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"Here comes the genie."

- W.J. Flywheel, Webporium Curator



1.  Jeannie at the Piano

September 16, 1969

"He was telling me the only thing he could play was chopsticks."

- Dr. Alfred Bellows

Jeannie casts a spell on the piano in the Cocoa Beach officer's club, making Tony appear to be a musical virtuoso when he sits down to play. Amazed by Tony's talent, General Schaeffer books the astronaut on a nationwide concert tour. Trouble is, it's the piano and not Tony that is issuing forth the beautiful music. When Tony shows up to play at Symphony Hall in New York, an entirely different piano is awaiting him, and Jeannie is nowhere to be found to bail him out!

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Vinton Hayworth, George Spell

2.  Djinn, Djinn, the Pied Piper

September 23, 1969

"Well trained? Really?"

- Dr. Alfred Bellows

General Schaeffer prevails upon Tony to take Jupiter, Schaeffer's pet Great Dane, for a training walk. Tagging along is Jeannie's magical mutt Djinn-Djinn, who takes an instant dislike to Jupiter. Rendering himself invisible, Djinn-Djinn wreaks all manner of havoc, for which Jupiter is blame and sent to the dog pound, and is setting the stage for a massive canine jailbreak commandeered by the ubiquitous Djinn-Djinn.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Vinton Hayworth, Dick Wilson

Vinton Hayworth (General Schaeffer) keeps breaking character by reacting when the Great Dane licks Gen. Schaeffer's face, who's supposedly immobilized.

3.  Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (Part 1)

September 30, 1969

4.  Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (Part 2)

October 7, 1969

"I do not wish to be Queen of Basenji if I must loose my Master."

- Jeannie

When her uncle decides to retire as leader of the small nation of Basenji, Jeannie decides to marry her master and give him the country as an anniversary present. Jeannie's Uncle Suleiman wants to meet Tony first to see if he is worthy to become King of Basenji. Meanwhile, Tony has been assigned to escort a visiting Ambassador from Kasha, a Middle-Eastern country rich with the mineral Phinkilium that the space program desperately needs. As it turns out the countries of Basenji and Kasha don't get along.

In Part 2, after their failed assignment with the Ambassador from Kasha, Tony, and Roger are re-assigned to a NASA facility in Alaska. When Tony learns Jeannie is about to be married off by her uncle in Basenji he realizes he can't live without her and goes after her. When they return to NASA Tony's announcement that they are engaged is a surprise even to Jeannie.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Jackie Coogan, Frank De Vol, Vinton Hayworth, Mickey Morton

The first time that Jeannie is officially introduced to NASA personnel and the world as Tony's fiancé though she has been seen in other episodes. In fact Doctor Bellows and his wife should have remembered Jeannie from the third season's "Divorce, Genie Style"

When Jeannie's uncle blinks a board and handcuffs on Tony and in another shot the board and handcuffs are not on Tony but in the next shot they are back.

When Jeannie's Uncle Sully finds out that Tony supports Kasha, he restrains Tony's hands on a board. In the first shot, the bar is behind Tony's head. However, in the next shot, the board is gone. Then, in the next shot, the board is again behind Tony's head.

When the General is standing in front of Roger (left) and Tony (right) He looks at their shoes commenting on them. When we see the shoes they are in the reversed position, Tony (left) and Roger (right).

5.  Jeannie's Beauty Cream

October 14, 1969

"You old goat, I didn't know you had it in you!"

- General Whetherby

Jeannie gives Mrs. Bellows some face cream that changes her physical appearance, making her appear 20 years younger. She becomes a beautiful woman whom no one recognizes, not even her husband.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Joanna Lee

Guest starring: Harold Gould, Emmaline Henry, Laraine Stephens

The bedroom shown for Mrs. Bellows is the same bedroom as on Bewitched for Darrin & Samantha. This bedroom is clearly a second story bedroom with angled ceiling for a roof line even though it is shown as being the main floor of a house.

