roger as her guinea pig. Eventually she gets Roger to propose, but when Jeannie tries to use the same technique on Tony she fails miserably. However, it turns out that this is just another scheme by Jeannie II to finally get Tony into her clutches.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Emmaline Henry

Barbara Eden's cries for help from inside the champagne bottle were real. As a prank, director Claudio Guzmán called "lunch!" and had everyone leave the set, leaving Eden trapped in the bottle. While everyone waited in a nearby hallway, the cameras kept rolling, and the resulting footage was shown on TV.

The title was based upon the movie How to Marry a Millionaire (1953). Barbara Eden starred in the short run of the television series based upon the movie.

The restaurant Tony and Roger are drinking coffee at was actually Tony's upstairs study converted into a restaurant with tables and chairs. If you look closely, you can see the same brown bannister post Tony has in his study.

11.  Dr. Bellows Goes Sane

December 16, 1968

"General Pettrson, quick it's snowing in your office."

- Dr. Alfred Bellows

Dr. Bellows has gathered what he believe's is a complete Dossier on Tony and he intends to present it to General Peterson. Tony knows that if General Peterson reads that Dossier he will be finished in the Space Program so he gets Jeannie to help get rid of the report.

Director: Richard Kinon, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Joe Flynn, Barton MacLane

12.  Jeannie, My Guru

December 30, 1968

"Well, I'll never understand women. And that goes double for teenagers!"

- Major Anthony Nelson

Tony picks up a teenage hitchhiker named Suzy who happens to be the daughter of his new neighbor, General Schaeffer. Schaeffer is a stickler for efficiency and hates all hippies, including Suzy's boyfriend Harold (a very spaced out one at that). Suzy, afraid of having her father see her in her dressed in hippy style clothes, hides out in Tony's house and winds up seeing Jeannie pop in. Suzy then blackmales Tony into hiding out Harold or else she will spill the beans about Jeannie.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Hilarie Thompson, Vinton Hayworth, The Lewis & Clarke Expedition

Introduces Vinton Hayworth as General Schaeffer. In Season 5 he would replace Barton MacLane, who played General Peterson since the first season. MacLane died at age 66 on January 1st, 1969, two days after this episode was broadcast.

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13.  The Case of My Vanishing Master (Part 1)

January 6, 1969

14.  The Case of My Vanishing Master (Part 2)

January 13, 1969

"You're Major Anthony Nelson you pay two lousy bucks an hour to cook and keep house for you. I can't stand here and answer dumb questions."

- Jeannie

Dr. Bellows informs Tony that because of a security leak he must be taken to a secure area to finished his work on the plans for the Apollo space craft. Dr. Bellows then replaces the real Tony with a look-a-like and tells him to go to Tony's house and act like him until he returns from his assignment. When the impostor discovers Jeannie he thinks he is losing his mind. In part 2 Tony returns home and has to convince Jeannie that he is not the phony Tony, who turns out to be a double agent working for a foreign power.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Benny Rubin, Joe la Grasso, Jerry Shane

This two part story was accompanied by Jeannie World Sweepstakes contest in which viewers could win a trip for two around the world and $1,000. All they had to do was correctly guess to which Mediterranean island Major Nelson was sent to by Dr. Bellows. Jeannie announced it in a tag after the show with a large world globe. The winner was announced after episode 16, "Invisible House For Sale".

Grip and prop maker Joe Leitel took the part of the Air Policeman in this two-parter for fun (he was credited as Joe la Grasso). Later in life he became an award winning professional bodybuilder.

In one scene midway through, Barbara Eden's navel is exposed.

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15.  Ride 'Em Astronaut

January 27, 1969

"I was the millionth customer at Food City so they made me Queen."

- Jeannie

When Jeannie becomes the 1,000,000th customer at the local supermarket, she wins several prizes including the right to become queen of the Cocoa Beach rodeo. Now Tony must enter the rodeo to keep an amorous cowboy from winning and staking his claim on Jeannie.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Mark Miller, John Myhers, Richard Erdman

The ending of Tony leaving to go out to dinner was taken from the season 3 episode "Tony's Wife" because Larry Hagman was too ill to film the original ending intended for the episode.

16.  Invisible House For Sale

February 3, 1969

"Every time something strange happens, Major Nelson is involved!"

- Dr. Alfred Bellows

Feeling Tony would have more time for her if he had a smaller place to look after, Jeannie puts his house up for sale. She sells the house to an important military official and when Tony finds out and tells her he doesn't want sell, she makes the house invisible so the new owners can't find it.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Harold Gould, Ed Peck, Joan Tompkins

There's clearly a nearly treeless park area across the street from Maj. Nelson's house, but when the house is invisible, the opposite side of the street is covered with large trees.

