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1. Fly Me to the Moon

September 12, 1967

"Don't let him take me, he treated me like a monkey!"

- Sam

NASA starts training a chimpanzee to travel to the moon. When Jeannie hears about this, she decides to take matters into her own hands by turning the chimpanzee into a human. Trouble follows when NASA officials start wondering where the chimp has gone.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Robert Marcus

Guest starring: Larry Storch, Parley Baer

Tony and Roger are working training a chimp named "Sam". This was seen as a slap at the show Bewitched (1964), whose producers accused "Jeannie" of stealing some of their ideas.

In the Third and Fourth Season of the show another instrumental theme was also introduced that was played during the shows campy scenes. Simply titled "Mischief", the theme would be heard mainly on outdoor locations - showing the characters attempting to do something such as Jeannie learning to drive, Major Nelson arriving up the driveway, a monkey walking around, or reactions to Doctor Bellows. The theme featured the accompaniment of a sideshow organ, a trombone and bass guitar.

During filming, Larry Storch wanted to do his own stunt and jump from one tree branch to another, but Bill Daily talked him out of it. It was just as well, because when the stunt man did it, it turned out there was a nail sticking out of the tree and the man ripped his arm open.

The title is based on the song "Fly Me to the Moon" written by Bart Howard in 1954 and became a standard sung by Frank Sinatra.

When Sam the chimpanzee first appears he is wearing an orange flight suit, but no shoes. Later, when he is turned into a man, he is wearing socks and shoes. When he is turned back into a chimpanzee he is once again barefoot. Also, after Jeanie changes Sam back into a chimpanzee, Sam is holding a banana. When Jeanie disappears the banana also disappears.

2. Jeannie or the Tiger?

September 19, 1967

"I have not seen my sister Jeannie in over 200 years."

- Jeannie

Jeannie's sister arrives in town after not seeing her for 2,000 years. After seeing a picture of Tony, she traps Jeannie in her bottle and starts plotting to steal Tony away from her.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James Henerson

This is the first appearance of Jeannie's wicked sister, Jeannie II. The writers couldn't think of another name for the character?

When Jeannie II's master (right) appears at the end with her bottle, it's an actual unpainted Jim Beam whiskey decanter.

Jeannie tells Major Nelson that she hasn't seen her sister in over 200 years. Yet she had been trapped in her bottle for 2000 years.

3. The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World

September 26, 1967

"Why do you think they call this Diamond Head?"

- Charles

While in Hawaii, Tony worries about Jeannie attracting too much attention when reporters arrive for an interview and take notice of jewel that Jeannie is wearing around her neck. Apparently it was a gift given to her from King Tut. The reporters take a few harmless pictures that end up on the front page of the local newspaper attracting the attention of the mysterious Mr. Vanderhaven.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Allan Devon

Guest starring: Milton Berle, Fred Clark, Herb Jeffries, Hal Cooper

Claudio Guzmán and Hal Cooper alternated directing duties during the Honlulu shoot. When Guzmán learned that the actor hired to play the chauffeur of Milton Berle's character was stuck back in L.A., Cooper volunteered and took on the role at the last minute.

Although it's established in at least 2 episodes that genies cannot be photographed, Jeannie's photo is prominent on the front page of the Honolulu newspaper. Perhaps Jeannie "blinked" those papers into existance?

4. My Turned - On Master

October 3, 1967

"Jeannie, what are you doing?"

- Major Anthony Nelson

"If you do not know I must be doing it wrong."

- Jeannie

In order to prove that she can live without her powers, Jeannie transfers them to someone else for twenty-four hours. Unfortunately, the person she transfers them to is Tony.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Dennis Whitcomb

Guest starring: Emmaline Henry, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Bryan O'Byrne

Jeanie materializes inside major Nelson's space capsule, but that shouldn't be possible because it's a sealed container.

5. My Master, the Weakling

October 10, 1967


- Francis N. Kiski

Tony and Roger meet up with an a Navy officer who thinks that all astronauts are soft and runs the two of them ragged as a way of toughening them up. Jeannie tries to get back at the Navy trainer by giving him the personality of his sweet aunt.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Ron Friedman

Guest Star: Don Rickles, Harry Harvey, David Soul

Future Starsky and Hutch star David Soul, makes his second television appearance, playing an orderly.

Guest Don Rickles would play a Navy officer again (1976 - 1978) in his own series, C.P.O. Sharkey.