6.  Jeannie and the Bachelor Party

October 21, 1969

"A party! I Love parties. What should I wear?"

- Jeannie

Roger and Dr. Bellows plan on throwing Tony a bachelor party against Tony's wishes. The two plan on keeping it a complete secret by saying that it is a secret conference in the NASA conference room. However, while Dr. Bellows idea for the party includes poker, cigars and football films, Roger wants to throw one complete with girls, booze and a girl in the cake. The party attempt to keep the party a secret but Amada Bellows gets suspicious and then Jeannie blinks her way into NASA just in time to catch Tony at the party with a bunch of girls.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Dick Bensfield / Perry Grant

Guest starring: Judith Baldwin, Francine York, Judi Sherven, Yvonne Schubert, Emmaline Henry, Vinton Hayworth, Richard McMurray

7.  The Blood of a Jeannie

October 28, 1969

"That's quite a muscular arm."

- Dr. Alfred Bellows

Before taking the mandatory blood tests before they can get married, Tony learns that besides the usual red and white corpuscles, genies also have green corpuscles. To cover this up they ask Roger if they can use his blood for the test. However, Roger has just gotten a series of inoculations and when Doctor Bellows get the test results back he thinks that Jeannie is a walking germ factory and forces her to undergo a full physical, including having her eyes dilated which makes her unable to blink. Unfortunately, prior to the eye exam, Jeannie blinked the an entire jewelry store into Tony's office and now she can't undo it.

Director: Cal Coons, Writer: John L. Greene

Guest starring: Ned Glass, Ruth McDevitt

Dr. Bellows has given Jeannie eye drops to stop her blinking, after Major Anthony Nelson comes in and asks her blink the jewelry store out of his office, she says she cannot blink, but then Barbara Eden blinks straight afterwards.

The shot of Cocoa Beach's main road has a mountain range in the distance, which would be impossible.

8.  I'll See You in C-U-B-A

November 4, 1969

"Forest Hills? But my apartment is Daytona Beach."

- Tina

Jeannie blinks Tony home when he is supposed to be test flying a plane with a new automated operating system. Oroginally bound to Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico, when Jeannie blinks Tony back onto the plane it ends up in Cuba.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: John McGreevey

Guest starring: Farrah Fawcett, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Emmaline Henry

This is only the third TV appearance for Texas beauty queen turned actress Farrah Fawcett, who repeats the role in "My Sister, the Home Wrecker." Later a starring role on "Charlie's Angels" and that famous poster would make Fawcett a TV and pop cultutre icon.

Inside the barn, after Maj. Nelson tried to escape, the shadows of a camera and crew member are visible on the right side of the shot.

At the very end when Major Healey opens the kitchen door and pulls off the fake mustache, the kitchen door is white. The kitchen door was always brown from seasons 3-5 until the Nelson's had their house redecorated in the following episode, "My Master the Homewrecker."

9.  Jeannie and the Mad Home Wrecker

November 11, 1969

"The mad home wrecker really wrecked his home!"

- Major Roger Healey

The Bellows' give Tony and Jeannie an early wedding present; a grotesque looking piece of artwork. That's not all, they and others chip in to hire a redecorator to redecorate their home. However the decorator they choose has no taste and Jeannie ends up redecorating the house herself in the blink of an eye.

Director: Hal Cooper, Writer: Howard Ostroff

Guest starring: Michael Lipton, Marvin Silbersher, Emmaline Henry

At the end of this episode, a new living room set (with a striped sofa and ottomans) is revealed for the remainder of the series.

Jeannie blinks up a new living room for the home from a photo in a magazine. Before she blinks up the new room you can see her bottle in the photo. It's located in the small nook over the fireplace.

10.  Uncles A-Go-Go

November 25, 1969

"How is my Master ever going to please both of you?"