At the beginning of the episode when Tony is attempting to cut the tree branch, but it falls right before he is able to cut it, the string that was holding the branch is visible.

17.  Jeannie, the Governor's Wife

February 10, 1969

"How long have you been seeing naked women?"

- Dr. Alfred Bellows

With Roger as the campaign manager, Jeannie tries to convince Tony to run for governor thinking this will finally convince him to marry her. But Tony is still on active duty and if he runs for governor he will be kicked out of the astronaut program.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest starring: Barton MacLane, Jack Smith, Tommie Banks

This story (production code #4233) was original titled "The Next President of the United States". However, the Network asked Sidney Sheldon to change the situation to a gubernatorial race.

This was the first of three posthumous appearances of the late Barton MacLane.

18.  Is There a Doctor in the House?

February 17, 1969

"I was just resting my eyes."

- Major Anthony Nelson

Tony's sudden sleeping sickness causes Jeannie to consult her mother for advice, not realizing that it was Jeannie's mother who caused it. Jeannie pleads with her mother to come back with her to Cocoa Beach so that she can cure Tony. When Jeannie's mother lays eyes on Dr. Bellows, it is love at first sight, and she starts making plans to make him her own Master.

Director: Oscar Rudolph, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest starring: Barton MacLane

Barbara Eden's second and final appearance playing Jeannie's mother (actually the character's fifth overall).

This was the second of three posthumous appearances of the late Barton MacLane.

19.  The Biggest Star in Hollywood

February 24, 1969

"Well actually, I'm her agent."

- Major Roger Healey

Tony and Dr. Bellows are going on a secret trip to Hollywood. While in Hollywood Jeannie is spotted by Gary Owens and George Schlatter of Laugh-In. Seeing her trick of appearing inside a mirror, they want her on the show. When Roger finds out he volunteers to be Jeannie's manager.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Judy Carne, Arte Johnson, Gary Owens, George Schlatter, Sid Melton, Susan Howard, Emmaline Henry

George Schlatter and Ed Friendly, producers of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1967), envisioned a night of cross-promotion by having several Laugh-In regulars appear on I Dream of Jeannie, followed by Barbara Eden appearing in character as Jeannie on Laugh-In that same night. To cap it all, the plan was for Eden to finally show her bellybutton on television in the latter program. However, network censor Hermino Traviesas objected to this.

The working title for this story (production #4229) was 'Sock It to Me, Jeannie', but the network found it too suggestive.

Larry Hagman (Major Anthony Nelson) and Susan Howard (Salesgirl) would both later star in Dallas (1978). They played J.R. Ewing and Donna Culver Krebbs.

On season two's "One of Our Bottles is Missing", Mrs. Bellows has a copy of Jeannie's bottle made for herself, but in the Hollywood hotel room, Dr. Bellows sees Jeannie's bottle and asks Tony what it is.

Jeannie and Tony get their photo in the newspaper yet later in the series it is revealed that Jeannie cannot be photographed.

When Tony is in the store trying on a sport coat, his necktie shifts and you can see he is missing the second button on his shirt.

20.  The Case of the Porcelain Puppy

March 3, 1969

"She told him to drop it."

- Major Roger Healey

"Not the dog, the pretence! "

- Amanda Bellows

Jeannie finds a new spell in a genie magazine that turns ordinary objects into porcelain. When Dr. Bellows and his wife see the results they think Tony is a real artist. Tony then asks Jeannie to blink up some amateur works of art in his garage to show Dr. Bellows. This episode was Barton MacLane's final appearance as General Peterson.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Emmaline Henry, Barton MacLane, Woodrow Parfrey

This was Barton MacLane's final appearance as General Peterson. MacLane passed away two months prior to this episode's airing.

21.  Jeannie for the Defense

March 10, 1969

"Even in that outfit, Clarkston isn't ready for you!"

- Major Roger Healey

While traveling through a small town, Tony and Roger accidently bump another car. The occupants see an opportunity to cash in and fake some injuries to sue the two city slickers.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Bruce Howard

Guest Starring: Dick Sargent, J. Pat O'Malley, Bruce Howard, William Bassett, Ann Morgan Guilbert

This episode features Dick Sargent as Tony's defense Attorney. Six months later, Sargent would star as the second Darrin Stephens on Bewitched (1964).