6. Jeannie, the Hip Hippie

October 17, 1967

"Oh yea, the fish are going to love you."

- Major Anthony Nelson

Tony is forced to cancel his first vacation in years in order to help Mrs. Bellows find a group to play at a charity bizarre. Jeannie then decides to help by putting together a band herself. Unfortunately, they can't play a note, until Jeannie blinks them some musical ability.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Christopher Golato

Guest starring: Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, William Lewis, Steve O'Reilly, Phil Spector, Emmaline Henry

Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, who appear as themselves on the show, were one of the hottest songwriting teams in popular music a the time. They wrote many of The Monkees biggest hits, whose television show, like "Jeannie", was also produced by Screen Gems.

This episode seemed like a info-mercial from Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, and Colgems Records to promote their artists. During the episode we see are shots of record LPs "The Monkees", "The Monkees' Headquarters" and "More of The Monkees". We also see the 1965 Colpix LP from David Jones, pre-Monkees. Boyce and Hart perform two songs from their first LP, "Test Patterns": "Girl, I'm Out to Get You," which was not issued as a single, and "Out and About," which became their first top 40 hit, peaking at 39 two months before the broadcast of this episode. The duo scored their biggest success the next year with "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonite," going on to add "Bewitched" and "The Flying Nun" to their list of TV credits.

As Tony, Jeannie and the Boyce and Hart group drive off at the end, the Bewitched House (Samantha and Darrin Stevens) can be seen in the background.

Although Phil Specter appears as himself, he is listed in the credits as Steve Davis. Phil Spector was an American record producer who worked with The Beatles and Ike and Tina Turner. In 2003 he was convicted of the murder of Lana Clarkson and is serving a 19 year sentence at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran.

Near the end when they leave one can see a big hill in the background. This is not a view of Cocoa Beach, Florida.

7. Everybody's a Movie Star

October 31, 1967

"A star is born!"

- Allen Kerr

Major Nelson and Major Healy are assigned to be in a film about a day in the life of the average astronaut, and Jeannie gets a job as a script girl. Roger overhears a conversation and thinks he's bound for Hollywood. Chaos ensues. Will he choose a star's life over the space program?

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Mark Rowane

Guest starring: Paul Lynde, Larry Vincent, David Loud

This is Paul Lynde's second guest shot on the series. Lynde would be back once more for "Please Don't Feed the Astronauts."

8. Who Are You Calling a Genie?

November 7, 1967

"Just don't sit there, call a Doctor."

- Dr. Alfred Bellows

"Doctor Bellows, you are a doctor."

- Major Anthony Nelson

While visiting Tony at the base, Jeannie is accidentally hit on the head and loses her memory. When she is taken to the hospital her x-rays turn up blank and it is up to Tony and Roger to rescue her from the hospital before her secret is accidentally let out.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Martin Roth

Guest starring: Richard Deacon, Corinne Camacho

Jeannie never wears her trademark pink harem outfit in this episode.

The shadow of a boom mic is visible in the left upper corner when Tony and Roger are speaking to the desk nurse.

9. Meet My Master's Mother

November 14, 1967

 "I do hope you'll come again, on a clear day!"

- Mother

Tony's mother comes to visit and she is determined to marry him off much to Jeannie's annoyance.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Marlene Fanta Shyer

Guest starring: Spring Byington

Tony's house is also nosey neighbor Mrs.Kravitz's house on Bewitched.

Tony Nelson's home telephone number is 555-7231.

10. Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale

November 21, 1967

"Kiss Herman!"

- Bootsie Nightingale

Jeannie is jealous when movie star Bootsie Nightingale wants to date Tony for publicity purposes.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Paul West

Guest starring: Carol Wayne, Emmaline Henry, Jesse White

Carol Wayne, Johnny Carson's celebrated Matinee Lady, guest stars as glamorous movie star Bootsie Nightingale.

11. Tony's Wife

November 28, 1967

"You are under the terrible sign of the jinx."

- Jeannie II

Jeannie's sister arrives and offers to help teach her how to get Tony to marry her. She uses Roger as a guinea pig and he eventually proposes. However, it is all an elaborate scheme by Jeannie's sister to keep Tony fpr herself.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest starring: Emmaline Henry, Shannon Farnon

The first part of the transporter sound effect from Star Trek (1966) is heard whenever Jeannie II appears.

12.  Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery

December 5, 1967

"I meet two of the nicest men. They need a car."