- Jeannie

As it turns out that in order for Jeannie to be married, at least one of her uncles must approve of the husband to be. Two uncles soon arrive, Vasmir and Azmir, and end up causing a whole lot of trouble for Tony.

Director: Russ Mayberry, Writer: Ron Friedman

Guest starring: Ronald Long, Arthur Malet, Vinton Hayworth

This is the only episode in syndication with the connected NBC "snake" logo and chimes sound remaining at the end of the program.

11.  The Wedding

December 2, 1969

"I can't marry a dummy, it wouldn't be legal."

- Major Anthony Nelson

The big day has finally arrived and Tony and Jeannie look forward to finally getting married and it promises to become a huge media event. However, there is one problem, because genies can't be photographed the couple are afraid that the wedding will get publicity for all the wrong reasons. In fact, Jeannie panics and almost calls off the wedding and considers eloping instead.

Director: Russ Mayberry, Writer: Ron Friedman

Guest starring: June Jocelyn, Hal Taggart, Harvey Fisher, Reginald Fenderson, Jack Smith, Cliff Norton, Emmaline Henry, Vinton Hayworth

The original broadcast was interrupted and the wedding show was shown on the following Saturday.

The premise of the episode is that genies can't be photographed. To solve this, Jeannie blinks up an automaton/robot of herself to walk down the aisle. At the end of the episode when Tony and Jeannie are watching a film of the wedding, Dr. Bellows is walking with an invisible Jeannie. The robot/automaton should have shown up in the film.

12.  My Sister, the Home Wrecker

December 9, 1969

"It's Jellico and Jeannie!?"

- Dr. Alfred Bellows

Jeannie's sister returns for a final time to foul things up again. This time, she poses as her sister and makes the others think Jeannie is having an affair with another astronaut named Biff Jellico (played by Eden's real life husband Michael Ansara) all the while Tony and Jeannie are oblivious to it.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Farrah Fawcett, Michael Ansara, Emmaline Henry

This is the ninth and final appearance of Jeannie II and the last of three series appearances for Michael Ansara, then-husband of Barbara Eden, who would return as director of "One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind (his only credit as a director)."

Although the credits list her character name as 'Cindy,' Farrah Fawcett is twice referred to as 'Tina,' the same girl she played in an earlier episode, "See You in C-U-B-A."

13.  Jeannie, the Matchmaker

December 16, 1969

"If General Schaffer ever finds out you got her drunk, I'm dead! "

- Major Anthony Nelson

Single Roger (played by Bill Daily who also co-wrote the episode) feels left out now that Tony and Jeannie are married so the couple come up with their own ideas to get Roger a date. Jeannie goes to a computer dating service and, as it turns out, the woman who runs the service decides to go after Roger herself. Tony's idea for a match is General Schaffer's party girl niece. Now Roger must choose between two very different women. (I don't think Roger has any trouble finding a woman, wasn't he dating Farrah Fawcett in just the last episode?)

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Bill Daily / Don Richman

Guest starring: Elaine Giftos, Janis Hansen, Vinton Hayworth, Emmaline Henry

When Larry Hagman hits the wall and falls, he actually got hurt. Barbara Eden can be seen looking at the director, who tells them to keep rolling, and then asks Larry if it hurt. Soon after she ad-libs for a kiss believed to remove some blood from his lip.

This episode was scripted by Bill Daily (in collaboration with Don Richman) and is the lone writing credit of his career.


14.  Never Put a Genie on a Budget

December 30, 1969

"This Major Gregorian, my wife Jeannie."

- Major Anthony Nelson

"Oh, I am very pleased to meet you."

- Jeannie

"It is my great pleasure. Your husband has told me everything about you."

- Major Gregorian

[Jeannie give Tony a puzzled look.]

- Jeannie

"No. Not everything."