Guest star Ann Morgan Guilbert is beloved by television audiences as the neighbor Millie Helper on the classic The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) and as feisty Grandma Yetta on The Nanny (1993).

22.  Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut

March 17, 1969

"Sister you kissed my Master and made him think it was me!"

- Jeannie

Jeannie's interfering sister tries to split up Jeannie and Tony by first convincing Dr. Bellows Tony is mentally unfit to go into orbit, and then by changing his weight.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest Starring: Vinton Hayworth

In "Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut", Barbara Eden debuted the new U.S. Air Force WAF (Women in the Air Force) uniform and accessory beret designed by Harry Gilbert of the M. Born Company of Chicago. The entire new WAF outfit was authorized for wear in the spring of 1969, according to NBC press releases distributed at the time.

23.  Around the Moon in 80 Blinks

March 24, 1969

"I brought back the wrong astronaut."

- Jeannie

Jeannie has a cold and passes it on to Tony by kissing him just before he goes on a mission. When Tony get sick on this way to the Moon Jeannie tries to blink him back to earth so she can take of him but accidentally blinks down Commander Wingate (played by Richard Mulligan) from their capsule orbiting the moon instead of Tony. She tries again and gets Tony this time but Roger is left to orbit the moon alone until Jeannie comes to his aid, though she proves to be more of a hindrance than a help. Back on earth Tony has his hands full pacifying Wingate and keeping Mrs. Bellows from trying to convince her husband that the astronaut is not in space.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest starring: Richard Mulligan, Emmaline Henry, Vinton Hayworth

In real life Tony Nelson would be the most accomplished astronaut in NASA history. Major Nelson goes into space in a Mercury capsule, a Gemini capsule, an Apollo capsule and in the TV movie follow up in the space shuttle. No real astronaut has ever flown on all four spacecraft.

24.  Jeannie-Go-Round

April 7, 1969

"I'm not deserting you, I'm leaving!"

- Major Roger Healey

Locking Jeannie in her bottle, her wicked lookalike sister Jeannie II trails Tony to the Cocoa Beach Cabana. In her efforts to win Tony's affections, Jeannie II also replaces the nightclub's regular singer and renders a seductive ballad ("Electric Days, Electric Nights"). From this point forward everything goes wrong, with Tony being publicly embarrassed and Dr. Bellows virtually being hand-delivered enough evidence to wash Tony out of the space program!

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Emmaline Henry, Dave Barry, Lainie Nelson, Karen Carlson

Mrs. Bellows asks Major Nelson if he found out where he could get her one of these exquisite bottles (Jeannie's Bottle). He tells her "No. It's a one of a kind." This is a writing error. In season 2 episode "One of our Bottles is Missing," Mrs. Bellows has a copy of Jeannie's bottle made for herself.

25.  Jeannie and the Secret Weapon

April 14, 1969

"The connective over extends into the jibran."

- Jeannie

Jeannie turns a top secret project into a scale model, and this model ends up getting into the hands of an amateur toy inventor.

Director: Leo Garen, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest starring: Ron Masak, Richard Schaal, Sheldon Collins, Ed Prentiss

The scenes at the park were shot on the Columbia Ranch facility, now the Warner Ranch, Burbank California. The fountain around which much of the action takes place, is the same fountain seen during the opening credits of Friends (1994).

Jeannie (and then later Tony too) repeatedly says that the design for AGNES won't work because "the connective over extends into the jibran." This actually doesn't make any sense. Jibran is a boy's name in Arabic, meaning "reward."

The toy-size space vehicle that's Jeanie creates (but in a much smaller scale) from a project sketch is called AGNES, which stands for Anti-Gravity Nuclear Earth Station.

This episode's one shot (and unnamed) general is played by Ed Prentiss.

26.  Blackmail Order Bride

May 12, 1969

"I'm here to inspect your pipes."

- Charlie Farnum

"Oh, there is nothing wrong with my pipes."

- Jeannie

Reporter Charlie Farnum tries to get a hot scoop on the life of Major Tony Nelson. He goes as far as to rig up a camera and a tape recorder in Tony's house. However, Tony and Jeannie find out about Farnum's scheme and thwart it. Farnum then resorts to blackmail when he convinces his wife and kids to lie about Tony's past and claim that they are the wife and kids he abandoned years ago.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: George Furth, Barbara Bostock, Damian London, Teddy Quinn

At the beginning when Mr. Farnum hides the recorder on the lower shelf, the bust is on the left side of the brown books. When Mr. Farnum comes back to switch out the tapes, the bust is on the right side of the brown books.


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