- Jeannie

Tony needs to finish a report for Dr Bellows and sends Jeannie to the park so he can get his work done. While at the park, Jeannie accidentally helps some strangers rob a bank using Tony's car.

Director: Larry Hagman, Writer: Seaman Jacobs / Fred S. Fox

Guest starring: Severn Darden, Mike Mazurki, Vince Howard

Larry Hagman directs for the third and final time.

When Tony (dressed in a suit of armor) falls over the railing the helmet flies off and reveals the stunt actor in the armor. The next shot is a close up of him and his helmet is now back on.

13My Son, The Genie

December 12, 1967

"Will you get off my coffee table."

- Major Anthony Nelson

Jeannie has been assigned to become the training instructor for a new genie. Unfortunately, he is slow to learn and inept in being able to control his powers resulting in a number of disasters in Nelson household just when Tony is notified that the President of the United States is planning a visit.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Bill Richmond

Guest starring: Bob Denver, Sheldon Allman, Sal Ponti

Jerry Lewis was originally intended to appear as "Harold.'' Lewis' frequent collaborator, Bill Richmond, wrote the episode with the intention of Jerry Lewis appearing, but Lewis backed out of his commitment, and Bob Denver was cast instead.

Sheep happens! The sheep that Tony carries into the living room is much different than the one he carries from the bathroom.

A stark shadow of the camera covers Tony's body for a moment as he steps out of the shower.

The location of Jeannie's bottle changes. At the beginning of the show when she comes out of her bottle and goes into Tony's bedroom, her bottle is on the brown desk near the window. When she, Tony and Roger walk back into the living room before Harold arrives, the bottle is in its regular spot, on the drop lid desk against the wall next to the kitchen.

The garage to Major Nelson's house is on the right of the house if you're facing the exterior. But when Tony and Roger walk to the garage from the outside patio, the garage is on the left of the house.


14.  Jeannie Goes to Honolulu

December 26, 1967

"Hi Jeannie, what are you doing here?"

- Major Anthony Nelson

Tony and Roger Healey are sent to Hawaii on Air Force business, but to discourage Jeannie from coming along, they tell her that they are being sent to the North Pole. During their stay, Tony meets an Admiral's daughter, Eleanor, and they begin seeing each other. When Jeannie finds out, Tony tries to stifle her temper by lying his way out of it, saying that he and Roger are on a Top Secret Mission and one of his assignments is to protect Eleanor.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest starring: Don Ho, Emmaline Henry, Brenda Benet

Hawaiian singer Don Ho once said that this episode of I Dream of Jeannie and the season 4 episode of The Brady Bunch, "Hawaii Bound," is what most younger people remember him for.

Jeannie wears a classic one piece bathing suit that looks great but Amanda Bellows gets to show off her belly button in one scene, something network sensors always made a fuss about when it was Jeannie's belly button.

15.  The Battle of Waikiki

January 2, 1968

"Never mind, I'll invade by land."

- King Kamehameha

Jeannie blinks the revered ancient Hawaiian, King Kamehameha, back to life and takes him on a tour of what the Hawaiian Islands now look like in 1967. He becomes disillusioned when he believes that the Hawaiian people have forgotten all about him and makes plans to re-capture the Islands.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Martin Roth

Guest starring: Michael Ansara

The part of King Kamehameha was played by Michal Ansara, who at the time was married to Barbara Eden.

16.  Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (Part 1)

January 16, 1968

"Oh be careful Master! Safe-crackers are dangerous criminals!"

- Jeannie

Tony accidentally locks Jeannie in a moon safe and tries desperately to get her out before it is sent to the moon.

This four-part episode also kicked off a special "Guess The Secret Combination Contest" (just in time for sweeps weeks). Viewers were invited to send in a postcard to guess the exact combination that would open the safe and set Jeannie free.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James Henerson

Guest starring: Edward Andrews, Lou Antonio

During each installment of the 4 parter "Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie?" (broadcast during sweeps weeks) viewers were challenged to guess the combination to the moon safe which Jeannie is in. The viewer who would send in the correct answer could win a trip around the world.

Jeanie supposedly lost her powers after being locked in the safe, yet she lit the match with her magic.

The rocket on the launchpad that is going to the moon with the safe inside is not the same rocket that blasts off at the begining of part two.

17.  Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (Part 2)

January 23, 1968

"Tick, toc, tick toc?"