- Major Anthony Nelson

After an embarrassing situation involving his credit card, Tony puts Jeannie on a budget. When Tony brings home a visiting Russian cosmonaut (Noam Pitlik) for dinner he discovers that Jeannie has taken in boarders to save money. Tony is further embarrassed when Jeannie serves half a TV dinner and half an apple each. Later Dr. Bellows gives Tony a chance to redeem himself by organizing a party but when the friends of the boarders show up the party turns into a mod affair.

Director: Oscar Rudolph, Writer: Sidney Sheldon

Guest starring: Noam Pitlik, Stafford Repp, Larry Bishop, Maggie Thrett, Ellan Nance

During each installment shown in December of 1969, special promos were aired featuring Barbara Eden in character as Jeannie saying she broke the string of pearls her master gave her as a wedding gift. The viewer who correctly guessed how many pearls still remained on the string, could win a trip for two around the world. The winner was announced during the December 30th broadcast.

Chief O'Hara form "Batman", Stafford Repp (still in uniform) plays a police officer in this episode. Repp was an American character actor of 1950s Westerns and crime dramas who played many policemen during his career. Coincidentally, his brother was a real life police officer. He became a wealthy man through a business partnership in a chain of car washes before suffering a fatal heart attack on November 5th, 1974. After his death, his sister, a television writer, established the Stafford Repp Memorial Scholarship for alumni of his alma mater, Lowell High School.

15.  Please Don't Give My Genie No More Wine

January 6, 1970

"Major Nelson, can't you watch where you are going?"

- Dr. Alfred Bellows

When Tony forgets to take a gift when dining with the Bellows. Jeannie innocently blinks some wine from the cellar of the great djinn. Unfortunately, after the Bellowses drink it it renders them invisible. Worse yet, a congressman is set to arrive for dinner.

Director: Jon C. Andersen, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Emmaline Henry, Alan Oppenheimer

Jeannie explains she got the bottle of wine from Abbas, who she said was the Shah of Persia from 1571 to 1629. Shah Abbas was a real person, born in 1571 and who became Shah of Persia at age 16, passing away in 1629.

16.  One of Our Hotels Is Growing

January 13, 1970

"It sure beats green snakes."

- Fotheringay

Tony and Jeannie go on a honeymoon, with the Bellows' and Roger, tagging along to the holiday location. With no rooms available at the Hotel, Jeannie blinks a 13th floor into exsistance. Now they must keep the Bellows and the hotel staff from discovering the new floor.

Director: Jerrold Bernstein, Writer: Bob Rodgers

Guest starring: Emmaline Henry, Marvin Kaplan, Ned Wertimer, Fran Ryan

17.  The Solid Gold Jeannie

January 20, 1970

"Gold is not my color."

- Jeannie

Jeannie blinks herself into Tony's isolation unit after he returns from a moon mission and then learns she must stay inside or contaminate the outside world with possible moon germs. She turns herself into a solid gold statue to not appear conspicuous, but when Commander Wingate and Dr. and Mrs. Bellows see her they are convinced she is an alien from the moon.

Director: Jerrold Bernstein, Writer: Joanna Lee

Guest starring: Robert Hogan, Emmaline Henry, Vinton Hayworth, Shirley Bonne

This is the second appearance of Cmdr. Les Wingate. However, in the character's first appearance he was played by Richard Mulligan and this time he is played by Robert Hogan.

Shirley Bonne, from the Larry Buchanan feature "It's Alive!" and STAR TREK's "Shore Leave," plays her final role as Wingate's pregnant wife and retired from acting. In 1955, Bonne entered a cover girl contest for Pageant magazine and was twice chosen for the cover of the publication. In 1960, she appeared at Hal Roach Studios to promote the unveiling of Chevrolet's new Corvair.

18.  Mrs. Djinn Djinn

February 3, 1970

"Major Healey, the United States is not sending out a space probe named Operation Seemore."

- General Winfield Schaeffer

Djinn Djinn arrives for a visit and this time he is not alone. His mate with him and she is pregnant with a litter of puppies. Jeannie decides to make her as comfortable as possible by blinking in a bassinet as well as doggie pregnancy vitamins. When Roger sees the baby bassinet and vitamins he jumps to the conclusion that it is Jeannie is expecting a baby and wastes no time telling everyone the news.

Director: Russ Mayberry, Writer: Dick Bensfield / Perry Grant

Guest starring: Vinton Hayworth, Emmaline Henry

This was the fourth and last episode to feature Jeannie's uniform hating dog Djinn Djinn.

Viewers got a peek of Barbara Eden's navel, which was still banned.

19.  Jeannie and the Curious Kid

February 10, 1970

"Now I gotcha!"

- Melvin

The Bellows' troublesome nephew stays at the Nelson house for a couple days and figures out the truth about Jeannie when he sees her smoke into her bottle.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: Dick Bensfield / Perry Grant

Guest starring: Michael Barbera, Emmaline Henry

The t shirt and cape Melvin has, has the Big O logo featured in the Matt Helm movies.

20.  Jeannie, the Recording Secretary

February 24, 1970

"Yes, this is a surprise."

- Jeannie

Jeanie is nominated as the recording secretary of the officer's wives association and tries to get Tony nominated as the best husband when she learns that the prize is a trip for two to Hawaii. But Tony is away on a mission, so she blinks him back, causing him to appear at two places at the same time.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Joan Tompkins, Emmaline Henry, Norma Connolly, Elizabeth Lane

21.  Help, Help! A Shark!

March 3, 1970

"Oh, darling don't not be so modest. You know you are a regular pool trout."

- Jeannie

Tony causes General Schaffer to loose a game of poo, a grudge match against an old friend. When the General breaks his hand and can't play in a rematch Tony has to step in and play for him, with the help of Jeannie.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Jim Backus, Vinton Hayworth

When Jeannie appears in General Schaeffer's beer stein causing him to scream which then causes Tony to miss the match-winning pool shot he appolgizes by saying "I'm sorry Tony". It is the only instance where General Schaeffer refers to him by his first name.

When Tony (Larry Hagman) goes to see General Fitzhugh (Jim Backus) as he is playing pool, twice the General struck a numbered ball with his cue stick rather than striking the cue ball first.

22.  Eternally Yours, Jeannie

March 17, 1970

"Who is Bonnie?"

- Jeannie

Tony gets a letter from his old sweetheart Bonnie, saying she is planning to visit. Jeannie gets jealous and turns herself into Bonnie to trick Tony but he sees through her plan. Meanwhile when the real Bonnie turns up, Tony thinks she is Jeannie and makes a complete fool of himself... and a target of Bonnie's jealous husband.

Director: Joseph Goodson, Writer: James Henerson

Guest starring: Denny Miller, Damian Bodie, Sally Ann Richards

While they went to the effort to colorize the first season for DVD release, the flashback scene on this episode was left in black and white.

23.  An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing

March 24, 1970

"Yea, cashmere off the goat. Yea it's a goat alright.
Hi... where did you get the goat?"

- Major Roger Healey

"Tibet. It's a cashmere goat."

- Jeannie

On their sixth month wedding anniversary, Jeannie wants to knit her husband a cashmere sweater after Tony metions hand-made gifts are more valuable than store bought ones. But first she has to raise a sheep and get its wool sheared.

Director: Bruce Kessler, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Don Dubbins, Emmaline Henry, Vinton Hayworth

24.  Hurricane Jeannie

April 28, 1970

"Hello NASA, this is Jeannie Nelson."