- Professor

Tony thinks that Jeannie, while still locked in the safe, has been shot into space. However, Roger informs him that he managed to take it just before it was to be loaded on the rocket. Unfortunately, the Professor and his stooge Charlie, the two safe-crackers from the previous episode, steal the safe and are planning to open it when they have second thoughts when they remember that it is wired with explosives. They then call Dr. Bellows and inform him that they have it. Thinking that it is a hoax, Bellows tells them not to call again. The two safe-crackers then take it to a pawn broker, who then sells it to a scrap dealer. When Tony and Roger find out what happened, they run to the scrap yard before the safe, with Jeannie in it, is crushed to the size of a cigar box.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James Henerson

Guest starring: Reta Shaw, Ned Wertimer

Larry Hagman (Anthony Nelson) and Susan Howard (Miss Temple) would both later star in Dallas (1978). They played J. R. Ewing and Donna Culver Krebbs.

The character Charles Fries, played by actor Ned Wertimer, is seen at the end of the episode. He is named after Charles Fries, Vice President in Charge of Production for Screen Gems, the Columbia Pictures television arm, in 1960.

The switchboard operator is played by Susan Howard, remembered as the first female Klingon in STAR TREK's "Day of the Dove."

18.  Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (Part 3)

January 30, 1968

"He is not your Master. He is my Master!"

- Jeannie

Tony manages to save Jeannie from the scrapyard, but still hasn't gotten her out of the safe. Unfortunately, a new problem arises when Jeannie's wicked sister finds out that she is locked in the safe, she sees this as another opportunity to steal Tony. She plants the idea in Tony's head to go Baghdad find Haji so that he can release her. While in Bagdad, Tony is taken prisoner by Jeannie2. Roger is then informed by the real Jeannie of what happened and he goes to Baghdad to find him. Unfortunately, he is also captured. However, that is least of their problems as Jeannie2's giant of a master finds them and threatens to kill them for trying to infiltrate his harem.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James Henerson

Guest starring: Mike Farrell, Ted Cassidy

Mike Farrell (as B.J. Hunnicutt) replaced Wayne Rogers (as Trapper John McIntyre) when he unexpectedly left M*A*S*H at the end of the third season (1975). Wayne Rogers replaced Larry Hagman in the made-for-television reunion film, I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteen Years Later (1985). Larry Hagman refused to reprise his role as Tony Nelson reportedly because he was busy filming his CBS series Dallas at the time.

When the miniaturized Tony tells the harem girl that he's hungry, she lifts an apple and takes a bite. Her hand vanishes at the center of the split-screen.

A genies powers are not suppose to work because of the locked safe yet Jeannie2 outside the safe blinks so Jeannie who is inside the safe cannot speak.

19.  Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (Part 4)

February 6, 1968

"Four, nine, seven! Four, nine, seven!"

- Major Anthony Nelson

A month has passed by and Jeannie is still locked in the safe. However, that is the least of Tony's worries. Jeannie informs him that he is no longer her master due to the fact that she has been locked up for so long. Also, Dr. Bellows informs him that it is feared that the explosive device has been activated and that Dr. Wedemeyer, the safe's inventor, has been called in from Washington to try to deactivate it and open it. Tony then comes up with an elaborate scheme to try to keep Wedemeyer from opening the safe and becoming Jeannie's new master.

The final installment of this 4 part story arc saw the end of the "Guess The Secret Combination Contest." The answer to the combination for the moon safe was 4-9-7. The contest closed on January 31st, 1968, with the winning entry announced over the closing credits of this episode on February 6th, 1968, on NBC.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James Henerson

Guest starring: Benny Rubin

At the end of the episode, when Tony finally figures out the combination to let Jeannie out of the safe, Larry Hagman lines, "Four, nine, seven! Four, nine, seven!" were looped and added later.

Maj. Nelson locks the front door to keep Dr Wedemeyer from reentering the house so he can open the safe himself. Soon after opening the safe and letting Jeannie out, Roger enters through the front door that Major Nelson locked.

Not that it matters but there was a plot hole in this episode (the series was full of them). Jeannie could have escaped from the safe as soon as Tony drilled the first hole in the door, there was no need to drill any of the other holes.

20.  Please Don't Feed the Astronauts

February 13, 1968

"Welcome to my humble village. My tent is your tent.
And now if you'll excuse me, I must cut your friend to ribbons."

- Hamid

After an experiment in nutrition, a Navy Commander sends Tony and Roger out on a survival mission. Jeannie does her usual in trying to help.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Ron Friedman

Guest starring: Paul Lynde, Ted Cassidy

While on Skull Island, Major Healy is wearing monogrammed fatigues with "U.S. AIR FORCE". Maj. Healy is in the US Army.

21.  My Master, the Ghost Breaker

February 20, 1968

"Of course I believe in ghosts. Do you not believe in genies?"

- Jeannie

Tony, Jeannie and Roger go to England to check out a mansion that Tony inherited. When they get there they find out the mansion is haunted.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest starring: Ronald Long, Jack Carter

Leslie Randall is listed as Chauncey in the credits, yet is always called Smedley.

At approximately 10:32 we see that the upper back of Rogers' dressing gown has been torn and his pajama top is visible, yet a few seconds later as he goes down the stairs there is no tear.

22Divorce, Genie Style

February 27, 1968

"Oh no, my Master has never bought me any clothes."

- Jeannie

Tony states his admiration for Mrs. Bellows and Jeannie takes it the wrong way. Jeannie asks Haji to take her powers away and he agrees to do so for one week. While Jeannie tries to cope with housework the old-fashioned way, Tony is wishing for Jeannie's powers back. Amanda Bellows pays Jeannie a visit and decides Jeannie needs a divorce.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James S. Henerson

23.  My Double-Crossing Master

March 5, 1968

"Major Nelson was called away rather suddenly."

- British Anthony Nelson

Tony makes a bet with Roger that Jeannie would never fall for another man. This leads to Tony disguising himself as a British officer. However, things get sticky when Jeannie falls for the "British" officer and Tony becomes jealous.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Jeannie and Tony live at 811 Palm Street.

After Tony makes a quick change from Smythe back to his air force uniform, we see a close-up (as Dr. Bellows' POV) of his feet, showing he has forgotten to remove one of the "Smythe" light tan colored shoes. but then in the next shot, we see him in full as he leaves stairs, and both shoes are black.

When Dr Bellows is on the couch, the pillow behind his head is orange in the wide shot and green in the close-up.

24.  Have You Ever had a Genie Hate You?

March 12, 1968

"I believe you. What really happened?"

- Major Roger Healey

Jeannie II arrives to seemingly give her sister a birthday present in the form of a couple of flasks of lotions. In the white flask is a lotion that Jeannie is to put on Tony to make her love him more and a blue flask contains a lotion that Jeannie is to spread on Tony's enemies to make her hate them. However, unknown to Jeannie is the fact that her wicked sister switched the flasks.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Allan Devon

25.  Operation: First Couple on the Moon

March 19, 1968

"Why did you not tell me you are going to the moon with a woman?"

- Jeannie

Dr. Bellows is in charge of training the first man and woman to be sent to the moon. Jeannie is worried about the idea of Tony being alone on the moon with an attractive woman, until Evil Sister Jeannie appears and promises to take care of everything.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Arthur Julian

Guest star Katherine Reynolds would later play Chester Tate's secretary Claire on the popular 70s comedy SOAP.

Turk, Dr Swanson, Maj Healy & Maj Nelson are at Nelson's home. Roger (Healy) is trying to leave through the front door. Turk puts his hand on Roger's shoulder preventing him from leaving. The next shot shows his hand off Roger's shoulder.

Jeannie and Tony are talking in their house-after Roger, Turk and Dr Swanson depart. Tony is initially wearing a tweed jacket & tie. For the final close up shots, he is shown wearing his Air Force uniform.

Earlier in the series it is mentioned that Jeannie cannot be seen through a camera. However when they are put in Lunar house Jeannie and her sister are both seen through a television to Dr. Bellows.

When Major Nelson is testing the weightlessness, you can clearly see the wooden board used to lift him up & down in one shot where Jeannie's sister tries to keep him from floating back up again.

26.  Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?

March 26, 1968

"It's just a little thing I blinked up."

- Jeannie

Its Roger's birthday and Jeannie and Tony throw a small party for him. Instead of a normal gift Jeannie decides to give Roger something he has always wanted, his very own wish. As Roger is leaving the house, Tony mentions the fact that the next day he is going on an important space flight and Roger then blurts out that he wishes that he was going on that flight and at that instant, Roger and Tony switch bodies. When Tony realizes what has happened, he and Jeannie go searching for Roger not only before he goes on the mission, but to keep Dr. Bellows from finding out what happened.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Martin Roth


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