- Jeannie

A hurricane traps Tony, Jeannie, Roger and Dr. Bellows overnight in the Nelson's house. Tony dreams Dr. Bellows figures out the real truth about Jeannie and her magic powers.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Hurricane Jeannie was a clip show. This episode was originally intended to be the series finale (At the time the episode was written, NBC had not yet decided whether or not to renew the show). This episode, which tied up the show's loose ends, was written in the event of a sudden cancellation. Once NBC renewed the show, the decision was made to rewrite the episode as a dream sequence. This was the last episode to be filmed, wrapping production on January 30th, 1970, although the cast did not officially know the show's fate until a few months later. This episode was intended to be the series' final episode and is often shown that way in syndication. Due to some episode pre-emptions two unaired episodes followed this one in May 1970 druring Jeannie's original run.

25.  One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind

May 19, 1970

"And I am a genie!"

- Jeannie

After Tony and Roger win at poker, thanks to Jeannie, they are under suspicion of being cardsharks. Worse still, the mobsters who are the real cardsharks, give Roger an ultimatum; win for them or take a swim in the river wearing cement shoes.

Director: Michael Ansara, Writer: Dick Bensfield / Perry Grant

Guest starring: Vinton Hayworth, Herbert Rudley, William Wintersole, Tony Giorgio, Walter Burke

This is the only credit as a director for Michael Ansara, the then husband of Barbara Eden. He previously played the Blue Djinn in I Dream of Jeannie: Happy Anniversary (1966), King Kamehameha in I Dream of Jeannie: Battle of Waikiki (1968) and Major Biff Jellico in I Dream of Jeannie: My Sister, the Home Wrecker (1969).

Born in a small village in Syria, Ansara came to the United States with his American parents at the age of two, living in New England, until the family's relocation to California ten years later. He entered Los Angeles City College with the intention of becoming a doctor, but got sidetracked into the dramatics department. A stint at the Pasadena Playhouse (where fellow students included Charles Bronson, Carolyn Jones and Aaron Spelling) led to roles on stage and in films; the starring role (as Cochise) on the popular television series Broken Arrow (1956) elevated Ansara to stardom. During the series' run of Broken Arrow, he met actress Barbara Eden on a date arranged by the 20th Century-Fox publicity department. The couple married in 1958 and in 1961 both co-starred in Irwin Allen's film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Ansara later starred in another ABC-TV series, Law of the Plainsman (1959–1960), with Gina Gillespie and Robert Harland. Again playing a native American, an Apache Indian named Sam Buckhart, who had been appointed as a U.S. Marshal. The series began as an episode of The Rifleman.

Prior to his television success Ansara also played in the Biblical epics, The Robe (1953) as Judas Iscariot, The Ten Commandments (1956) as a taskmaster (uncredited), and The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) as Herod's commander. He also appeared as Belshazzar in Columbia's 1953 movie Slaves of Babylon. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 8th, 1960.

Ansara, along with Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Armin Shimerman, John de Lancie, Richard Poe and Mark Allen Shepherd, was one of only seven actors to play the same character in three different live-action "Star Trek" series. He played Kang in Star Trek (1966), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) and Star Trek: Voyager (1995). Ansara also played Buck Rogers' evil adversary Kane on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979), and provided the voice of Mr. Freeze on Batman: The Animated Series (1992) and its spin-offs. Michael Ansara died at age 91 from complications of Alzheimer's disease in his home in Calabasas, California on July 31st, 2013.

26.  My Master, the Chili King

May 26, 1970

"Gift? What kind of gift?"

- Jeannie

In this final broadcast episode of I Dream of Jeannie, Tony's cousin comes to visit and convinces Jeannie that the key to financial security to put Tony's face on cans of chili and market them as, "Cousin Tony's Texas Chili." But unknown to Jeannie, NASA forbids its astronauts to make commercial endorsements.

Director: Claudio Guzman, Writer: James S. Henerson

Guest starring: Dick Van Patten, Gabriel Dell, Emmaline Henry, Vinton Hayworth

This episode aired five days after the unexpected death of actor Vinton Hayworth, (Barton MacLane's replacement) who played General Winfield Schaeffer over the last 40-plus episodes; had the series continued, yet another general would have needed to be cast.


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